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You Will Be Assimilated: Who Is Watching Over the Children

I, like you, constantly see images of the celebration of the innocence of the child, images, and statements of the protection of the child on every form of media. Politicians love to run campaigns and vociferously boast of the protection of children and doing things that benefit children. But the actions and current that are running hot through the American culture, and that of the Western World, are the complete opposite.
Woke Disney

Disney’s frontal assault to remake America into Moloch’s cult playground finds stiff resistance. But, the cult’s rear assault continues.

Disney the once moral entertainment icon, founded by Mr. Walt Disney, who was a devoted American and Congregationalist Christian, is being used as a sacrificial lamb by the Cult of Moloch and the Spirit of the Age has been turned 365 degrees and totally counter to it’s initial purpose and Christian founding just as so many social institutions such as, Yale and Princeton Universities, the Boy Scouts of America, Walmart, etc.. 
Republicanism still lives

America is Republican, if Republicans let it be.

s this a period of electoral masturbation that after the build up to the event, everyone relaxes because the pressure is released, the act is done, and then we go back to life as usual? Or will this be a true societal turning point away from crazed wokism and Progressive Liberalism and return to basic conservative values that have been for generations been the flag of the Republican Party?

Remember When Pasta was Spaghetti, Men were Men, & Right was Good?

No one nor nothing is protected or sacred in today's spiritually adrift America – not the elderly, the women, not even the very young, but particularly Truth.  This path is not socially sustainable for a nation whose existence is based on Biblical morality. 
Attack on the Bible and AmericaProject Third-Eye Opened

When is The Right Time To Stand For Right & Truth

Too many of us view these such events as a singular occurrence.  This prevents us from seeing how these events are not occurring in a vacuum at all, but are synchronized and coordinated events leading to a goal – the abolishment of both Christendom and America as the Christian shining star and example of God’s blessings and favor.
Acolytes and disciples of Marx live to destroy Americaproject third-eye opened

Karl Marx’s Disciples Are Winning

In the wake of the U.S Supreme Court fundamentally repealing the 1973 Roe v Wade, that in essence legalized the killing of children in the womb of the mother federally, will go a long way for national repentance. This issue has been returned to the States, as should have always been, where the matter will be examined more directly.  God saw David in the womb as a person in Psalm 139:16 and in Jeremiah 1:5.  But we just want to ignore that, right?  The followers of Marx has no relationship with the followers of God or the Christ other than as eternal enemies. 
The Minimization On The Black American Value Goes On As The Band Play Onproject third eye opened

The Minimization On The Black American Value Goes On As The Party Plays On

The black community has some serious issues there are not being addressed by the political creatures that it elects like myrmidons and no one seems to care that after some 60 years we don’t have anything to show for it to say that we are far better off economically and socially for the policies of the Democrat Party.
Republicanism still lives

ESG Will Test America’s Heart

If you were to look at what appears to be victories in battles over government schools wanting to literally take the position of the parent in the lives of the child and teach them that everything is based on “race”, through Critical Race Theory, and that there are more than two genders, that being a boy and a girl, and that you can choose what gender you want to be via transgenderism.  But the blows may have been a setup for the coup de gra by combining political correctness and cancel culture with a mega can of Red Bull with ESG - Environmental, Social, and Governance.

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