The unilaterally to disarm by surrendering their energy sovereignty and independence by governments of the U.S and Europe in the mad push to a “green” economy can only be seen suicide where the ultimate winner is Communist China


The election of Joe Biden as U.S President may forever be seen as the time that the United States forever turned from a path of make America great again to make America weak and infirm.

A New World Is Coming America. Are We Ready? We Had Better Be.

We are existing and living in a time in which stupid and ignorant is the new cool. Up is down and down is up.  Truth is on the moon and everyone seemingly acquiesces to this “new normal” and or is mute. 

You Will Be Assimilated: Who Is Watching Over the Children

I, like you, constantly see images of the celebration of the innocence of the child, images, and statements of the protection of the child on every form of media. Politicians love to run campaigns and vociferously boast of the protection of children and doing things that benefit children. But the actions and current that are running hot through the American culture, and that of the Western World, are the complete opposite.

Woke Disney

Disney’s frontal assault to remake America into Moloch’s cult playground finds stiff resistance. But, the cult’s rear assault continues.

Disney the once moral entertainment icon, founded by Mr. Walt Disney, who was a devoted American and Congregationalist Christian, is being used as a sacrificial lamb by the Cult of Moloch and the Spirit of the Age has been turned 365 degrees and totally counter to it’s initial purpose and Christian founding just as so many social institutions such as, Yale and Princeton Universities, the Boy Scouts of America, Walmart, etc..