2013’s Stories that the Establishment Media didn’t really want us to know and too many of us didn’t care to know.

10.  Administration subjects soldiers with court martial for expressing religious views-particular Christian. This Administration seems to have an eternal hard-on for anything Christian in nature to the extent that even our nations cherished military is not shielded from It.  From everything from traditional religious symbols on gun sights or patches to Chaplins giving comfort to soldiers during the government shutdown, this Administration seems to have extreme discomfort with any religious expression unlike any U.S President; for any except the religion of Islam. Humm!

9.  The President of the United States publicly endorsing homosexual lifestyle.  For the first time we have a president who chose to endorse alternative life styles during his inaugural address for his second term. This sit the Executive Branch’s agenda publicly on a path to further transform the nation’s social paradigm.

8.  The United States has more energy resources than Saudi Arabia. 2013 was the year the America came prime time in the energy complex, that is for all but for the  U.S Administration who virtually seem to treat the news like one would have getting terminal cancer.  There has been near total blackout on the economic boom going on oil-rich States such as North Dakota.

7.  The war against manliness.  Camille Paglia, a lesbian author, in a December 29, 2013 article of the Global & Mail voiced eloquently and directly what many in America have been sounding the alarm for years.  Whether it is the extraordinary elevation of the homosexual lifestyle, the extreme political correctness movement-where no one is meant to be offended-, or the focus on esteem in k-12 in the government educational system rather than achievement, there a silent war against traditional American, John Wayne-like, rugged masculinity.

6.  The gross preferential treatment giving illegal immigrants by the Administration, but not Veterans. During the federal government shut down, while it banned American citizens and military Veterans from public parks and exhibits, it allowed people who are in the country illegally and their advocates permission to hold a rally in D.C.  But, promoting and advancing illegal Mexican immigrants at the expense of the American people has been his mode of operation throughout his reign.

5.  There are more Americans on Food Stamps than who work.  In the second term of Mr. Obama there are more citizens on Foods Stamps, who receive government benefits, and who are not working than in generations.  And yet Obama is focusing on giving citizenship to Illegal immigrants and implementing high regulations on U.S citizens and businesses?

4.  The IRS targeting politically Conservative groups and individuals linked to White House.  In a June Congressional Hearing IRS official Carter Hull testified, “the IRS chief counsel’s office in Washington demanded information on the 2010 election activity of tea party groups applying for tax-exempt status.”

3.  The attack on the US Benghazi Consulate cover-up.  What may go down as the biggest governmental controversy since Watergate the issue surrounding Benghazi not only questions the reasoning of the Administration’s grossly misrepresenting the truth over the cause of the attack, but also why was the 4 Americans sacrificed while U.S forces stood down.  Who gave the order?

2.  The suspicious deaths of Seal Team Six.  On May 28th The reported three families of Navy SEAL Team VI Special Forces servicemen [the famed killers of Bin Laden] and another family of an Army National Guardsman seriously questions the government’s story and explains, “how and why the government is as much responsible for the deaths of their sons as the Taliban.” But the Establishment Media apparently couldn’t be any less interested how nor why this glorified group of heroes perished so mysteriously, and what part did the Administration play?

1.  Obama knew that MILLIONS of U.S citizens would be kicked of health insurance policies … over 3 YEARS AGO!  NBC News, yes NBC News, reported that the Administration knew as early as 2010 that millions of citizens would lose their existing insurance coverage as early as 2010. It put the wording in the bill itself.  In other words … HE LIED!!! Just let that marinate on your brains for a few seconds. The president of the United States blatantly and repeatedly lied to and deceived the American people to pass legislation that will saddle the nation with unsustainable debt for generations. And no one seems to want to ask the question, why nor hold him, or those who supports him, accountable.

Even the most passive observer looking back over the past year can see that there was a lot of information suppressed and or manipulated by people who is entrusted with the faith and posterity of this nation. The natural question should be why? What was gained by it? Who gained for doing it? And what other information have been or will be suppressed and or manipulated for our consumption? These questions are most important for a nation whose freedoms and liberties rest on the majority of the populous being truly knowledgeable and informed on events to make the best choices for their lives and for the community at large.