Silencing Christians

The Radical Gay Rights Contagion That Is Gripping America & The Western World, Is Due to Politics, Not Principles.

Silencing Christians

Silencing Christians

Question; how can a segment of the nation’s population of less than 4% dominate the political and social course?   That is the question that should cause everyone in America to pause at the astonishing success that the radical Gay Rights Movement have accumulated over the past 4 to 7 plus years.  There is scant argument from any educated-inclined person that America was founded on Judeo-Christian principles and beliefs. That the majority of the great men who founded the nation were believers in a Supreme Being, God.  And that the first book of education in the nation was the Bible. Founder John Adams prophetically said, “The general principles on which the fathers achieved independence were the general principles of Christianity. I will avow that I then believed, and now believe, that those general principles of Christianity are as eternal and immutable as the existence and attributes of God..” But one would not recognize any evidence of this after witnessing the action of the State of Georgia’s Governor, who is said to be a Christian, publicly denounce the teachings of the Bible against homosexuality.

The rash of the public rejection and marginalization of the tenets of Christendom by the public officials of cities, towns, and States across the nation is undoubtedly causing the Founders to scream WTF!  It is probably most astonishing to see this happening in the “Bible Belt” of the south.  Georgia’s Republican Governor Nathan Deal announced that he intended to veto a bill that essentially codified a Citizen of the States’ right to practice his or her religious faith without fear of being sued, interestingly, in particularly the clergy and ministers.  The Bill did not refer to gays, lesbians, homosexuals, nor anything similar.  But that did not matter to the radical left or their accomplices. After a flood of mis and dis-information in the Media by proponents of the radical LGBT [Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender] agenda, following the passage of House Bill 757 by the Republican dominate legislature, promising that the State’s economy would literally disintegrate if the bill was to become law and that big companies would forgo the economic benefits of the State in order to stand in public solidarity of the homosexual lifestyle’s imposition on the Christian-faith population majority.  This decision coming most ironically days after Easter weekend.

Governor Deal in his veto announcement oddly stated, I do not think we have to discriminate against anyone to protect the faith-based community in Georgia.”  He stated that he was aware of the Supreme Court decision to redefine “marriage” to no longer be strictly that of one man and one woman, but to include that of same-sex persons.  He also admitted that he was aware of businesses being forced by the courts to accommodate the homosexual lifestyle at the expense of their religious beliefs.  But, what was most glaring was the omission of any wording such as, my Biblical teachings are clear regarding homosexuality, as well as the majority of the Citizens of the State.  Though as Governor I am rejecting this bill due to the lack of need for it today in this State. I will though rigorously enforce the Laws regarding freedom of religious conscience for any and every one.  Nope.  That would have been too much like right.  All of the red meat was given to those who seek to drive free expression and exercise of faith, particular Christianity, out of the public square. In truth, it is the people of the Christian faith who are already being discriminated against.  I have not heard of any gay or lesbian business being force to place a cross in their establishment nor make it unpopular for them not watch a man and a woman kiss.

This public surrendering of Christian tenets is occurring throughout the nation, in the south in particular, like Sherman through Atlanta. One would ignorantly believe that gays and lesbians make up a large segment of the population.  If they were to actually believe what they see and hear via the Media.  The LGBT community do not even make up 4% of the nation population, according to a 2015 Gallop Poll. It is not them who are being persecuted and discriminated against.  But it is those of the Christian faith community.  According to the popular Media, it is Christians, and those who believe in Judeo-Christian principles, who are in the minority.  Christians are having to publicly denounce, suppress, and or re-orchestrate views of their Christian faith like in no time in recent American history.  Similar to Peter’s rejection of his knowledge of the Christ.  In North Carolina, the legislature, in special session, had to pass a law, HB2, preventing counties and cities from transgenderizing public facilities. Basically stating that only males or female, as such as they were when they were born, can use such stated publicly funded bathrooms and changing facilities. In fact, there are nearly 21 States that have had to specifically right into law to protect Citizens from burdensome government intrusion regarding their free exercise of religion.  As though it is not already affirmed in their States’ Constitution, and that of the Federal Constitution as well.  But the abolishment of the open and free expression and exercise of Christianity is spreading throughout the former capitals of Christendom.  Even Ireland, with its huge population of proclaimed Catholics, had to capitulate from its long-held religious principles, and legalize same-sex marriage.

But why now in America?  Over the past 7 years the radical gay movement has spread like wild-fire over dry timbers in America. Can anyone recall prior to 2008 that there was any sound of injustice or rampant discrimination towards the LGBT community? Is it just because for the first time a sitting U.S President has publicly endorsed the LGBT lifestyle? Yes!  Interesting that Mr. O did that in his second term, not his first. Huumm!!  But as in most things political, there is an economic component.  Besides the political Progressive’s long desire to eradicate Christianity from public view that started with the abolishment of prayer from government schools and the Court’s ruling for the so-called “Separation of Church and State”, one would be foolish to ignore the huge windfall the government stands to receive by the government’s recognition of same-sex unions.  Members of the gay and lesbian community earn more than their heterosexual counterparts, according to a 2012 CNN-Money report.  Just in New York alone in a 2011 Bloomberg Business report stated, “New York may reap $310 million over the next three years from license fees, taxes, and tourism related to same-sex weddings.”  And that was before same-sex marriage was legalized nationwide.  And all of the extreme social unrest and disturbance with the mass propaganda surrounding the popularity and success of the gay rights movement works to achieve another aim of the political extreme left, that is to destabilize the nation to move us off our traditional values and customs associated with Christendom that has made us the marvel of the world.

But if further evidence of how the so-called today’s Gay Rights Movement has nothing to do with “rights” nor principles, particularly regarding the government’s actions, notice how little action or reaction is given by the government in its relations with nations who repress, suppress, or strictly forbid homosexual activity-such as China, Russia, and African/Mid-East nations.  The same big companies who demonstratively put up so much of a public show of indignation for States such as Georgia and North Carolina and threaten them with economic Armageddon, are eerily silent when it comes to their business relationships with nations with blatant anti-homosexual position. In dealing with nations who sentences homosexuals even to death, these same businesses act like the 3 monkeys – they hear nothing; they see nothing; & they say nothing. The big money brokers that are funding this chaos, such as the ACLU[American Civil Liberties Union] and the George Soros-funded Open Society Foundation, are not going to mess up their money like that. It’s not that serious to them.

Unlike during South African apartheid in the ’90’s when American companies, based on true principle, and public demand, abstained from doing business with the nation and the U.S government imposed sanctions; today in the case of the radical Gay Rights Movement it is not about principles, but strictly politics. The federal government and politicians didn’t have a come-to-Jesus moment some 8 years ago to realize that homosexuality should be equal to heterosexuality both politically and socially, or that they were being persecuted. The LGBT community is economically the envy of all but the that of the elderly.  And the extremist in the LGBT movement didn’t all of the sudden become Julia Roberts in “The Pretty Woman” who actually gets to marry the trillionaire [the government], with all of the perks and privileges.  It’s a marriage of convenience. It is to increase the coffers of a cash-strapped government, both local and national, and to cripple and greatly dilute Christianity’s influence in the American culture and society. Period!

At the end of the day, the silent majority decides what kind of nation we have.

The Political Rise Of Trump & Hillary; Evidence Of Severe National Political Degradation

Do you really want this man as President?

Do you really want this man as President?


Is this the face of a woman you want as President?

For those who are still holding out one last beep hail marry pass into the end zone in the third quarter of game in which the home team [our team] has been getting beat at the line of scrimmage, the receivers and running backs seemingly unable to keep their hands on the ball, and the refs apparently favoring the other team, things may be looking like someone has put in the fix against the home team, with the possible insertion of  Mr. Donald Trump as team captain.  Just as it looked as though the tide may have been getting ready to turn with the other team’s quarterback having to go the bench due to extreme fatigue, for throwing so many touchdowns and running through and around sloppy tackling and porous blocking.  The other team look to have two ringers set to come in who may be more dangerous.

I’ve got your attention?  These days sports and entertainment appears to be the only think that gets most of the populous attention.  But unlike in sports or entertainment when the outcomes do not matter for the majority of us, other the temporary emotional high or low, the outcome of the United States’ Presidential race this year will affect everyone in the nation, and world, for many years to come.  The possible choice between the lessor of two evils, or choices between two sides of the same coin, have never been so vulgarly apparent.  But, that may be what is most troubling.  The fact that it is not so apparent to seemingly so many of the Citizens of the United States and America.

Founder Father Thomas Jefferson once ominously stated,” Yes, we did produce a near-perfect republic. But will they keep it? Or will they, in the enjoyment of plenty, lose the memory of freedom? Material abundance without character is the path of destruction.”   In less than 300 years America has made more individuals wealthy than at any time known to man.  In less than 300 years America has been the shinny light on the hill illuminating darkness for all of us who are lost in the seas of tyranny, religious persecution, and of individual liberty persecution.  Leading us to safe harbor.  True, America’s history is not without one substantial flaw.  The flaw of giving individuals the freedom to chose whether to be free and self-governing or to be servants and slaves.  There are many Americans unsure on what team to champion.  Both teams have inflected great pain on us all.  It has taken less than 60 years for the very idea of rugged individualism, limit government, and self-governance, to be virtually erased from contemporary consciousness.  It has taken less than 60 years for the open expression of Christendom to be remove the class rooms and the public square.  And it has taken less than 60 years to have memory of what it took for all of the accomplishments that we as a nation have achieve, and the sacrifices.  We just want the apparent unsustainable pain to end. No matter the prescribed remedy.

So today, for the home team, there is the astounding rise of billionaire Donald Trump, with his hands inches from the mantle of the leadership of the Republican Party, once the pole-bearer of “limited-government”.  And riding the 100 foot wave of discontent of the people shouting the emotionally charged mantra of, “I’ll Make America Great Again!” His bombastic theatrics, gross self-aggrandizement, and exaggeration and blatant obfuscation of truth and facts should be more than a little concerning for considering someone for the Presidency of the United States. We just had nearly eight years of this. But it seems to matter little to the myrmidons that Mr. Trump’s character is such that I dare say that few men would want their daughters to go out with anyone of mirrored qualities. First, he publically states that he has never sought repentance, or ask his Creator for forgiveness.  So has he never ever treated anyone wrong on his rise to becoming one of the wealthiest men in America; growing up in New York City? Really? who or what governs his life’s principles and morals?  Who or what keeps his right or compass? Hmm… Listen to what extreme liberal, former Labor Secretary under the Bill Clinton Administration, Robert Reich had this to say regarding Mr. Trump on a Facebook rant against Republican Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz, Trump has no clear principled stance on anything…Trump has no firm principle, other than making money, getting attention, and getting power…Trump has spent his whole life using the federal government…” One is known by his reputation.

On the other side there’s the “wife” of the aforementioned former president Clinton, who had as part of his chosen Cabinet member extreme liberal Mr. Reich, Hillary Clinton, and unapologetic Socialist Berny Sanders.  I give much credit to Mr. Sanders.  He tells everyone who he is and what he stands for-Socialism.  As for Mrs. Clinton, not so much would be a gross understatement.  There is greater distance between the earth and Pluto then Mrs. Clinton and speaking the truth to that American people.  With no act more disgraceful than her out right lying about the cause and aftermath of the attack on the U.S Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, where 4 servicemen and an U.S Ambassador were murdered.  Not to mention that she is currently under serious F.B.I investigation for inappropriate and unlawful use of a private email server while she was U.S Secretary of State and lying about it.

Some would argue that just some 40 or even 20 years ago no person with the severe character, moral, and ethical deficiencies of the current political Party Presidential front-runners would not have gotten a sniff at being the back up to the back to the Valet of the assistant to the assistant to the Leader of the United States and would have been pelted with rotten tomatoes by the American people and Citizens of the United States just for general principle.  But not in today’s America.  Seemingly too many of us have gorged ourselves to gross gluttony on the prosperity and riches that our forefathers sacrificed their lives and cherished honor, that we no longer question character of men or women who are feeding us.  Is it due to the fact over the past 60 years of Progressive indoctrination has told us we no longer have to take care of ourselves, that our actions only have bad consequences due to someone else’s actions, and that government is the answer to all of our worries; it will save us?

Have we become so resigned to the padded chains of governmental paternalism, so displacing of our own God-giving abilities and capabilities, and suppressive of own innate moral compass, that despite what one may say or how many times that he or she may say they are going to act in one way in the future, doesn’t their past contradictory actions and motivations don’t cry out for more diligent examination?  Or is it that so long as we are told that our team is winning, we care not by what means, nor the consequences?

We have reached a point that as a nation social decorum, manners, civility, nor character matters for our neighbors nor ourselves. We celebrate such acts of degradation. So therefore, we do not seek higher standards in the people we vote into office. Neither Hillary nor Trump would be given any chance of becoming the President in normal times or times with a populous not so mentally disoriented, disenchanted, and detached from truth and reality.  We have come to a place that too many of us settle for the show, rather than substance, the beat over the words.  We have become grossly apathetic and complacent on things that matter and that are of material significance.

Sir Alex Fraser Tyler,1800’s advocate and historian prophetically stated, “The average age of the worlds greatest civilizations has been two hundred years.  These nations have progressed through this sequence:  From bondage to spiritual faith; from spiritual faith to great courage; form courage to liberty; from liberty to abundance; from abundance to selfishness; from selfishness to complacency; from complacency to apathy; from apathy to dependence; from dependence back again to bondage.”  How close are we now to placing placing ourselves in bondage? Can we tear ourselves from the purposeful distraction of sports and entertainment programing to began to care?  At the end of the day we chose what kind of country we have.