Trump v Obama

The Media Unabashedly Disrobes To Show It’s Left Bias In Treatment Of Trump Coverage v Obama

The American Establishment Media is more than shameful and heinously derelict in its duty to provide the people of America true, honest, and unbiased reporting, particularly when it comes to its political leaders. Jefferson is given credit for challenging the American people that eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.

2013’s Stories that the Establishment Media didn’t really want us to know and too many of us didn’t care to know.

10.  Administration subjects soldiers with court martial for expressing religious views-particular Christian. This Administration seems to have an eternal hard-on for anything Christian in nature to the extent that even our nations cherished military is not shielded from It.  From everything from traditional religious symbols on gun sights or patches to Chaplins giving comfort to soldiers during the government shutdown, this Administration seems to have extreme discomfort with any religious expression unlike any U.S President; for any except the religion of Islam. Humm!

9.  The President of the United States publicly endorsing homosexual lifestyle.  For the first time we have a president who chose to endorse alternative life styles during his inaugural address for his second term. This sit the Executive Branch’s agenda publicly on a path to further transform the nation’s social paradigm.

8.  The United States has more energy resources than Saudi Arabia. 2013 was the year the America came prime time in the energy complex, that is for all but for the  U.S Administration who virtually seem to treat the news like one would have getting terminal cancer.  There has been near total blackout on the economic boom going on oil-rich States such as North Dakota.

7.  The war against manliness.  Camille Paglia, a lesbian author, in a December 29, 2013 article of the Global & Mail voiced eloquently and directly what many in America have been sounding the alarm for years.  Whether it is the extraordinary elevation of the homosexual lifestyle, the extreme political correctness movement-where no one is meant to be offended-, or the focus on esteem in k-12 in the government educational system rather than achievement, there a silent war against traditional American, John Wayne-like, rugged masculinity.

6.  The gross preferential treatment giving illegal immigrants by the Administration, but not Veterans. During the federal government shut down, while it banned American citizens and military Veterans from public parks and exhibits, it allowed people who are in the country illegally and their advocates permission to hold a rally in D.C.  But, promoting and advancing illegal Mexican immigrants at the expense of the American people has been his mode of operation throughout his reign.

5.  There are more Americans on Food Stamps than who work.  In the second term of Mr. Obama there are more citizens on Foods Stamps, who receive government benefits, and who are not working than in generations.  And yet Obama is focusing on giving citizenship to Illegal immigrants and implementing high regulations on U.S citizens and businesses?

4.  The IRS targeting politically Conservative groups and individuals linked to White House.  In a June Congressional Hearing IRS official Carter Hull testified, “the IRS chief counsel’s office in Washington demanded information on the 2010 election activity of tea party groups applying for tax-exempt status.”

3.  The attack on the US Benghazi Consulate cover-up.  What may go down as the biggest governmental controversy since Watergate the issue surrounding Benghazi not only questions the reasoning of the Administration’s grossly misrepresenting the truth over the cause of the attack, but also why was the 4 Americans sacrificed while U.S forces stood down.  Who gave the order?

2.  The suspicious deaths of Seal Team Six.  On May 28th The reported three families of Navy SEAL Team VI Special Forces servicemen [the famed killers of Bin Laden] and another family of an Army National Guardsman seriously questions the government’s story and explains, “how and why the government is as much responsible for the deaths of their sons as the Taliban.” But the Establishment Media apparently couldn’t be any less interested how nor why this glorified group of heroes perished so mysteriously, and what part did the Administration play?

1.  Obama knew that MILLIONS of U.S citizens would be kicked of health insurance policies … over 3 YEARS AGO!  NBC News, yes NBC News, reported that the Administration knew as early as 2010 that millions of citizens would lose their existing insurance coverage as early as 2010. It put the wording in the bill itself.  In other words … HE LIED!!! Just let that marinate on your brains for a few seconds. The president of the United States blatantly and repeatedly lied to and deceived the American people to pass legislation that will saddle the nation with unsustainable debt for generations. And no one seems to want to ask the question, why nor hold him, or those who supports him, accountable.

Even the most passive observer looking back over the past year can see that there was a lot of information suppressed and or manipulated by people who is entrusted with the faith and posterity of this nation. The natural question should be why? What was gained by it? Who gained for doing it? And what other information have been or will be suppressed and or manipulated for our consumption? These questions are most important for a nation whose freedoms and liberties rest on the majority of the populous being truly knowledgeable and informed on events to make the best choices for their lives and for the community at large.

Do Americans Truly Care About Freedom Anymore?

Yes we have reached another Memorial Day Celebration, and soon it will be time to Celebrate our nation’s independence. But, as I look around I must seriously question do we as Americans truly care about what is freedom? What makes our nation so exceptional and great? Or do many of us ever honestly and truly stop to comprehend and appreciate the significance of either.

We often hear the it said how it is the United States military that fights to defend our freedoms. But I believe that an argument can be made the it is the American people who have fought and daily fight to defend our freedoms and liberties individually. From the Revolutionary War to the present it has been each individual American who fights to protect their freedoms and liberties from all threats, both foreign and domestic.

But, here are some disturbing, and curious, recent poll results;

What may be even more telling of our extreme misplacement of national priorities according to Pew Research more Americans care more about the discovery of four Cleveland, Ohio women who were supposedly held captive for more than 10 yrs than about the economy [28%], or the Benghazi [23%] or I.R.S corruption hearings [20%]. While the Cleveland women story attracted a whopping 40% of the populace attention.

I’m confused, how can nearly half of Americans favor restricting Constitutional protected rights for some Americans, whether it be to forbid one’s ability to protect themselves, or stop one from speaking or doing something that you may not like, or the confiscation of one’s property to be given to another, and yet believe in the Constitution? And the fact that an astounding number of us do not know how America became America, particular regarding the next generation, is more concerning. But, it somewhat makes since when I see that more Americans care about the rescue of four women in Ohio whose lives will have absolutely no consequential effect on anyone elses  lives but those directly connected to them then whether or not we are being governed by a U.S Administration who consciously left Americans to be slaughtered in Libya and uses the federal governments powers, via the I.R.S, to intimidate Americans based on their political preference, and that has developed a culture of extreme indifference to the American people and the Constitution.

If you were to ask a hundred people to defined what freedom is to them you will more likely to get a hundred different answers. More than likely it will center around their self-interest, not how it affects freedom and liberties as a whole. Its getting so that many of us say its ok to take someone else’s rights and liberties, but leave mines alone. It brings to mind a famous quote of World War 2 period German pastor Martin Niemöller when he said, “First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a communist; Then they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist; Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a trade unionist; Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew; Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak out for me.”

So too many of us today have a severely contorted notion that everything is a “right”- I have a “right” to healthcare, a “right” to education, a “right” to fresh air, or I have a “right” to be prosperous. This just clearly proves that there is a critical defect in the education and comprehension of the true principles of the Constitution for too many of us. Basically a true right is something that we already posses or can do without taking the same from another. Period. But, if we are someone who has a distorted or misunderstood view of freedom and rights than we may also not realize that the true threat to our rights, liberties, and freedoms comes from not without our nations borders, but from within, by us. Couple that with the insatiable thrust for power and control of the government, we have BIG problem. The biggest threat to our freedoms comes from us not knowing what they truly are and understanding that the confiscation or restriction of one American’s Constitutionally protected rights or liberties is a threat to those protections for us all.  Lets remember, the Constitution places limits not on we the people, but the government.

Furthermore, if the government should ever become so brazenly careless and arrogantly dismissive with its constitutional relations and obligations, and even more so with its relations to the American people it is the responsibility of each and every one of us to know to check it and correct it. But, that task becomes most problematic when we are ignorant of what is the proper role and functions and the what limits of the government are. Frankly stated, if we do not know what the government is supposed to be doing, how can know when it is doing what it should not be doing? If we do not know our nation’s history of how we became what we are, what makes us what we are, or the reason why we are truly an exceptional nation, how can you be expected to effectively defend those values and principles? And if we do not know what our inalienable rights and liberties truly are, how can be we honestly boast or celebrate that we have them or know when they are being taken away? It becomes a deceitful and hollow charade if freedom and liberty is not grounded by truth, education, and moral principles. As Founder Samuel Adams prophetically stated, “No people will tamely surrender their Liberties, nor can any be easily subdued, when knowledge is diffused and Virtue is preserved. On the Contrary, when People are universally ignorant, and debauched in their Manners, they will sink under their own weight without the Aid of foreign Invaders.”

The Benghazi Tragedy Is An Unprecedented Tragedy Of The Lost Of U.S Credibility and Governmental Vigilance of the American People

This past week the United States House of Representatives held what can only be described as the most comprehensive and damaging view of not so much as to what was said as to what happen on September 11, 2012, but what didn’t.  Not so much as how on one side, the Republicans, were seriously attempting to bring to light why four Americans died while the U.S government stood by and then went for months producing and presenting a blatant lie of a “spontaneous” protest was all due to some unknown You Tube video by a lessor known American film maker. And on the other side, the Democrats, doing their best to divert focus totally on a supposed lack of budgetary funds.  But, what maybe the more damaging is the nearly deafening silence from most of the Establishment Media and that of the American people, at least until recently.

I can remember during the Water Gate Congressional Hearings there was nearly wall to wall coverage by all three national news broadcasters, ABC, NBC, and CBS.  During the Iran Contra Congressional Hearings there was big news coverage.  Even the O.J Simpson murder trial got extreme news coverage.  But during a hearing to clearly examine why Americans were left to die in the most gruesome manner, in a country that the U.S government supposedly just freed from the Devil reincarnated, and who gave the stand down order to the military to not come those American’s aide, and why was there such an extravagant cover up and act of deception and manipulation enacted by the  Administration for more that 2 months that included the passionate false proclamation by the President of the U.S standing before the world at the United Nations, even Fox News turned away their broadcasting of the hearing to broadcast a verdict of some lady in Colorado who was charged with killing her boyfriend.  Really?.

What these latest Hearing exposed is that the Administration deliberately put into effect a mass production to cover up the real story behind the tragedy as reported even by liberal news agencies such as, ABC News and the NY Times, there was a Stand Down ordered to prevent area U.S military resources to come to the aid of the besieged Consulate in Libya by someone at the very top of the military chain of command. There was no protest outside of the Consulate that led to the attack as fervently proposed by Mr. O and his Administration.  And even more concerning is that a recent poll shows that only 46% of American’s believe that there is a cover-up.   Maybe if this was a story on TMZ about some big entertainment mogul wanting to put all reality and talent contest shows on pay TV it might get more attention of the American people.  But, it being just a story of the President of the U.S treating the American people like hogs and feeding us slope its a non-story.

There used to be a time in America the morality and character was held as a litmus test for not just who one’s daughter would marry, but who should be elected to office, and even who should vote.  But, today leaders have shown a huge streak of contempt for moral integrity.  There has been a concerted effort and agenda to remove any degree of moral absolutes not only in the interaction of citizen to citizen, but more importantly citizen to government.  Too many of us have lost the willingness to boldly question the actions of the government.The actions of the government are no longer viewed with any high moral expectations or through the context of right and wrong, but whose team is the politician on, Democrat or Republican, conservative or liberal.  Coupled with the fact that more Americans are getting their view of the world via the Entertainment Establishment. So whatever the Establishment media tells them is virtually gospel.  According to a recent Pew Research Study that states 52 % of the respondents look for sports news and 47 % look for entertainment or celebrity news for information. And 78% of respondents stated that they watch local news and 73% saying that they get their new from one of the national network – ABC, CBS, OR NBC – or cable news channel – CNN, Fox News or MSNBC.   So as a result, to many of the American populace, if it is not said by an entertainer, athlete, or a member of the Establishment Media, it’s not happening or it’s not relevant.    Just let me get back to eating from the trough.

What may be the most overlooked aspect or consequence of a government that so blatantly works to deceive and manipulate its own people, is how it causes other nations to more pointy question the intentions and motives of it in their relationships and dealings. 

In the past examples with Water Gate, Nixon resigned, and as for the Iran Contra issue, Reagan apologized to the American people for his error.  But for this tragedy that caused the lives of four Americans the sacking of a U.S Consulate, and the nation’s credibility, Mr. Obama chooses to brazenly and arrogantly lie to the face of the American people and the world.  Today, as a nation, the U.S is more hated and mistrusted then respected by members of the world, even some countries who use to be friends for years.  Can you blame them?  As President of the U.S, Mr. O is the sole international representative of the American people. If this is the one obvious untruths and act of deception that has been exposed, how many others have not that may have not been so obvious?  Even after Mr. O is gone from the seat of the Presidency the stain of his vacant character and ethics will leave an imperishable scare on the this nation that may not so quickly go away.

But, at day’s end history will once again bear witness to how the people of
America abandoned the cherished covenant of liberty and freedom which comes from self-governance to embrace government dependency and let loose the government chains of which is the one true threat to our freedoms. Daniel Webster prophetically stated,
I apprehend no danger to our country from a foreign foe … Our destruction, should it come at all, will be from another quarter. — From the inattention of the people to the concerns of their government, from their carelessness and negligence, I must confess that I do apprehend some danger. I fear that they may place too implicit a confidence in their public servants, and fail properly to scrutinize their conduct; that in this way they may be made the dupes of designing men, and become the instruments of their own undoing…”

If the government of the United States has lost its way morally, than so to have the American people.   By being the creators of the government, it can only behave as we wish.  America’s vacantness of right and wrong must be retained if America is be the special and respected nation that generations before inherited.