Are We Truly All Socialist Now: Review Of The First 2016 Democrat Socialist Debate

GTY_sanders_clinton2_ml_151014_16x9t_240A February 16, 2009 Newsweek cover page prophetically read, “We Are All Socialist Now”. It ushered in the election Barack Obama as the president of the United States. In retrospect , it should have had an exclamation mark at the end of the statement. They seemed to have foreseen what many of us only had nightmares of. Unfortunately not the majority of us.

Last week at their first debate to decide who would be their Party’s choice to lead the nation for the next 4 years, the Democrats had their chance to sit at the grown-ups table to express their vision of the nation. But all they could do is demand for more candy and ice cream, without ever mentioning how to pay for it, but knew it would not be them. Their basic theme centered around the notion of the so-called haves verses the so-called have nots, i.e., increasing the minimum wage or giving illegal immigrants “free” education and citizenship, growing government, i.e., giving everyone “free” education and taxing the “rich”, and restricting personal liberties, i.e., barring lawful citizens from acquiring guns.  Not one of the issues they harped on addresses what the majority of Americans rate as even relatively important.  There was no resemblance of Democrat President John Kennedy’s mantra, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country.”  The words Constitution, freedom, self-responsibility, and God were seemingly banished, as well.

According to a recent Rasmussen Poll, a whopping 69% of Americans believe that the nation is headed in the wrong direction. Overall, approximately 35% of Americans see the economy as important [General Economy-13%, Jobs/Unemployment-9%, & the Federal Debt-3%]. And approximately 70% view “non-economic” issues as important [ Dissatisfaction with of government topping the list at 14%, Immigration/Illegal-Aliens-6%, and Ethics/Moral/Religious Decline-5%], according to As the Democrat President wannabes demonstratively championed the need for more government power taking the guns away from law-abiding citizens and expanding entitlements, a poll taken by Gallop tells us that 6 out of 10 Americans believe that government already has too much power.

One has to keep in mind that when Democrat politicians talk about growing government they are not talking to America at-large, but to its minority base. According to a recent Gallop Poll, nearly 60% of those identifying themselves as Democrats favor an expanded government role in their lives, i.e., more welfare, more of a nanny state, more socialistic policies from government. It is not the desire of the majority of Americans.  It is just that it is the base of the Dems that are creating the most noise and disturbance that’s garnering them the most attention.

Under Democrat President Obama’s Administration the poverty role has skyrocketed by a staggering 13 million citizens. And ever since Democrat President Lyndon Johnson engaged the federal government in the so-called war on poverty over some 50 years ago, the poverty rate has only dropped from 19% to 15%. In a recent Census Report, an astonishing 1 out 3 American families are considered the “working poor”. Many of them are Black and of Latin descent. Prime voter targets for Democrats politicians. Remember it was Democrat House majority Leader, and former House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi who made the asinine statement, “unemployment benefits remain one of the best ways to grow the economy in a very immediate way.” Can you imagine if a Republican made such an intellectually insulting statement remaining in any high political regard? Anything that the government gives to one citizen, it has taken from another. Only private enterprise can grow the economy.

The notion of “Big Brother” and bigger government is better government is not only held by politicians with a “D” after their names. This ideology is closely associated with that of Progressives. Teddy Roosevelt, a Republican, was the first Progressive. Many can effectively argue that former Presidents Nixon, H.W and G.W Bush were also Republican Progressives. G.W expanded government to make Teddy blush.

Americans are not organically compatible with the ideals nor principles of Socialism nor Communism, of which the Democrat party is closely intertwined, according to, or Progressivism. We can be conditioned to accept it under extreme duress due to increased cost of living and stagnant/declining wages, psychological manipulation via an unchecked Media Complex, and a government educational system that teaches more of how to place a condom on a cucumber and how everyone is “equal”, rather than the 7 Sciences and the true roles of government and the people in a Constitutional Republic. That is why you don’t hear honest talk of improving the nation’s economy and the standard of living, decreasing the burden of government, or applying high moral standards to governmental policies from Democrats nor Republican Progressives. That is how they get their power. This is how they stay in power.

It was 1930’s-40’s Socialist Presidential Candidate Norman Thomas who infamously said, “The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But under the name of ‘liberalism’ they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day America will be a Socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.”

It is only when the true grown up majority demand the nation drastically cut sweets and consume more veggies.  That those who know that real strength and prosperity comes from high personal responsibility, high moral values, and limited government, as our Founders desired, are no longer muted, muffled and restrained will this nation achieve its true greatness. At the end of the day, it is up to us to determine our destiny.

A President Gone Rouge: Where’s The Outcry?

obama smug

The late U.S President Richard Nixon famously stated, “When the President does it, that means that it’s not illegal.” He was later removed from office by the people.

But my, my, my, my, my, how times have changed. And not for the better. Today the American people are faced with Nixon reincarnated on steroids and a complicit Congress that is seemingly more interested in being politically correct than constitutionally correct.

The nation is faced with an invasion of immigrants unlike in any other time deliberately instigated and enabled by the Chief Executive of the United States. Unwilling, or unable, to make his case to the American people why the nation needs to allow more immigrants, particularly those low skilled from south of the border, how the nation can financially afford the influx of such numbers, or explain how the nation could best assimilate such an influx of immigrants into our society at a time of unprecedented economic and employment troubles; Mr. Obama instead creates law at his desk, via Executive Orders.

From the moment Mr. Obama was placed into the Office he has  sought to move heaven and earth to impose his vision of America on America, by any means necessary.  Many of his actions have not just been on the line of legality, but totally over it.  His most blatant acts of lawful defiance and indifference has been his championing of Latin immigrants who seek to come and stay in the country “undocumented”; even at the expense of the nations domestic laws and social tranquility. Though there has been Presidents such as Teddy Roosevelt who have used their power of the pen to impose their interpretation of a law passed by the Congress, never has the one charged to enforce the laws of the land so blatantly chosen to ignore written laws, and write executive law and regulations unilaterally without care or consideration of the Branch that’s actually empowered to make law, i.e., the Congress.  Coupled with the curious fact there doesn’t seem to any true opposition to his power grab is even more problematic. Mr. O seems to be totally unconcerned about the negative effects that his actions will have on the nation. Or is this his intent?.

What makes Obama’s actions even more bizarre, is that to hear him speak of his having to ignore the Congress to get his policies enacted to the American people, the fact that the Congress will not blindly go along with his wants, he believes that we should be greatfull that he is working outside of the laws of the country.  Lets remember that Mr. O views the Constitution as “a Charter of Negative Liberties“.  It’s too restrictive on the powers of government.  If the head the Executive Branch believes that the laws of the nation are to be adhered to only when it’s convenient, how is the average citizen or the youngest amongst us to view laws or those in authority? And should we rest comfortably thinking that this precedent won’t be followed by future presidents to a even more greater degree?

The fundamental question we the people of America should be asking is, Whether we are to be ruled by a king or governed by a duly elected Legislature in concert with the Executive and Judicial Branches in accordance with the Constitution? Founder Alexander Hamilton discussed the king vs president comparison and how laws are to be properly enacted in the Federalist Papers #69 by saying, “The President of the United States is to have power to return a bill, which shall have passed the two branches of the legislature, for reconsideration; and the bill so returned is to become a law, if, upon that reconsideration, it be approved by two thirds of both houses. The king of Great Britain, on his part, has an absolute negative upon the acts of the two houses of Parliament. The disuse of that power for a considerable time past does not affect the reality of its existence; and is to be ascribed wholly to the crown’s having found the means of substituting influence to authority, or the art of gaining a majority in one or the other of the two houses, to the necessity of exerting a prerogative which could seldom be exerted without hazarding some degree of national agitation.” I would say that we are pretty agitated. Wouldn’t you? If we want a president who totally ignores the voices of the people via their representatives because they wont act as his wants, than it is a king that we truly want.  The powers of the Executive, as well as the government as a whole, were to be finite, defined, and limited, to ensure the liberties of the people and the tranquility and prosperity of the nation.

The desire of big business and government to import cheap labor in mass to the detriment of abled-bodied domestic labor is not new, as reported by Roy Beck in We have today a government working against the betterment of the nation seemingly with impunity.  We today have one of the lowest labor participation rates in our nations history and a federal debt that is so negative it is going to be born by our posterity for generations.  We have a gross deficiency in moral governance and a evolving cancerous societal culture that denigrates the value of having a high ethical code.  That of hard work in particular.  We do not have a domestic labor shortage, despite the constantly repeated political mantra.  If that were the case wages would not be stagnant or declining as they are. How is flooding the nation with more low-skilled immigrants who many seeks to take even more from our coffers that we do not actually have going make us as a nation more prosperous?  How does imposing laws in one way for the benefit of one group of people and in a different way, or not at all,  for another make us more just? More united?

What is vastly different today is the grotesque level of Saul Alinsky-like techniques of word manipulation, deception, and dishonesty presented by Mr. Obama and the lack of resolute moral governance by the people’s representatives. A unrestrained government, one that sees no bounds to its authority, that deliberately tramples on the line between legal and illegal at the expense of the will of the governed, is by definition a tyrannical government.  But, we the people have to posses a definitive moral constitution for those who represent us to.  We have to be knowledgable of the of the proper role, authority, and function of government.  We have to be informed and engaged on political matters and the actions of the government. If we have a president who acts illegally, a government that chooses not to govern, but rule, or have laws made that are unlawful, it is up to each of us to check him or them.  At the end of the day our silence is our quiescence.

The Progressive’s Amnesty Bill Will Forever Shackle America To Serfdom As The World Witnesses In Stunned Astonishment

It seems inevitable that the U.S government will pass a reformation of the immigration laws of the nation that will open that nation’s gates to some of the poorest and most illiterate people in our hemisphere for two unstated reasons: 1) to increase the nation’s birthrate, and 2) to get cheap labor. This will drastically diminish the value of the once most cherished Citizenship – that of being an United States of American citizen – and saddling America’s posterity with second and third class citizenship.

In an era of “diversity”, “political correctness”, and “fairness” where everyone is to be equal and wealth and property is to be spread equally, and never a negative or bad word or thought is to ever be shown the light of day, what could be more fitting than the one nation that has set itself apart from its creation, as exceptional and the one place on earth where nation citizens could come to be free to inspire and reach their dreams, to have it degenerated to be just another nation at the table it is met with deafening silence.

In the last four-plus years we have been witness to a man coming literally out of nowhere with seemingly no recorded past of importance to the U.S voter to be placed in the seat of the presidency of the United States not once, but twice. The best medical system in the world, just by the very fact of the inherent freedom to innovate, have no ceiling on professional growth, and limited governmental interference with the relationship between patient and doctor with Obama-care has been total socialized. We have observed the explosion of homosexuality, and other alternative lifestyles, and religious secularism thrust to the forefront of U.S governmental domestic policy. The expansion of regulation and governmental burdens placed on America’s energy industry, particularly coal, and small business industry is unprecedented, especially at a time of such depressed economic growth. And now we stand on the possible verge of what may be the coup de gras, the U.S government’s granting approximately 40 plus Million illegal immigrant’s legal status and forgiveness for breaking our laws.

The reason that this presumed outcome of millions of illegal immigrants, particularly from Mexico, is so important is that it will lay naked for the whole world that the U.S government is willing and able to blatantly circumvent and obfuscate it’s own laws, manipulate and deceive the American people at all costs and no matter how severe the injury to the nation’s posterity or prosperity. But, it does too reveal that there is another supreme motivation and influence that is steering the Congress of the United States other than the wishes of the American people.

Here are some cases in point to try to wrap your heads around. In 2010 then Fla. Senate Candidate Marco Rubio in a CNN debate stated, “that illegal aliens inside the United States would need to go home and that giving illegal aliens ‘an earned path to citizenship,’... was nothing more than a “code for amnesty.” And he went on to say, “and the reality of it is this: This has to do with the bottom line that America cannot be the only country in the world that does not enforce its immigration laws. It is unfair to the people that have legally entered this country to create an alternative pathway for individuals who entered illegally and knowingly did so.”“If you do that, you will never have a legal immigration system that works,”… “No one is going to follow the law if there is an easier way to do it.” Ironically now Fla. Senator Rubio is one of the eight members drafting legislation to do the very thing that he so rightly objected to. Did someone have a “one on one” with him after getting to D.C to sway his point of view?

Regardless of the much touted C.B.O [Congressional Budget Office] reporting the supposed economic benefits of those in the country illegally, it must be remembered that the report forecast is static – for simplified analysis wherein the effect of an immediate change to a system is calculated without respect to the longer term response of the system to that change. Such analysis typically produces poor correlation to empirical results.– and not dynamic – an attempt to take into account how the system is likely to respond to the change[Wikipedia].   So, any governmental report, such s the C.B.O report, will typically go on the unrealistic notion that everything will stay basically as it are today or planned to be as it is planned today without taking into account possible changes of facts such as the illegals, now legal, bringing over their family members like themselves, having babies, forever being wards of the state and existing off the local, State, and federal taxpayers due to their low education and or lack of ambition, and other likely issues and negative consequential expenses of blanketly legalizing the illegals as reported in the Washington Times.

Since Mr. O’s ascendency to the U.S presidency the Washington Times 10/2012 article reported that nearly 2 out of 3 jobs have gone to immigrants. The American worker is at an egregious disadvantage when competing with illegal Mexican immigrant according to Securities Mexico. The typical Mexican earnings in Mexico are less than $700 a month – less than $2300 for a corporate/ business mgr, and less $75 for the lowest skilled Mexican working in a field such as agriculture. Coupled with the fact that the people from Latin America do not have an issue with living together 10 plus people deep in a one room apartment to share expenses and stay in the country And with the low moral and ethical education being taught to today’s generation of Americans, dire times ahead are certain.

The real economic cost to America is going to be brutally staggering for generations to come. The Washington Times 6/10/13 article states that the cost of blanket amnesty will be around $5 Trillion for the lifetime of a legalized immigrant. In that same article it refers to the Heritage Foundation estimating the cost to be near $9 Trillion – including local, State, and federal government- over his lifetime. But these stated estimates are sand bagged at best. They are based on a severely ridiculous and illogical number of around 11 million illegals.  That was the same number given when G.W Bush was in office and the issue first hit the front pages nearly 10 years ago. Illegal Immigration states illegal immigrants currently are costing local, State, and federal taxpayers approximately $118 Billion annually based on 13 million illegals and their children – how many children per household? It doesn’t say. I lean more towards the approx. 25 million estimated illegals of immigration And even that may be on the low side because being that they are illegally in the country, they are not exactly looking to be counted and they certainly haven’t stopped coming with all of the talk of giving them all a get out of jail free card with this over appeasing administration.

And to add the proverbial cherry on Mr. O’s America’s Decline Sundae, if the proposed amnesty bill should pass with it’s prohibition on the new legalized citizens not being illegible for federal benefits for 13 years, and with Obama-care already giving businesses a pass on the $3,000 penalty if the employee is an provisionally legal immigrant ”, as reported by Newsmax, it will give employers even more incentive to not hire an American citizen. And thereby also quicken the American citizen descent to 2ndor even 4thclass status in his own land. Unemployment will go off the chain for American youths,Americans  just entering the workforce, and those with low skills and low education.

It’s not just you and I who are screaming W.T.F! But observers all around the world are stunned and asking, “Why is this happening?” More importantly, how is this happening in America? Where is the opposition party, i.e., the Republican Party? The picture would appear less distorted if we all began to look at the picture in Washington less of Republican versus the Democrats, and more of the Conservatives versus the Progressives. This way we can start to see the picture as those being pro-sovereign America, pro-individualist, pro-traditional family, and pro-Constitutionalists, versus everything counter to those ideological positions. How else can one explain the vastly counter intuitive Republican positions of such so-called Republicans as Ariz. Sen. John McCain, S.C Sen. Lindsey Graham, Hse. Speaker John Boehner, and Fla. Sen. Mark Rubio? It is not about party affiliation, but ideology. Progressive ideology and that of the Democrats are nearly identical, but some members of the Republican party can be of the same yoke. That’s why Mr. O can get along with Republicans like Boehner and McCain and can get most of his legislation though the House, while Republican led legislation dies in the Democratically controlled Senate.

Just as one of the greatest Progressives, Teddy Roosevelt, said of the ruining of America,The one absolutely certain way of bringing this nation to ruin, of preventing all possibility of its continuing to be a nation at all, would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities.” We are systematically being divided into camps or squabbling interests – the camp of the elderly, the young, the Blacks, the Whites, those who want to be self-responsible and self-governed, those that want to be irresponsible for self and dependent on the government, the rich and poor, and those who love this nation’s traditional values, history, customs, and want America to prosper as the shining city on the hill, and those who care nothing about traditional American values, customs, history, and want to see America brought back into the darkness with every other nation.

The Progressives would have us believe that there is only the choice of whether we should cut our left foot off or to take the whole leg. But there are other options that could save both, but they won’t benefit their goal to forever cripple the patient. But, we as Americans can no long dwell in, what Martin Luther King, Jr. referred to as the most dangerous thing in the world, sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity. It is up to each of us individually to be informed enough to know what is going on politically around us so we can make the most knowledgeable choices for ourselves and our nation. Not just for today, but for tomorrow…or else the shackles of servitude and dependency that today may fit comfortably about your wrist and ankles, will become painfully tighter tomorrow. Hola!

The Issue Of Illegal Immigration Is The Greatest Moral Issue Of America Today

The other nite I had a rather heated discussion regarding illegal immigration.  It started over this person comparing the prejudicial and discriminatory treatment that many illegal immigrants are supposedly being subjected.  This maybe due to the fact the vast majority of illegal immigrants in the country are from Mexico and the explosion of the Mexican population mainly comes from illegal immigration.  So there may be some mis-identifying between those of the Latino population who are here legally and those who are here illegally.  That is the collateral element of this issue.

But that not withstanding, this person’s position was based on comparing the prejudice and discrimination of Mexican illegal immigrants today and that which this person’s parents suffered after legally immigrating from Europe after World War 2.  This shows the success of the confusionist’s argument on this issue to distort the key word in this discussion, that being illegal, verses legal.  It is not about “race”, ethnicity, or one’s place of origin.  It is an issue of  morality and right verses wrong.  The most important issue that we may ever face in this country.

The confusionist want us to get emotionally mis-directed over this issue and want us to strenuous compare and attach it to the mistreatment of the Black-American during the Civil Rights Era, the European-American following World War 1 and 2, the so-called Indian-American, or some other disenfranchised or mistreated American.  But the glaring and most relevant point of fact in this matter is of legal and illegal presence in America.  I am not trying to belittle or excuse the mistreatment imposed on the Black-Americans, European-Americans, or any other group who have a legal presence in this nation.  Humans are flawed creatures and at times do things that are inexcusable.  But, think of it as though you are a homeowner with two guest, one invited and the other uninvited.   Though you are very mad at both for the extra expense and inconvenience their presence have caused you, but you are more angry at the uninvited guess, just because his expenses are unduly burdensome.  Due to the fact that his presence is unsolicited and felonious.

I remember when I was young in school that it was a literal offense for someone to cut in front of you while standing in line.  We called it “French Cutting” to allow a friend or someone to get right in front of you, to only have him get behind you.  There was a greater moral conscience back then it seems. To be moral is defined as, “relating to principles of right and wrong in behavior”.  How can we rationally justify to the youngest of us, who are beginning to develop their boundaries of right and wrong, allowing those who have been identified as illegal or “undocumented” to access our educational and medical systems in manner that is not extended to those who are here legally as well as be favorably treated by those who are supposed to enforce the law; all at great financial and social expense.  At the same time wanting to publicly hang by the short hairs some sports figure who may have cheated to gain an advantage in his profession?  Are we so nieve to believe that this will not have them growing up with severely blurred boundaries of morality and not have a negative effect of our society? This is the moral dilemma this nation is faced with today and for which we will be remembered regarding illegal immigration and fair and equal treatment under the law. How we handle the issue of allowing people to openly cross the lines of what we have traditionally viewed as right and wrong.  The heated debate is not just happening in my circle, but in millions of homes across this nation, maybe threatening to divide them.  Is this the intent?

A strong position against illegal immigration is not against any Mexican, or any other foreign nation person, individually or personally.  If I were in their shoes and allowed to come to a country to acquire a better standard of life no matter illegally or legally I would probably do the same.  The cause of this divisive issue squarely resides at the feet of how the federal government is sanctioning this blatant disregard for its own laws and fiduciary duties to protect this nation and secure the blessing of liberty for our posterity and us.  The fact of the matter is that there are nearly a hundred legal means of immigrating to this nation for various lengths of time and purposes that has made us the overwhelming destination for nation people since our creation. Why aren’t they being exhaustively explored and applied now?  The bottom line is that we, the citizens of this nation, and those here illegally and negatively effecting our standard and quality of life are all pawns being pitted against each other in universal game of chess.  To allow one nationality such preferential treatment is to allow the same for others till we have thousands of enclaves of nation people each with their own individual agendas and needs.  Teddy Roosevelt prophetically warned of such thing when he stated, “The one absolutely certain way of bringing this nation to ruin, of preventing all possibility of its continuing to be a nation at all, would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities.”

At the end of the day, it will be shown whether or not we as Americans, who have as our foundation to be our own government and to choose a government that works to our demands, not have us work for its.  Will we be shown to be a people determined to stand steadfast on the principle of right and wrong – no matter the inconvenience? Will we choose a government that reflects those unwavering principles?  Or will the generations that follow see that we sold out or suppressed our principles lost in a purple haze of temporary benefit or mis-applied emotional content?