Why is the Establishment Media so disinterested in Obama’s past?

Though the Establishment Media seems to be all to eager and willing to dive head on into the past of the Republican Candidates such as, Herman Cain’s over 15 year old conduct toward a woman or two, what possible ethical charge that was made against Newt Gingrich he was Speaker of the U.S House of Representatives in the 1990’s, or even what likely Republican Nominee Mick Romney did when he was a young teen, they are mum and seem grossly disinterested and unenthused when it comes to asking comparatively piercing questions of the man who has been the most unvetted and least publicly known individual to be president of the United States and seeks another four year term-Mr. Barack Obama.

Here are just a few taboo questions never to be asked of Obama:

  • During his radio interview in Chicago in 2001 you stated that the U.S Constitution is a “document of negative laws”. Do you still fill that way?
  • During that same interview, you stated, “that the Supreme Court missed the opportunity to greatly restructure the country socially”.  Is that your opinion today?  What do you think that the Court misses today?
  • On the eve of your election in 2010 us said at rally that you were going to “fundamentally change the United States of America.”  What exactly did you mean? What is that you see is fundamentally wrong with this nation?
  • During the debate over “Cap and Trade” you stated in a interview that under your proposal “energy cost in America would necessarily increase.”  With your actions regarding energy involving virtually eliminating American oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and other government controlled areas, the imposition of restrictive regulations on the coal industry, at a time that it has been widely reported that this nation has generations worth of natural gas, oil, and coal, do you truly favor high energy cost as a way to push Americans towards “alternative” energy choices, such as solar and wind?  If so, do you truly look for this nation to stay energy competitive while other nations such as Communist China, Brazil and Russia are rushing to develop oil and natural gas sources all around the world?
  • In your book, “The Dreams of My Father”, you stated that while as a young man you were drawn to communist and Marxist ideology and persuasions.  Has that position change?  And if it has, when did it and how so?
  • You had two fathers, one from Kenya and the other from Indonesia.  Both of them had anti-western philosophies.  Coupled with the fact that you never actually step foot on the American mainland till you enter college, how has their beliefs influence your view of America and the west?
  • Many view your economic posture as Keynesian, in that you see massive government and high government spending as good for the nation even in times of unprecedented economic depression.  Can you name a country or time that such a economic philosophy has been prosperous for a nation?
  • Is it true that you declared yourself as a foreigner when applying to Occidental College?
  • How could spend 20+ yrs in Rev. Wright’s church and visit his home on a regular basis and yet honestly claim that you weren’t aware of his extreme views regarding America and race?
  • What is your relationship with Bill Ayers, the man who once sought the destruction of America and whose home you kicked off your presidential campaign?

It is not frivolous to ask such questions of a man who is now President of the United States and who seeks four more years unrestrained by having to seek the blessing of the voters for another term thereafter.  Nor more than it is to ask similar questions of those who seek the such a high position for the first time.  It is most criminal a dereliction of duty of the Media, and the American people therefore, not to.  The real question is why is the Media doing its best not to ask these such crucial questions.