Obama’s Extremely Flaccid Reaction Towards Russia’s More Demonstrative Global Military Posture Is Not About Being Weak Regarding Russia, But Extreme Antipathy Regarding Americanism.

Russia’s most recent blatant show of military aggression in Europe and it’s global repositioning of itself as the new bull-of-the-woods, replacing the United States, and the seemingly timid and relative token response of the U.S Administration has befuddled and deeply concerned many observers – for good reason. But what I believe to be most concerning is the mis-intupretation of Mr. Obama’s far less than vigorous response to not just Russia’s recent overt military invasion of the former Soviet satellite country of Ukraine, but its growing aggressive posture towards U. S’s once unchallenged dominance globally, as being anything but fearful of Russian President Putin, or being out played by him, but somewhat in philosophical concurrence that America’s global dominance should end. As disturbing it is to say about someone in the seat of the Presidency of the United States, but honestly what other logical explanation can there be?

Can you imagine Kennedy or Reagan having such a conversation in such context?

Let’s first keep in mind that the orchestrated role of Russia being America’s arch nemesis is not new. A very good argument can be made that if not for the most opportuned transfers of American technology Russia, nor Communist China for that matter, would be even in the same area code as America in regards to technological or military dominance. One needs to look no further than as recent as the 1997 U.S House of Representatives Report on U.S. SUPERCOMPUTER EXPORT CONTROL POLICY and the 1999 U.S House of Representatives COX REPORT to understand that neither “former” Communist Russia nor Communist China just fell out of bed to become technological geniuses to challenge, if not over come America – they had help stamped by Uncle Sam. In most cases the generous hand was that of a jackass for a mascot.

But even if we were to lend a blind eye to the whispered remarks of Mr. Obama to, then Russian President, Dmitry Medvedev that may have in generations or so earlier been considered treasonous, or at least been seriously debated publicly in America, lets examine some of Mr. O’s more inexplicable military actions regarding Russia-U.S relations:

There are many things that a true leader of the most powerful nation could do such as, since we do have a greater abundance of natural gas than Russia, we could work to replace Russia as the main gas supplier to our Allies, just as FDR came to supply Great Briton against Nazi Germany’s blockade.  Mr. O could approve the Keystone Pipeline to make us more energy rich and independent and greatly grow domestic employment.  Mr. O could work to match Russia’s and Communist China’s military expansion and treat them more like Reagan did with Russia [unfriendlies] to remove all doubt that America and the United States of America is still the bull-of-the-woods. More importantly, Mr. O could put the nation on a true course to greatly reduce the government’s debt and become a export nation and solvent business destination, such as Germany.  And since Mr. O  is so fond of using Executive Orders to make law, he could do all of this with a stroke of his pen.  But, then we would not be talking about Mr. Barack Hussein Obama, would we?

Some have claimed that America’s fall is predestined. Maybe so. If the American people chose it, so it will be so.  But, no argument can be made that under this current regime the scales by which we as a nation have been sliding have been slapped with a drum of lard. The question is just how far will we fall before this regime is out of office and will there be any semblance of America to be recognizable or to be put back together in any relevant manner as a force for freedom?  Will Americanism die without notice in this generation and buried in an unmarked grave for future historians to unearth to wonder how could it happen to America, as they have Ancient Babylon, Rome, and the Aztecs?  Will the movie Obama 2016  go down as the most provocative and prophetic movie on a setting President?

Former U.S Ambassador to the U.N under the Reagan Administration, Jeane Kirkpatrick ironically posed the question at the 1984 Republican Convention, “What would become of Europe if the United States withdrew? What would become of Africa if Europe fell under Soviet domination? What would become of Europe if the Middle East came under Soviet control? What would become of Israel, if surrounded by Soviet client states? What would become of Asia if the Philippines or Japan fell under Soviet domination? What would become of Mexico if Central America became a Soviet satellite? What then could the United States do?”  We may soon find out.  Very soon.

What she didn’t contemplate too was a grossly ascending Red China along with Russia. Nor could she possibly imagine that it would be the U.S government itself bringing her nightmare to reality with the people of America sitting so silently as spectators seemingly hypnotized and paralyzed and the world stunned and saddened by a man who promised “fundamental change”. We may want to next time take more care in what we wish for, as well as be more vigilant in those who we grant such authority.  The choice is ours.

America, Where Is Your Outrage?!

On February 26 I read a disturbing report in the Washington Free Beacon, titled The Imperial Presidency. It was on the Congressional Hearing, “Enforcing the President’s Constitutional Duty to Faithfully Execute the Laws,” regarding the extremely troublesome overreach of Mr. Obama and his Executive Branch’s use of power with little regard or respect to the other branches of the constitutional federal government. I read of the testimony by Shapiro Professor of Public Interest Law at George Washington University Jonathan Turley saying, “that the expansion of executive power is happening so fast that America is at a “constitutional tipping point.” WOW!

Three things struck me regarding the article. One, was the title. I don’t know about you, but imperialism shouldn’t ever be a term so boldly used in reference to the President of the United States. Two, that such a renowned and learned professor at one of the nations best educational institutions, who himself is a self-omitted Democrat Party and Obama supporter, is, and has been, sounding the alarms regarding this man’s policy’s harmful effects on the nation. He voiced what many of us have been silently struggling with when he said – “What also alarms me, however, is that the two other branches appear not just simply passive, but inert in the face of this concentration of authority.” This nation has survived for some 200 plus years with the people able to enjoy our purported cherished freedoms and liberties due to the Constitutional Checks and Balances between the 3 Branches of government. But if a Branch(es) decide to not fight to check the others over-reach, there is no longer any balance. The submissive Branch(es) run the risk of becoming “superfluous.” And it is at the citizen’s freedoms peril. What’s most concerning for me, is the deafening silence from the Established Media on this testimony and the lack of any visible robust protest or outrage by the people of America.

But as I look over the nations landscape, even the most intellectually uninitiated person would agree that this nation is not heading in the right direction on so many fronts. And though an argument can be made that the tide has been turning against this nation for some time, little argument can be made that since Mr. O’s historic ascension to the Presidency the knots have been turned up extraordinarily. But yet, public apathy and silent acquiescence seems to reign over the consciousness of a majority of the American people.

Here are just a sample of other issues that seem to not be getting the serious attention and interest of the American people regarding the actions of the government of the United States under Mr. Obama:

Hey, but this all could just be a big coincidence or misunderstanding. Besides, Mr. Obama is the country’s first true African-American U.S President. So, all is good. Right? Don’t worry. What time is American Idol? When is the next NFL of sports event? Matters of politics are too burdensome for me to care.

There seems to be a great silent majority of Americans who instinctively are aware that there is something terribly wrong with the direction of the nation. My question is why are we silent? The minority amongst us seem to find energies to muster their agenda. Why not the majority? Is it fear of being mischaracterized or called names, via the Media’s propaganda? Martin Luther King, Jr. prophetically stated, Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

The great illusion that is perpetrated by the Progressives and enemies to all that America is and stands for, is that their kind of “change” is inevitable. That it is us [the majority] who must conform. It is only our [the majority’s] acceptance of their vision or version of change that makes it become reality. Silent government acquiescence, no matter what the reason or intent, only means agreement to the actions of the government, no matter how insignificant or grand, or benevolent or cold-hearted. As James Madison said, The citizens of the United States are responsible for the greatest trust ever confided to a political society. If justice, good faith, honor, gratitude and all the other qualities which ennoble the character of a nation and fulfill the ends of government be the fruits of our establishments, the cause of liberty will acquire a dignity and lustre, which it has never yet enjoyed, and an example will be set, which cannot but have the most favourable influence on the rights of Mankind. If on the other side, our governments should be unfortunately blotted with the reverse of these cardinal virtues, the great cause which we have engaged to vindicate, will be dishonored and betrayed; the last and fairest experiment in favor of the rights of human nature will be turned against them; and their patrons and friends exposed to be insulted and silenced by the votaries of tyranny and usurpation.”

Only you can decide.