Fundamental Transformation of America Is Complete!!!

I have heard that the greatest trick ever pulled off by the Devil was convincing the world he didn’t exist. A close second has to be getting a whole nation of young people, and many adults, who are living in the richest, most prosperous, and most blessed nation ever before created, that there is something that is not only better but that they would disregard all of the traditions and beliefs that were handed down by their foreparents and those who came before them to create the foundation to their prosperous existence.

Cries for a free Press

The government’s power to censor the press is alive and breathing today and the wall that was initially between the press and government, particularly in D.C., has been breached. And the press is no longer seeking to bare the secrets of the government for the benefit of the people, but to be accomplices for the government to betray the people.

Why Is It Important For Left To Have The American Negro To Look Back

Why Is It Important For the Left To Have The American Negro To Look Back

Being so blessed as to be an American, living here in this country where unlike any other on the planet each of us has been recognized to have the God-given right to be able to achieve any goal and aspiration imaginable, what is the benefit to be reminded of or dwell in past pains? Who benefits from the constant and repeated depiction [defined as a representation in image form, as in a painting or illustration] of the American Negro in negative conditions and situations may be the more important question.

5 Un & Under-Reported Stories of 2023: When you control the dissemination of information, you control the actions of the people.

The gaslighting and just outright lying and deception of the U.S government, with the enablement and complicity of the National News Media Complex, reached such extreme heights and mastery that Joseph Goebbels himself is blushing bright red. There is no longer any question of whether we have lost our nation, our republic, as our Founders intended for us to have. The fat lady is not only no longer singing, but she has left the stage, left the building, and is on a private plane to parts unknown.

The very groups that staunchly support the Democrat Party and this Administration [Americans and women] are the very ones most negatively impacted by it’s economic policies. This all goes to show, that if you can control the public debate and narrative, control the definition of words, and can make the lie truth, one can have you believe that pigs can indeed fly.