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What others have said of Tony El.

• “A scrupulously bipartisan diagnosis of the sick state of American politics and governance . . . El devotes close attention to budget issues rarely accorded so much detail in garden-variety op-ed warfare. Sustaining his original thesis well beyond Internet-browsing attention span, El has crafted an angry but clear-sighted argument that may not sit well at family reunions or dinner parties, but deserves attention.”

– Publishers Weekly

• “Expect demand for this outside view of Washington, D.C., fascinating. . . . A pungent, penetrating outsider polemic.”

– Mary Carroll, Booklist

• “A well-argued call for more sanity in American politics.”

– Kirk’s Reviews

“Tony El’s ideas are trenchant and far-reaching. . . . With the feel of a long-repressed confession and the authority of an insider’s testimony, like the anti-war views of a decorated infantry officer . . . he writes about how the Republican party took advantage of a profoundly ignorant electorate, an easily conned and distracted media, and a cowed Democratic Party to press the ideological struggle in spite of the deep unpopularity of many of its positions.”

—George Packer, The New Yorker