Is it just me who longs for the days and times when life in America was simpler?  When seemingly everyone knew who the bad and the good guys were.  We all identified with the battle between good and evil.  And we all generally understood and recognized that there were social lines that may be approached, but never crossed, i.e., a man beating a woman, being cruel to a dog, and abusing children. And no matter how intensely we may differ ideologically, the one thing that we all culturally could agree on is what is a boy and what is a girl.  These days, most of what were once solid undeniable cultural and societal truths have been reconstructed and dismanteled.  Just as Plato said once, “Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught falsehoods in school. And the person that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and fool.”

Orwellianism lives

We are existing and living in a time in America that the Founders must have feared.  We have plunged into an Orwellian period with word and reality manipulation and reconstruction is being dispensed by the government and its agents like girls numbers at a singles convention. Political complex display masterful skills of doublespeak and inject doublethink/newspeak into our society near constantly herding us into groupthink to better control and manipulate the masses. Today truth has become unrecognizable, particularly to the young.  Fiction has become reality. And the tried and tested norms of our parents and grandparents have been arbitrarily cast aside for the unknown, empty promises, and failed ideas.  But with so many of us being historically ignorant and mis-educated, we lack the instinct to be alarmed by the drastically changing environment.  We are panic, anxious, unnerved, and are more willing to go in directions and make choices that will lead us further down the rabbit hole.

Longing for nostalgia

During the summer Forbes reported that 88% of Americans admit that our nation is on the wrong track.  The question is, what are the 88% willing to do about it? I believe that the vast majority of us recognize that things have drastically changed negatively in the country, particularly of the past 20 yrs, especially of the past 7 years. Everyday is seemingly filled with drama, fear, anxiety, violence, and uncertainty.  I can remember there was always a summer dance song that became the theme of the summer.  It made people feel good, particularly the young.  Today, not only can I not remember the last time there was a feel-good summer song, but most music that I hear being played in crowded stadiums, commercials, and where most people congregate are not of current music or artist, but nostalgic songs by artist mostly 20 plus years ago.  This takes me back to one my favorite quotes from the movie the Matrix Resurrections, “Nothing comforts anxiety like a little nostalgia”.  What happened to the music and artist of today? In a recent Pollstar ranking of the top global concert tours, out of the top 10, there is only one that is not from the 1990s or earlier, Latin rapper Bad Bunny.  I constantly hear the phrase of “back in the day” or “ol school” regarding everything from music to television to child-rasing to social civility, and they are all consciously and subconsciously referring to the denigration of our nation’s overall social environment.  I can remember watching tv shows like Buck Rodgers and the Jetsons, with the wiz kid Elroy, about how life was to be in the future.  We ain’t even close.  In fact, we are going in reverse.

We have arrived at a time in our once great nation that a former President of the U.S, and his family, of just the last term, can be publically harassed, have his public home raided by the opposition Party of the current President, and threatened repeatedly without due process that each of us would demand and expect. And due to a very successful propaganda of the morally destitute National Corporate Media Complex, the majority of the populace is silent. Are we now to except and be apathetic to our government acting like those in third-world countries, where the political party in power gets to openly go after, punish, and silence their political opposition, and supporters, with impunity?

Redefining what “is” is

The long standing of what is marriage and the very definition of what is a boy and a girl is not subject to debate and legislative interpretation.  The government schools K-12 have jettisoned the duty of teaching the nation’s youth about reading, writing, arithmetic, and history, and replaced it with the teaching one’s skin color or ethnicity is the reason for their negative lot or position in life, or due to the actions of unknown individuals some 100’s of years ago, via Critical Race Theory. Or the teachers union has gone all in on another even more socially corrosive agenda, in distorting what is a boy and what is a girl, via transgenderism and openly exposing the very young to grown men dressed up as women in pageantry events or in actually reading to the very young and impressionable minds, and driving a wedge between the child and the parent (s). The very idea of right and wrong and social/moral non-negotiables have been grossly mitigated to be bound by simply what one thinks or believes right is at the moment or what is popular.

No one nor nothing is protected or sacred in today’s spiritually adrift America – not the elderly, not the women, not even the very young, but particularly not the Truth.  This path is not socially sustainable for a nation whose existence is based on Biblical morality.  At the end of the day, it will be the American people who will decide whether Truth will be crucified in the public square, surrender even the undeniable biological fact of what is a boy and what is a girl. And it will be us who decides whether America will be a nation of self-governed individuals or of walking shells and ghosts of our forefathers and what we could have become.

The masses never revolt of their own accord, and they never revolt merely because they are oppressed. Indeed, so long as they are not permitted to have standards of comparison, they never even become aware that they are oppressed.” – George Orwell