I am a lover of history and has never lost his curiosity of nor his fear of asking Why. My published article “What Happened To America’s Independence?” was published in the July 2010 Christian Voice Magazine and is the creator of the Project Third-Eye Opened online commentary news blog.

I love being an American and believes that it suffers truly from it’s people’s lack of knowledge of what truly makes America exceptional – it’s fundamental god-endowed principles recognized in the founding documents- and that there is a silent war to remove these principles from existence. I am a staunch believer that once one truly understands the true “why” of an event then there is only the question of how one is to best respond.

As one who is a public witness to the orchestrated denigration of America, the greatest nation in history. The only nation to be organically created and established for Man to be free ordained through the Creator with unalienable Rights, I have been stunned and saddened by which too many of us have been subject to the greatest con resulting in the relinquishing our cherished birthright. Thomas Jefferson once challenged us to challenge with boldness even the existence of God. I have never lost the urge to be boldly inquisitive.

I intend to shine light onto events that at first glance seems inconsequential and accidental, but something more consequential and sinisterly deliberate upon second glance. I wish too, if nothing else, encourage the readers to question with extreme boldness the motives and intent of those in the nation’s leadership positions, began conversations of matters of true importance and relevance, and reignite reverence for the principles of the organic Constitution for the united states of America and Divine Providence that has provided us unparalleled prosperity and the principles for which they stand. At the end of the day it is the people who will decide the destiny of the nation.