10 Stories You Were Not Meant To Care About In 2015

chinese yaun

Here we are at another end of another year where as we look in the rear view mirror,  we see that there were A LOT of events that we missed. More importantly, events they were purposely de-emphasized by the Establishment US Media.


  1. The US Dollar is on the greased path of being replaced as the world’s reserve currency by the Communist nation of China. The Chinese Yuan is admitted to the basket of reserve currencies by the IMF.
  2. Despite how much the Media tells us how “robust” the employment rate is, there are historically more Americans not working – over 90 MILLION.
  3. If you are feeling economically suppressed, it’s not your imagination. America now ranks #16 – below Singapore, UAE, and Georgia in economic freedoms.
  4. The probable Democrat Presidential nominee has a BIG big problem that the Media strenuously do not want the politically uninitiated to know, Hillary is under federal investigation for purposely mis-handling her emails as State Secretary.  What a great President she’d make, eh?
  5. If Hillary were a Republican this would be front page and regurgitated daily on the Big Three News channels ad nauseam. Congressional Hearings get Hillary to admit that she blatantly lied about the early reports of the Benghazi attacks.
  6. It was not just the Democrats who raised the debt on the people in the Budget Deal of 2015. Republicans instrumental in raising debt burden on the posterity of America.
  7. The Syrian refugee “crisis” is a product of Obama’s foreign Mid East policy– from the Egyptian and Libyan coup d’états, to the military vacuum in Iraq and inspired coup d’état of Syrian leader Assad.
  8. Obamacare is doing everything other than what is was promised to the American people it would do. GAO reports that Obamacare will rise 14% for 2 out of 3 users in 2016.
  9. If you think that Christians are taking it hard by the Media here in America, we’re getting no luv by the US Media in the birth-place of Christendom. America is silent on the Christian genocide in the Middle East.
  10. Isn’t it interesting that the Media finds Herculean energy to report when a conservative such as the Koch brothers are supporting a conservative politician or cause? But it seems to be completely unenthused when it comes to reporting when someone like mega-liberal George Soros is funding “Black Lives Matters”.

As events around the world and within the nation happen at more quickening pace that have an impact on our lives it becomes more imperative that we the People receive information that we can trust to be true in order for us to make the best decisions.  It would be a great help if the elected officials work harder to create educational systems that stress the 3 R’s rather than political correctness and secularism, so that we can be comprehend and decipher events; Encourage economic conditions that  inspire businesses to freely create and invest their capital and create jobs, so that America can become a world beacon for economic development; Become economically solvent so not to be financially prostituted, so the government doesn’t have to surrender our nation’s economic jewels due to its lack of integrity;  and stand on the Judeo-Christian principles upon which this nation was founded.  But if the people do not demand this from the government creatures, then we get the government that we get.