If There Was Ever A Coupe Of The U.S Government Would The American People Know?

A couple of years ago I wrote an article asking the question if the U.S government had been taken over due to its apparent extreme aversion to acting upon the will of the people? In it I refereed to an August ’07 issue of the Financial Times report on David Walker’s, the comptroller general of the US General Accounting Office, warning us that the US government is on a “burning platform” of unsustainable policies and practices with fiscal deficits, chronic healthcare underfunding, and immigration… threatening a crisis if action is not taken soon. Well after nearly 7 years past and being witness to yet another orchestrated performance by the U.S government to confuse, distract, and disorient the American people to further expand its power while still doing absolutely nothing about the burning platform that more threatens to engulf our nation.

obama smugBut just as with the magician on stage, it matters less what is being focused on under the lights, but what is going on just out of focus and in the shadows. After about two weeks of a government supposed shutdown over the Administration’s unwillingness to delay the mandate for every U.S citizen to get sign up for Obamacare, just as it has done for businesses, and creating some way to reduce the government’s debt before agreeing to increase its debt ceiling. But after all was said done the issue on Obamacare became a non-issue and the debt limits got increased without any restraints. In fact, the government spent more money on more pork projects and back paying federal employees the money that they didn’t receive during the shut down that actually only effected less than a quarter of the federal government. So even the most passive observer must ask the question what was it truly all for?

As the main political players-the Progressives in the Republican and Democratic parties, particularly Mr. Obama, and the Establishment Media-attempted to focus us on just the volleys of how to not to do what is truly right for the American people, Mr. O quietly moved forward to fundamentally transforming this nation, while in the light he tells us that he’s working his hardest to do the exact opposite.

Recent Pew Research and Rasmussen Poll tells us aloud what many of us feel instinctively, that we do not trust the government and the future of our once great republic is going down a dark rabbit hole. Yet at the same time we like the individuals in government, i.e. Mr. O is still liked on a personality basis, we just don’t like where he’s taking the nation. It’s like we are all on a boat heading over Niagara Falls that’s being driven and managed by people who we don’t trust nor believe to be competent. While the majority of us appear to be grossly distracted by the hypnotic tunes of the band and the visual imagery, leaving the minority who are alert and conscious wondering why is this all happening when we all see the cliff quickly coming before us?

We all know that this is not the America that we imagined it would become. Intuitively we know that there is something very wrong with this picture. Yet, here we are. And curiously, none of the political creatures of the federal government seem to truly want to do anything to correct the dire situation that faces the America. But while the circus seemed to have everyone’s attention who were fixated to the printed and TV Media programing during the “debt crisis”, somethings where interestingly not focused on, but maybe more interesting particularly to those of us who are more intellectually politically initiated such as:

And what may be more telling of Mr. O’s focus, his first stated goal following the “crisis” is not rebuilding the nation’s economic standing, not to increase the nation’s standard of living, nor reestablishing the lost of faith in the federal government by the American people by establishing a more stern code of ethics, but to get more illegal-immigrants into the country.

But hey, we are in football season and soon it will be the holidays. As the U.S government further enacts it’s modern day version of Ancient Rome’s “Bread and Circus” the America that we all hoped for ourselves and our children of freedom and prosperity becomes more at peril. Don’t mind the smoke! Pass the popcorn.