America Anxiously Awaits To Hear From A US President Who Boldly Speaks To Defend American Values and Country

obama in officeThe other day President Obama said regarding the ISIS-inspired attacks that killed and injured over 50 Americans in California, “Today, France was attacked at its very heart in Paris, at the offices of a newspaper. This extremely violent shooting killed 12 people and injured several others; highly talented cartoonists, courageous columnists were killed. Their impertinence and independence influenced generations and generations of French people. I want to tell them that we will continue to defend this message, this message of freedom, in their name.

These men, this woman, died because of their vision of France, namely freedom. I would like, on your behalf, to express our wholehearted gratitude to the families, to those affected, to the injured, to the friends, to all those who were deeply hurt today by this cowardly murder. They are now our heroes and that’s why I have decided that tomorrow will be a day of national mourning… Today it is the Republic as a whole that has been attacked. The Republic equals freedom of expression; the Republic equals culture, creation, it equals pluralism and democracy. That is what the assassins were targeting. It equals the ideal of justice and peace that France promotes everywhere on the international stage, and the message of peace and tolerance that we defend as do our soldiers in the fight against terrorism and fundamentalism.

Our response must be commensurate with the crime committed against us, first by seeking the perpetrators of this act of infamy, and then by making sure they are arrested, tried and punished very severely. And everything will be done to apprehend them….

We must also protect all public spaces. The government has implemented what is known as the Vigipirate Plan on attack level, which means that security forces will be deployed wherever there is the hint of a threat…

France is great when she is capable of rising to the test, rising to a level that has always enabled her to overcome hardships. Freedom will always be stronger than barbarity. France has always vanquished her enemies when she has stood united and remained true to her values. That is what I ask you to do: to join together, all of you, in every way possible; that must be our response. Let us join together at this difficult moment, and we shall win, because we are fully capable of believing in our destiny, and nothing can weaken our resolve. Opps! That was the speech of France President Hollande after the radical Islamist attacked a France Newspaper in January.

OK, this is what  Obama said regarding the terrorist attack in California that left 50 plus Americans dead and wounded, “France is at war,” he said, “and the adversary is more than just another international terrorist network.” ISIS is “a jihadist army” that “has a territorial base, financial resources, and military capacity.” that the point is “not to contain but to destroy this organization.” … the war against ISIS is not a war against Muslims, “not a matter of some kind of war of civilizations, because these assassins don’t represent any kind of civilization.” Dangit! This is what the France President said at a joint session of Parliament convened at the Versailles Palace after the Islamist attack of Nov. 16 that killed 126 people in Paris.

As for what the man who currently occupies the office of the President of the United States said to the American people, and the world, was a regurgitation of his Progressive Liberal modus operandi. His m.o largely consist of dividing the nation among group affiliation, i.e, race, ethnicity, gender, religion, income status…, to strenuously bloviate his personal relevance regarding the situation, and call for suppressing more liberties not of the terrorist or criminals, but that of the American people, i.e gun restriction.  Nevermind that California has one of the nations toughest gun-restrictive laws.

What I believe is most striking is what Mr. O leaves out of his message to the American people, and the world, regarding terrorist in America:

  • Uttering the words Islamic Terrorist,
  • That he will immediately stifle the flow of illegal/undocumented immigrants from entering through our nation’s southern borders.  To seal off entry by terrorist and enforce more aggressively current federal immigration laws,
  • That he will slow or suspend further immigration of people from war-torn areas of Middle-Eastern nations where Islamist Radicals appear to largely originate.  To ensure proper vetting and screening,
  • The U.S will work to establish a sanctuary area (a no-fly zone) within the borders of Syria for Syrian refugees. To eliminate the need for Syrians to flee their homeland,
  • That he will see to it that groups such as the Kurds in Iraq and Syria start receiving military aid and weapons directly to effectively fight and defeat ISIS, rather than funneling it via a corrupt Baghdad government. So that Iraqis can fight for their own nation, or
  • To boldly declare that any group or individual who seeks to attack America, to upset or disrupt our way of life, whether domestically or abroad, directly or indirectly, no matter what ideology that they may harbor, they will be most harshly dealt with the full might of the United States.

But for him to do any of this would by too much like right. Too much like he actually loved America and all that it stands for. Too much unlike Obama.  But these are exactly the words the people of America and the world are longing to hear come out of the mouth of the President of the United States.

It is evident even by the most casual observer that Obama holds no genuine reverence for America’s exceptionalism or way of life, especially America’s dominant role that it has played in the world. And he probably goes to sleep at night with a big grin on his face for a good days work in totally transforming this nation internationally and domestically.

But historians will be most bewildered at the level of tolerance and resignation of the American people and citizens of the United States.  Mr. O does not speak with a swollen heart when the people of America ache nor speaks with words of fire seeking to slay those that dare seek us harm. No one will confuse this guy with John Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, or Sir Winston Churchill.  He does not speak such inspiring nationalistic verbage because Americans nor the citizens of the United States demands him to. His posture is more stout when he speaks in indifference to traditional Americn values and positions.

Until this grossly politically apathetic attitude changes amongst the American populace, we start demanding that our leaders are of the highest character, demonstrate an orgasmic love and reverence for America, and it’s values and ideals, such words of inspirational Americanism will only be spoken in mockery and hollowness by whom ever sits in the Office of the President of the United States.  And American and the world will suffer even greater for it.