America in decline due to COVID-19 Scam

As the American people enter the 7th month of what was initially supposed to be a 3-week measure to “flatten the curb” of the impact of the COVID-19 Virus Pandemic in order to not overburden the nation’s medical industry has led ironically to putting the industry on life supports with the lost of 40-45% in revenue, equating to an approx. $500 BILLION hit in the first quarter alone.  And it has pushed a nation that was in January experiencing record economic success to a nation to where, that according to the Congressional Budget Office [CBO], the federal government’s debt to nearly an astonishing $5 TRILLION in the 2020 budget alone.

From the outset of this “crisis”, the federal government’s response seemed totally disproportionate to the disease itself.  First of all, never ever, ever ever, never ever, ever has the U.S government, or the world for that matter,  forced its citizens to shut down virtually all economic activity for a virus.  NEVER!  And though the virus, initially being unknown, was most concerning naturally.  But, the CDC  [Center for Disease Control] had already categorized it as a “minor virus”, fewer than 6% of those infected in America died from it.  And the CDC had identified that the virus largely only critically affected older people and those with compromised immune systems, as most viruses do.  What made this virus most fearful was its infection rate.  Understandable.  But why force the sheltering and social restriction of the healthiest of the population for a minor virus?

worldmonitor COVID-19 cases

To date, according to, 6,212,708 Americans have said to been infected by COVID-19. While only 187,793 have said to have died from it. While about 647,000 Americans die from heart disease each and every year and most of us wouldn’t even know it.  And I’m not even mentioning that during the H1N1 Pandemic of just 10 years ago that approx. 60 MILLION Americans were infected and few of us remember that. Couple all of this with the recent report that was very quietly release by the International Business Times said that the CDC reported that, “Only 6% of the number of COVID-19 reported deaths were due to COVID-19 only”. But yet, it is supposed to make intellectual sense to you and me that this virus that the CDC labeled as minor, even with it’s comparative high infection rate, that we shut the whole nation’s economy down inflecting untold and uncalculatable reactions and consequences on our society and culture.  Simply looking at the numbers makes my head hurt.  The Media wants us to be fixated on the numbers of those who are infected by the virus, and not the number of those who actually die from COVID. The question has to be asked, why is this being done to us?

Sweds COVID-19 death rate

This thing never passed the smell test for me.  If this was compared to something like the plague and it is to be all hands on deck to defeat it for the sake of not just us in America, but for the world, then why is the news of COVID-19 conquering success and techniques being totally ignored by the U.S Establishment Media and federal political leaders, particularly Democrats?  How many have heard of the success that Sweden has had by taking a more natural and traditional path to fight the virus focusing on protecting the elderly, not traumatizing the youngest of the population by dragging them out of school and dramatically altering their childhood experiences, putting the less personal restrictions on its citizens, and trusting them to make grown-up decisions?  Rather than looking to stop a virus, something that has virtually never been done, shutting down its economy and forcing its healthiest people to shelter, it concentrated on taking the hit early by letting the mostly healthy get infected and absorb the brunt of the virus’ attack to spare the majority later – herd immunity.  A Bloomberg report stated that The W.H.O [The World health Organization] said “Swedish contagion rates are in fact ‘stable.’”  In fact, one of America’s closest and oldest allies, and whose own Prime Minister came down with a severe case of COVID-19, Boris Johnson of Great Britain, in article said, “One of the U.K. government’s advisors on infectious diseases has described coronavirus lockdowns as a “monumental mistake on a global scale” and said he never wants to see a national lockdown again.”  Do you think that President Trump or the Congressional critters don’t know of these developments?  Yet, seven months into the “crisis” we are still having discussions in the Media and government on whether or not to have in-class schooling, live sporting events, Labor Day and Thanksgiving celebrations.  And the Democrat Presidential candidate actually saying that if the “medical experts” were to tell him as president to lock down the nation again he would do so due to the COVID-19 “pandemic” that is waning.  Really.?

We are being bamboozled, hoodwinked, and mentally manipulated driven largely by fear to such a severe egregious level that the negative aftershocks will be felt in our nation for years and generations to come.  The frontal assault on our personal liberties and freedoms by the government has been nothing short of stunning.  What can be said to be even more stunning is the seemingly ease that many of us have succumbed to the massive onslaught of Media propaganda and societal manipulation to voluntarily surrender them?  But, that can be blamed on the 60+ years of miseducation through the so-called educational system of the U.S whereby the Constitution, civics, and the proper government and citizen relationship has been so contorted and distorted to be rendered unrecognizable.

The assault on the sanity of many Americans attempting to make sense of what has happened over these past 7 months has led many into a deeply mentally challenging place and time.  According to the International Journal of Social Psychiatry, “This COVID-19 pandemic seems to have brought our frenzied speed of modern society to a grinding halt and has literally crushed the wings of unlimited social interaction. Under these social restrictions, individuals are forced to reconcile with this terrifying reality of isolation which can contribute to domestic inter-personal violence and boredom. Similar trends of increase in isolation and loneliness have been noticed among emergency workers and quarantined population in Wuhan, China. This has increased the prevalence of depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorders and insomnia in the population.”  And unlike the recession of the ‘80s where the economic pain was spread out over a long period of time, for most, the COVID-19 financial impact has been hard and sudden.  No one had time to prepare for suddenly their businesses being forced by the government to drastically reduce in revenue or to shut down completely.  Parents had no time to prepare to become at-home teachers and work from home.  Kids and young people had no time to prepare to be unable to socialize with their friends or be able to meet new ones.  Those who were accustomed to being able to go to jobs, to work on and at their businesses were all of the sudden restricted from doing so by the government, not by natural nor economic circumstances. According to a report by we can expect to have the negative cost reverberate through our society for a very very long time.

Not only has the U.S government spent TRILLIONS of dollars that it did not have and to literally print into existence and allow the Fed to satisfy a generational wet dream in buying up everything it can see for a crisis that was largely created that will be repaid by America’s posterity in the form of lower standards and quality of living from that of their parents.  This calamity was not anything natural nor as viewed by an average observer was it necessary.  It is my belief that future historians will view this period in America as the greatest transfer of wealth from the American people to the Fed, the large corporations, and the government both in financial wealth and personal freedoms and liberties.  The prophetic words of Thomas Jefferson will ring hauntingly, “the banks and corporations that will grow up around them (around the banks), will deprive the people of their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”