After years and years of hearing that the people of America wanted a businessman and a true outsider to be President, in 2016 the U.S citizens elected one by the name of Donald J. Trump.  With his very masculine persona and direct and sometimes clumsy way of talking I knew that he was going to be different.  Seemingly from the beginning, a relatively small, but loud and powerful group made it it’s mission to annul the decision made by the citizens of the U.S, even before it was formally made.  I cannot recall at any other time has the opposition Party, that controlled a chamber of the Congress, openly and publicly stated that it would seek to remove a newly elected President at all cost; just because.

For the entirety of President Trump’s four years in office, the Democrat Party at the federal level along with the News Media and Entertainment Complex and the Establishment Political Complex, of both Parties, sought to destroy Trump not just as President, but also personally, and to make him radioactive to anyone closely or vaguely associated with him. There was an article on that reported, “Democrats, along with others, have been talking about impeaching Donald Trump since before he even took office.”  And they were not playing.  Trump’s name was literally Mud from before the ink was dry on the Electoral College ballots.  And he could not do anything right enough for his haters, both from without and within his own Party.  He was immediately said to have won the election via interference from Russia, even though attempts to interfere in our elections from foreign enemies, such as Russia, Communist China, and others, is commonplace. This story was repeated to adnauseam to the point that it became reality for many in the public.  Even as Trump tried to set his agenda for his Presidency in the early months of his term, vast members of the Republican Party sided openly, and many eagerly, with the Democrats to paint him as someone who might be a traitor, was penpals with Russian leader Vladimir Putin, or someone not fit to be in the Oval Office.

There was even a set of Republicans who became to be called the “Never Trumpers” who were fervently opposed to Trump, seemingly just on general principle, due to his personality.  I have never seen where it was open season to be openly hostile to the President of the United States by citizens of America and the U.S.  What made it so utterly irrational was that this hatred had nothing much to do with his policies nor anything anyone could honestly point to that did the nation harm.  It was all to do with his direct and arguably inarticulate manner of speaking or addressing issues verbally, his use of Twitter, and I believe his hyper-masculine bravado and persona. He was a street guy from ol’ school New York City.  He was who he was, unabashedly. And by robustly making Making America Great Again not only his election campaign slogan, but his mission as President, oddly made him persona non grata for those accustomed with the status quo. He was who and what the majority of voters wanted.  What confuses and concerned me most was that the nation just experienced 8 years of a U.S President who was, by his actions and his own words, as revealed in his two books Dreams from My Father and The Audacity of Hope, someone who actually had a mentor who was on the F.B.I’s Most Wanted List and a high member of the U.S Communist Party, Frank Marshall Davis, painted a more than a vivid picture of someone whose ideology certainly leaned heavily toward socialism, if not communism – Barack Obama.  And you literally risked being stoned if you should even dare to whisper the thought of him being slightly anti-American.  The power of the National News Media Complex to shape public opinion started to be more demonstratively be applied as the Media openly began to get rid of its illusion of political neutrality under Obama’s reign.  It completely stripped itself of any and all pretenses during Trump’s Administration, BIG TIME.  It came out of the closet full rabid Progressive Leftist wanting Trump’s carcass by all means necessary.

The popularity to publicly to not just disagree with President Trump’s policies, but to vehemently hate anything and everything about him personally grew so ridiculously exorbitant amongst the populous that anyone who even had on a hat or anything with Trump’s campaign slogan “Make America Great Again” was targeted for assault or harsh repercussions at work or in the streets.  The Media began laying the ground for Trump’s impeachment months before he was even elected and throughout his Presidency at an astonishing and unrelenting pace, unlike anything any sane person could imagine. It is impossible to imagine such an assault would not have been shredded on the production floor if Trump were a Democrat or a card-carrying member of the Establishment Political Complex.

Trump’s life has been poked, prodded, investigated, and examined thoroughly through every cavity and orifice more than arguably any other who has held the Oval Office with little to no public outcry of abuse from the masses. If this man had ever jaywalked when he was 18 years old it would more likely to have been reported to the public as an impeachable offense. But in this era of mobism, more Americans seemingly were more enthralled in joining the ever expanding bandwagon racing to hurl stones at a sitting President. The reason, mattered little. It was more about being part of the festival. The Democrat Party, by controlling the House of Representatives, successfully went through an Impeachment that was based on points and reasons that changed so often that someone would need a daily update to keep up. But after the approximate $32 billion that was spent in the Mueller Investigation, the daily bashing by the Establishment News and Entertainment Media Complex, and an all out 4-year political and societal hunting season on President Trump, he not only has not wilted, not only was he absolved in the Impeachment Trial. Trump has come out as the most popular President ever, not just the most popular Republican President, and accomplished more significant items in his first term than any other in recent time. It can be certainly said that Trump is not corrupt.  Remember, the Media went back to then Republican Candidate Mitt Romney’s high school period to report that he mistreated a classmate. Not joking.  But when the American people were asked in October, as they were asked by candidate Reagan when he ran against President Jimmy Carter, Are you better off now than you were 4 years ago?, according to, A majority said YES!

In the wake of the most conspicuously questionable Presidential election since JFK defeated Nixon in 1960, where even with hundreds of private citizens swearing via affidavit that there was some extreme chicanery going on on election night that likely altered the outcome of the election for Joe Biden.  There appears to be an unholy alliance of the Establishment Political Class, on both sides of the aisle, the Establishment Media, and the pop culture wave to hate any and everything of Trump, they want him out of the Oval Office on the next thing smokin’, like yesterday two weeks back.  The question is why?  Is his clumsy abrasive personality and arguably inappropriate use of Twitter enough to make him unqualified to be reelected President?  Is his hyper-masculine persona too much of an visualization for young males to witness and possibly want to emulate in this era of male-feminization?  Is his remarkably successful four years as a novice politician too revealing as to how things could actually get done for the benefit of America and the American people?

Donald Trump was the first President who was not a politician that the country had chosen since General Dwight D Eisenhower.  He was a true Citizen President.  He ran the country successfully like a business.  As if it was a corporation.  Maybe, that is what made him Public Enemy #1 to those Elites who like the nation ran inefficiently and corrupt as it has been for decades, and keeping the American people divided and squabbling over and mentally fixated on insignificant matters allowing them to gain more power and wealth.

Trump’s abrasive masculine persona and at times unchained bull in a China shop behavior who held himself as his highest consul did not help him in this era where saving feelings are paramount in importance and everyone gets a participation trophy. The notion that a man talking straight from the hip and unapologetically wanting to make America once again dominant against it’s world peers is not appreciated so much today.  Trump came on the political scene and reached his political apex at a time in America’s cultural transformation when it is more important to judge a leader’s qualifications upon whether or not he has hurt someone’s feelings above how successful and productive he is at his job. Trump came on the political scene and reached his apex during a period in America where there is an unseen hand that is successfully pushing the country to be feminine and submissive, and willing to sacrifice for the sake of the community, away from the traditional American more masculine posture that is more aggressive and holds one’s own safety, security, and well-being, and that of his family,  above all others.  And he is just not appreciated nor wanted by today’s America.