Republicanism still lives

America is Republican, if Republicans let it be.

s this a period of electoral masturbation that after the build up to the event, everyone relaxes because the pressure is released, the act is done, and then we go back to life as usual? Or will this be a true societal turning point away from crazed wokism and Progressive Liberalism and return to basic conservative values that have been for generations been the flag of the Republican Party?

New Year 2022

2021, What Did We Miss?

When I look back at the 12 months in the review mirror, I again see another year that the news that many of us use to navigate the choppy and challenging waters of life, to make the best informed choices for our lives and that of our loved ones, that typically comes from the U.S News Media Complex was left purposefully unrevealed to the American people or not brightly illuminated.

2020 the year of consequense for America

2020: The Year Of Great Consequence for America

The year 2020 will go down as one of the most turbulent and consequential years for America since the War Between the States, a.k.a., the Civil War.  But, what may be most noted by future historians is the extraordinary amount of power that was willingly transferred from the American people to the government, and the unprecedented level of blatant censorship and propaganda demonstrated by the National Media in all forms – electronic, print, and television.