Again Obama Stands Above The Heads of the American People And Tells Us That It’s Raining: U.S Again Wants To Send America’s Sons and Daughters To Die For A Cause That Is Not Ours & Lies

With all of the dust that is being kicked up in the nation’s capital over whether or not the government of the United States should get the children of America involved militarily again in another Arab nation, Syria, supposedly to save the lives of the children and the innocent there, someone should be asking WHY we should do so with our innocent ones. And to actually hear the truth from the Commander-in-Chief would be refreshing too.

If there was ever a call to arms that stinks to high heaven and begs the question W.T.F?! this is it. Mr. O and many in Congress seem to have an extreme hard-on for picking another fight with a sovereign nation in the Middle East that was not done anything threatening to us. At the same time wanting us, and the world, to believe that it is all about the warm and fuzzy, humanitarianism, or because they supposedly said or did something that the whole world should want to fight and kill them for. Shouldn’t we at least act like this isn’t a video game where no one dies and situations can turn VERY badly?

130809_obama_side_ap_605No matter how much Mr. O and his Administration stomps their feet screaming that Syria used gas on the armed rebels in its war, within its country, and that this compels the U.S government to risk it’s credibility, moral integrity, and the lives of thousands of Americans, not to mention the cost to the nation’s already unprecedented insolvency, there are just some glaring issues that should make even the most passive viewer to say, wait just one minute! There is something in this milk that ain’t clean, like:

  • The Administration seems to be extremely convinced that: 1) that it was only the Syrian government who could have used gas in the conflict against the al-Qaida-led rebels, and 2) that a al-Qaida-led rebel-led Syria would be better for our nation’s interest and security in the region than what we have now. If that is true, then why aren’t our stanchest European or Arab allies willing to stand strong and openly with us, as they did to invade Iraq…TWICE? And if the Administration was speaking the truth how can Russian leader Putin get away with calling U.S Secretary a blatant liar over his claims to validate striking Syria without any strong rebuttal or evidence to the contrary from anyone in the Administration? And never mind the fact that there is more evidence that the al-Quadia-led rebels used the gas than that which says that the Syrian government forces did.
  • Why is the Administration so eager to leave another power vacuum in Syria as it did in Egypt and Libya that may very well leave space again for Islamic extremist such as al-Quadia and the Muslim Brotherhood?

  • Why is the Administration not mentioning the atrocities of the al-Quadia-led Syrian rebels as they kill not only Syrian soldiers but slaughter Christians mercilessly? Reminiscent of what the Brotherhood has done in Egypt since coming to power as Mr. O stays deafly silent.

  • Isn’t this government supposed to be at war with al-Quadia?

  • As the Administration starts barking a new excuse to justify it’s very shaky position by claiming that the Syrian government has violated the Geneva Convention Treaty in it’s supposed us of gas, but the Treaty mainly prohibits the use of gas against another nation. Also, if he’s referring to the ’93 Chemical Weapons Convention, Syria is not a party to that Treaty. Are we to believe that Mr. O doesn’t know this? Interestingly, Israel has never ratified the C.W.C Treaty neither. Hmm!

  • And I have always have said that every war has an over-riding component involving money or economics – whether it is land, gold or wealth, or natural resources. Sure enough The Centre for Research on Globalization reports that Syria not only is prime real estate for a gas pipeline route for either Russia and or Europe/America, but that it has a massive gas field. Why is this not being spoken aloud by anyone or the Media?

  • Not to mention the basic question, why cant the Administration honestly tell us what is the Constitutionally supported Syrian offense?

From the start of Mr. O’s reign he has had a seriously strained relationship with the truth when it comes to speaking the American people and exhibiting high ethical character. But, it has been up until now quiet and running below the surface to all but the intellectually uninitiated. But now it is on full display for all to see. It is the credibility of the United States and the American people that is threatened to be gravely stained long after Mr. O is no longer occupying the seat of the Presidency. As what maybe the true motive. The only question is whether or not history will tell the story of America’s fall as the unquestioned leader of the free world come due to being manipulated into a civil war in a desert country that few Americans can pick out on a map, for no real interest or purpose, lied to by those intrusted with our nation’s son’s and daughter’s and to represent the American people with the highest of integrity, that led to a world war, while the majority of Americans slept silently?[polldaddy poll=7377966]