young blacks with MAGA

One thing that has never sat well with me nor made any sense as I was growing up was regarding the relationship between the Democrat Party and the black-American Community. How can it be that the political party that is said to have freed Blacks in America from bondage and slavery, and protected it from segregationist policies, the Republican Party, to now be the Party that is hated and denounced by the black-American community today?  Thus leaving the Democrat Party the heroes for blacks.  But,  since the picture-framed moment of then Democrat President Lyndon Baines Johnson and Civil Rights icon Martin Luther King, Jr. signing the Civil Rights Act of 1965, a very, very good argument can be made that it is the black-American community that has been led into psychological bondage and servitude and not freedom and liberty by the Democrats today.  And if they can’t I will.

We have entered another month to celebrate and reflect on black-American history, present, and future.  During this time of the month images began to flood the airwaves and visual media giving everyone the impression that the black-American civil rights movement and our fight to be free from bondage started in the 1950s and that the Democrats led the way for Blacks, like Moses did the Hebrews through the Red Sea.  With the extraordinary aide of the U.S Media and the government educational complex, this grotesque lie has been allowed to fester like black mold in the basement of one’s home that makes any and all inhabitants ill.

Democrats are no Moses to Black-Americans

It is widely acknowledged that the Republican Party, led by Abraham Lincoln, freed the Blacks from the bondage of slavery.  Then history goes mum. And it becomes contorted. Leaving it to be presumed that the Democrats at some part in history becomes the hero and savior to the American black community.  But history is not silent nor does it happen in a vacuum.  There are events that lead up to a moment or event in time.  Then there is the event or moment.  And then there is what happens after the event or moment, the consequences or effects of the event or moment.  We’re missing the most important part of the story here.  What preceded blacks being put into bondage and who put us there?  What political party is the true hero to the Black community that freed them? And what are the true effects of the slavery period evident today?

History clearly identifies that the imposition of indentured servitude, which later evolved into slavery, in America was an economic-political issue.  And that the Democrat Party, particularly in the southern part of America, spearheaded, promoted, defended, and enabled the institution of slavery and racism and segregation.  And without the staunch support of slavery and racism against Blacks slavery would have long ago withered on the vines.

History tells no lies, only men do of it.

If you are only a consumer of popular history of the relationship of the Democrat Party and black-Americans you would be very surprised to know that slavery was outlawed soon after the signing of the Federal Constitution by George Washington and the Ku Klux Klan was created for the sole benefit of the Democrat Party to suppress the black-American vote and the influence of the Republican Party after the Civil War.  Here are some points of history mostly untold today:

The Big Switch.?

With all of the treachery and disdain that the Democrats have shown towards the black-American community, a casual observer cannot imagine anything that could cause black-Americans to support the Party so fanatically and fervently that has never, ever, ever publicly apologized for its support and enablement of Black slavery and segregation in America.  Today, the immediate predominant presumption when you meet a black person on the street is that he or she is a Democrat. This cannot be said of any other ethnic set in America.  But, it was not until the election of Franklin Roosevelt that blew the doors open with the flood of black-American voters.  As reported by angelfire.comAlthough Roosevelt made no move to reverse the legal segregation at the time…He ensured that African Americans had access to relief during the worst days of the Depression. Half way through the 1930s decade, an estimated 40 percent of African Americans were in receipt of some federal aid. And by the latter part of the 1930s, 75 percent of blacks voted Democratic.”  But even with the election of FDR, according to, “the number of blacks identifying themselves as Republicans was about the same as the number who thought of themselves as DemocratsIt wasn’t until Harry Truman garnered 77 percent of the black vote in 1948 that a majority of blacks reported that they thought of themselves as Democrats Johnson signed the 1965 Voting Rights Act. No Republican presidential candidate has gotten more than 15 percent of the black vote since.”  In short, the “big switch” of majority of black-Americans to the Democrat Party boils down to economic persuasion and government assistance-not a meeting or melding of the minds or the heart.  Period! If blacks were given a blind questionnaire of Republican and Democrat polices, the majority would choose Republican polices. There can be a very, very, very good argument that after 60+ years of the “Great Society” and near total allegiance to the Democrat Party the black-American community is more economically dependent on that Party that the mere talk of cutting government social assistance causes a Code Red panic throughout the Black community unlike any other ethnic group in the country.

The Republicans coming knocking with a rose – Donald Trump

The Republican Party has always stood for more individual freedom and self-responsibility, and still hold those principles fundamentally today. Its basic tenet is today just as Ronald Reagan said it is, “Government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem….

The one thing that President Trump has done by not being tied to the political dictates on decorum of Republicans being shy and passive to reach out and actually speak to the Black community and address to main issues and concerns that have long festered, even under the 8 years of the true African-American president, Barrack Obama’s reign.  He as the head of the Republican Party, has successfully addressed the issue of black unemployment, economics, and unjust federal incarceration that was initiated under Bill Clinton with his “3 Strikes and Out” that disproportionately punished blacks, in particular, black men.  And he has repeatedly reminded blacks that the Republican Party is the rightful home for black-Americans. And that it needs to be again.

Trump’s fearless direct and honest approach to the black community is not going unnoticed, particularly amongst the young.  As recently as in a November of last year reported the stunning news for the Democrats, Trump’s black voter approval had reached 34%.  Blacks may be finally realizing that it may be time to take a measured look historically at who has shown genuine care for our well being. And who actually desires our support and not look for our dependence in return.