Why Are We Not Looking At What The True Cause Of The Measles Outbreak?

obama-closeup-300x250Okay, here they go again with the ‘ol create a crisis and then offer the solution that ignores the fact that it was it [the government] that create the crisis in the first place. It is like watching an old detectives movie where the true criminal tries to throw the detectives off him by a distraction, planting incriminating evidence in his neighbor’s house. If only this was fiction. But this is the orchestration that is actually playing out in the latest health scare.

In 2000 measles were officially eradicated in America, according to the Oxford Journals. Gone! Toast! A none issue! Much like diseases such as, tuberculosis, malaria, and leprosy. But, all of the sudden these diseases are making a “mysterious” come back. Measles are the front page headline distraction today. Last year it was “mysterious” respiratory and polio-like viruses critically effecting hundreds of children – particularly in the southern border states and states with a large number of new immigrant children arrivals. Coincidence?   Maybe.
Handout shows unaccompanied migrant children at a Department of Health and Human Services facility in south Texas

Concerns over the health screening, or the lack thereof, of the hundreds of new young arrivals, and the risks they posed to the general American population have been voiced and reported on before: June 2014, ABC15-Arizona reported how U.S Border Agents were deeply concerned that many of the illegal immigrants crossing the southern borders were carrying diseases and were not being treated before being allowed to fan out across the nation, parts unknown; August 2012, reported on how third-world diseases were being carried into America via unscreened immigrants, particularly via the southern border; A July 2014 report from stated, “Unaccompanied immigrant children crossing the United States may carry disease into the country. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the U.S Department of Health and Human Services require all legal immigrants to undergo a medical exam and immunization documents, but never for illegal ones…These diseases may include active tuberculosis, sexually transmitted diseases, leprosy, new strains of influenza, cholera…are dengue fever and drug-resistant tuberculosis, chicken pox, and measles.”; reported on the health risk posed by unscreened immigrates quoted Dr. Terry Williams, a Houston-based clinic owner serving leprosy patients in Texas, “said that the bulk of the cases treated by his clinic were immigrants. “A lot of our cases are imported.”; the National Institutes of Health concluded, “In Latin America as in other regions, HRVs [Human rhino viruses] and HEVs [human entero viruses] account for a substantial proportion of respiratory viruses identified in young people with ILI [influenza-like illness]” And there are many, many more such reports warning of the possible health crisis due to the severe lack of health screening of thousands of immigrant children and youths who are being allowed to flood into the nation by the very people, or person, who have sworn to protect this nation and it’s citizens.

In spite of all of the evidence to at least began a debate on the true cause, and therefore remedy, of the most recent health scare, there is a false cause for the measles outbreak being pushed by the federal Administration, politicians and wannabe politicians, such as, Mr. Obama, NJ Governor Christy, Jeb Bush, and Hillary Clinton, and echoed by the Establishment Media. And whats their solution? More government control over the U.S citizenry, via forced immunization. Why?  Why are the citizens of America and the United States allowing the government to enact polices in a purely defacto manner, exploiting fear that it creates?  With only the pretence of truth governing it’s actions.

This is not about seeking to blame the illegals immigrants, they are not letting themselves into the country by the hundreds and thousands, unscreened for diseases, and without accountability. They are being used as pawns in a high-stakes game to degrade and discombobulate this nation. It is about being able to truly trust government.  This destructive governmental policy comes from the very top of this Administration, as well as those prior. There seems to be a grossly immoral and intellectually manipulative attempt to direct blame to Americans and U.S citizens who lawfully chose to not get their children immunized, largely due to religious objection, and yet have proven to be a health risk. To blame unimmunized people for causing the disease out break is like blaming the so-called Indians for getting sicking and dying due to Small Pox, after generations of no such issue. Never-mind the presence of a group of newcomers, i.e. immigrants, to the environment, the Europeans. Again, measles and other such diseases were basically wiped from the nation. Something or someone has brought them back. Why are the powers that be so wanting to lie and mis-lead the populous as to what may be the true cause of the health crisis? Whats to be gained? We can not come to a true solution to a problem if we are targeting, are being led to target, the wrong cause of the problem. If the government is so willing to blatantly lie to the nation’s citizenry on such a issue of health, what else have they, or are they, lied to us about?

Lets remember the main purpose for Ellis Island was to screen those immigrating to America for infectious diseases. But, that was during a time when those leading the nation did not have a political reason to cause a national health crisis unnecessarily and the citizenry was not so paralyzed from asking bold questions of the actions of the government due to political correctness.