Truth Silenced

How The Effective Use Of Propaganda Has Silenced Truth In America

In America truth is no longer self-evident. The question that needs to be asked is how long can America stand as a nation that was established on the principles and tenets of Judaeo-Christianism and Divine Providence when the basic truth that there are just two genders – a boy and a girl – and that it is their union alone that is key to the growth of the human species and stable society; and that it can be replaced by a notion that there are over 200 genders and that any combination can procreate in a family with little to no resistance even from those who know the truth?

The media silence surrounding COVID

What You Will Not Hear The Major U.S News Media Complex Say About COVID-19

If you are someone who only gets his or her news surrounding the COVID-19 issue via the Media, then you probably believe that we are facing the plague and not a minor virus as the Center for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC] calls it – due to the fact that there is a near 94% chance of recovery.

Donald Trump stands alone surronded by the resistance

Trump’s Presidential Legacy: The Greatest Citizen-President EVER!

The message of accomplishments of Trump should be the mantra of the Republican Party during this election season, but it is barely a whisper.  Not one Democrat should be running free without serious Republican competition due to Trump’s accomplishments as well as for their Party’s irreprehensible attempt to use the COVID-19 virus as a reason to close State and municipal economies for the purpose of defeating Trump. But they still apparently are favored in many races. 

media Propagandist

The COVID Scare Propaganda Has Fear Trumping Freedom: Where Can America Go From Here?

We are seemingly willing to wreck the nation’s economy and surrender our personal liberties and freedoms and fortunes and that of our posterity for the sake of saving one person, maybe ourselves, from dying from this virus that the Center for Disease Control & Prevention [CDC] categorized as minor.

A Tale of Two Events. A Tale of Two Visions of America.

Last weekend something very interesting happened. Two events took place. Both were marches. Both were relatively important in their own right to a lot of people. But, it is the way that the Establishment Media chose to cover the events, or not cover them, that is most relevant. It maybe a disturbing sign of the times in today’s America.

One event was called “Restoring Unity”,which I attended, hosted by political conservative syndicated talk show phenom, best-selling author, publisher, and founder of Mercury One, Incorporated, Glenn Beck. Conservative estimates report that approximately 20,000 people, more likely it was closer to 30,000, from all over the land made the trip to the 3 day event, that highlighted a march retracing the famous steps of Martin Luther King’s led march during the 1963 Civil Rights Era. In fact Beck’s march was arguably the largest since King’s. But, such feats of gathering such phenomenal size masses of people from all walks of life, from all over the world, without any national publicity, is nothing new. On August 28th, 2010 Beck held an event, “Restoring Dignity”, that attracted some 87,000-500,000 souls at the very site that MLK gave his infamous “I Have A Dream” speech in ’63. Again a record.

It’s not just Beck speaking and espousing his political views or trying to convert or coerce the world to his political point of view, nor to his religion, Mormonism. In fact, he strongly encourages a non-political theme and agenda at his events. There are no outside signs or banners allowed. He shares the stage with a variety of actors, actresses, entertainers, religious leaders, and clergy from all sects.  The themes are always positive and set to address a pointed issue of the time, grounded on the belief that self-responsibility, self-governance, and Christendom is the salvation for not just us as individuals, but as a nation, and the world. This event had a sub-theme to counter the much hyped mantra, “Black Lives Matter”, to say that, “All Lives Matter.” Everyone came in peace. Visited, spent money peacefully. And left in peace.  There are never any reports of violence or property destruction by the attendees at his events.

And then there was the other notable event that took place in St. Paul, Minnesota.  During Minnesota’s State Fair the George Soros financed group “Black Lives”, sought to shine more attention on the supposed fact that only Black lives matter when it comes to violence in America. The protesters disrupted the area surrounding the annual State Fair, one of the nation’s largest, that usually attracts approximately 1.8 million people from all over.  The march itself only amassed to maybe 300 people who shouted repeatedly, “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon.” Now lets keep in mind that this march came just a day after Harris County, Texas sheriff’s deputy Darren Goforth, was brutally assassinated while pumping gas into his squad car, while in uniform. Not that it should matter, but, the deputy was Caucasian, the suspect, Shannon J. Miles, Negro, i.e., Black.

Now, if you were to only get your news to educate yourself on what is going on in the world from the Establishment Media, you would’ve thought that the Minnesota march was massive and the most important event ever held in the State, and the whole nation that weekend. You would not have even known that there was anything going on in Birmingham, besides it getting ready for University of Alabama football season.

To say that the Media’s coverage of the “Black Lives” event exposes their grotesque political left leaning bias would be an even greater understatement. The fact that an extraordinary positive themed event occurring, is literally ignored by the National Media at a time that we as a nation and a people are hungering for such a visualization, is stark evidence of the propaganda that is in effect to highlight divisions amongst us and celebrate anti-social behavior, rather than to unite us and focus on what brings us closer as a nation.

What can be said of a media complex that is so blatantly engaged in exaggerating lies, grossly distorting truth, and one that sees more benefit in the promotion of the societal degradation as progress and to be celebrated while treating expressions of inspirational acts and traditional moral values as extreme nuisances and trespassers? Why does the Media so loudly trumpet actions that would force the removal of generations and centuries of customs, traditions, values, and successful ways of living, while not showing any care nor similar interest in what would be put in their place or equivalent? Maybe, the more important question is why is the most powerful media complex in the world aiming its guns of destructive propaganda inwards?