The creeping wave of social tyranny is apparent to all but the most inattentive American individual today.  We are truly submerged up to our necks in 1984 and the days of Orwellianism.  Everything from politicians perfecting double-speak to deceptive speech, the speech of the individual is being squashed and silenced in public for the benefit of the agenda of the Collective.  Anyone who dares to baulk or question the motives of the movement of the Political Left is summarily discredited, shamed, and or financially and socially ruined. By Orwellian’s definition, Doublespeak, language used to deceive usually through concealment or misrepresentation of truth, Doublethink,  a simultaneous belief in two contradictory ideas, and  Newspeak, a social agenda to remove even the possibility of rebellious thoughts from the society, are all in full effect and alternative facts rule the day.

Americans have the Constitutionally protected right to speak freely.  But what if we began to self-monitor ourselves to not speak words that may be deemed unpopular, offensive, or politically incorrect?  Pretty kewl, huh?  Kinda like slaying the king in the womb before birth.  Look at what happened to Kanya West, for example, when he dared to express publically of his favoritism for the president of the United States Donald Trump. The Thought Police of the political left went after him like a pack of hyenas that had not eaten in weeks until he went silent and vanished from speaking publically on his opinion regarding politics. And he is a black, rich, and a high profile music celebrity.

Words such as “Hate Crimes”, “Global Warming”, “Political Correctness”, “Hate Speech” and such, all have one objective, and that is the silencing of dissentive views and alternative opinions that are largely held by the political left and the abolishment of individual free thought and the use of common sense and critical thinking.   The first “Hate Crimes” legislation was sign into federal law in 1990 by interestingly Republican President George H. Bush, and it has ever since spread like kudzu throughout the State’s and American society.  The very words combined are intellectually retarding, like most doublespeak is.  What crime is not carried out in hate?  And why does it matter more to be from a protected social class (other than Caucasian, male, and Protestant) if you are assaulted or killed?

Global Warming is another weed that is designed to stifle intellectual growth in society.  First, if the Greenpeace co-founder and former president of Greenpeace Canada Patrick Moore describes Climate Change, i.e., Global Warming, as climate catastrophe that is strictly a fear campaign, I’m listening.  Even in a 2012 Forbes article, the founder of The Weather Channel John Coleman said, “the theory that human use of carbon-based fossil fuels will lead to catastrophic global warming or climate change a “hoax.” It is, but it’s more than that, it’s criminal.”  CBS News anchor Walter Cronkite had us fearing the coming of an “Ice Age”… in 1972.  Thank God that there was no Social Media or AOC, extreme Democrat Leftist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, back then. The fact is, Mother Earth heats and cools on her own without any help from us little humans.

And then comes the all-encompassing term that has become the anchor of the progressive left – Political Correctness.  This has virtually made thinking on your own illegal as a social construct.  It first came to my attention when government schools started to incorporate so-called zero-tolerance policies across the nation to shield kids from being offended by another’s words, intentions, actions, and even thoughts. My first question was, who is it that determines what words are offensive to whom?.  What may be offensive to one may not be so to another. And what political dictate of speech should determine what an average citizen says in a supposed free society?  According to, Angelo M. Codevilla, Professor Emeritus of International Relations at Boston University, wrote that “The notion of political correctness came into use among Communists in the 1930s as a semi-humorous reminder that the Party’s interest is to be treated as a reality that ranks above reality itself… Stray from the party’s official position and it could mean death. Whether or not something was true mattered less than whether or not it advanced the Idea (i.e. the Party’s interest)”.  Now, who didn’t believe that all of this soci-psychological bastardization originated from Communist ideology?

The more recent wound that has been inflicted on the American social psyche is “Hate Speech”.  This has covered all forms of communication, everything from thought, that includes intentions, to actions, and speech, whether verbalized or written.  With the extreme Gay Rights Activist Movement pushing their perceived authority to dictate and determine what anyone can say, and or think, or how we can act towards them, every other protected group has joined the train.  Everyone from radical transgenders, feminist,  Muslims, and ethnic groups, have rushed to abolish the free speech of those who oppose them in “the Land of the Free”.

The dangerous aspect of this movement and agenda is the proliferation and influence of the Social Media Kings – Google, Facebook [FB], Twitter, and Amazon.  These four Social Media behemoths are notoriously left-leaning in their political views now greatly control how many Americans communicate with each other and what views and opinions we form.   And with more and more Americans, particularly regarding the young people and FB, getting their news and information mainly from them, it should trouble us all.  Let’s not forget what happened to Kanye, as well as many, many others.  One Tweet or Facebook post of something that the Thought Police deems out of bounds or not within the acceptable line of the Party’s agenda can leave you jobless, friendless, homeless, and destitute. As in the case of American businesses across the nation like the Oregon Baker who simply refused not to make a gay couple a wedding cake because it went against his religious tenets. He was willing to bake them anything else, and they had been customers prior with no issues. And the case of the Indiana Pizza business being forced to close after it disclosed that it would not cater to gays.  There is a stark difference between “catering” to a group or individual and serving them.  They found themselves having to spend thousands of dollars or lose their livelihood and having the reputations decimated.  Heterosexual athletes are having to compete against transgenders in transition to becoming the opposite gender. Historic monuments are being arbitrarily destroyed or removed from public view.  Masculinity is being grossly marginalized due to the radical feminist agenda, and traditional kid games such as tag and dodgeball being banquished from public schools, and your kids are being given “participation trophies” because someone was or may possibly get “offended”.  And you dare not speak out against the invasion of foreigners pouring over our southern border that have numbered over ½ the population size of Wyoming just in the Fiscal Year ending March or risk being called a racist, a xenophobe, or everything but a child of God. The Media’s protrayal of the migrants would leave the less intellectually inquisitive to beleive that they have as much right to be in America then legitimate Americans and those who entered legally.   You cannot hide from this wave of social tyranny. You will be made to care.  The people of the Progressive Left do not seek to have an ideological debate or even have the balls to feel the need to have to defend their positions.  They only want to terminate and extinguish even before conception all dissenting voices and opposing views and contrarian intellectual positions to that of theirs.

Ben Franklin, as he was exiting Independence Hall after signing the Constitution, said: “That we have a Republic, if we can keep it.”  Orwellianism and the ideals of American Federal Republicanism cannot coexist.  The freedom for us to speak freely, even if you may not like what is being said, to share thoughts, opinions, and ideas as individuals is nothing less than fundamental to the life of a truly free society.  It is this simple fact alone that the Tyrants, Communist, and Dictators have historically sought to disarm it’s citizens with this ability.  We have an opportunity to defeat this scorn of social tyranny now and here, if we still desire to be free, to keep our Republic.  Or answer to our posterity why we so selfishly surrendered it.

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Peggy Lamb
Peggy Lamb
4 years ago

Oh my! You said the words which echo in my brain! I am so tired of the wimpy, self righteous mentality of the “leftist socialistic” people. Will The United States of America ever become united again? It is evident the Democratic Party want to focus on dividing our country in anyway possible. Their goal is the destruction of the traditional values and way of life which most Americans still value. We all need to wake up! Each of us can change the part of the community we live in a little at a time.

Once again well said!