Woke Disney

In a recent article on gamespot.com regarding Disney’s latest animation movie bomb “Strange World,” it stated, “the animated film Strange World, was a box office ‘disappointment’ and could lose $100 million during its theatrical run.”  A disappointment?!  Only in the world of the Progressive Left and the Cult of Moloch could refer to the loss of $100 MILLION as a disappointment, as though its like one expecting to have buttered pancakes with maple syrup for breakfast, but instead you are presented with a glass of lemon water.  They should expect more disappointment with a likely loss of more than $200 Million.  But hey, it’s all about the end goal. Right?  Everything else is collateral damage – the psychological ruination of generations of American youth and the demoralization of the culture to destroy America as we know it is the ultimate objective.

Walt’s Dream Comes Nightmare

Disney the once moral entertainment icon, founded by Mr. Walt Disney, who was a devoted American and Congregationalist Christian, is being used as a sacrificial lamb by the Cult of Moloch and the Spirit of the Age has been turned 365 degrees and totally counter to it’s initial purpose and Christian founding just as so many social institutions such as, Yale and Princeton Universities, the Boy Scouts of America, Walmart, etc..  Let’s look at this in the proper context.  On March 5th of this year, Walt Disney’s stock [DIS] was trading at 203.02.  On December 1st it closed at 98.59. Breitbart.com reported in May that Disney had already lost a whopping $63 MILLION in market capitalization.  In any other generation in America, there would be shareholders jumping out of windows or at least strongly demanding an immediate reversal of course from the suicidal one that has apparently brought them to this point.  But, this is a spiritual battle.  A battle between good and evil.  A battle between darkness and light. Hell has been emptied up on the one nation that had stood for over 240 years boldly and unapologetically on the tenets and principles of the Christian God.  The battle is on. Even though seemingly much of the American populace is asleep to the significance of the battery of social change that is occurring.

The people’s silent acquiescence…

The American people have expressed great discomfort and repulsiveness and rejected the agenda of the Cult of Moloch to impress its version of society that boys can be girls, grown men should have unfettered access to young boys and girls, etc., when it is placed into the homes and venues of entertainment, such as movie theaters and on TV.  But then there is the confusing attitude of many Americans that a recent Marist poll reveals of the State of Faith in America that just 40% of American adults attend church at least once or twice a week. Men are dressing up as women and openly having access to our youths in government schools and at Drag Queen “family” events.  Our youths are becoming more and more sexualized by being purposefully exposed to sexually graphic material in government schools and institutions, as well as in the general public unlike at any time before. And there is no noticeable vociferous protest by parents nor adults.

The silent acquiescence of the general populace is more apparent when one looks at what is happening in the political arena. For the first time in America’s history, there is a biological man who represents himself as a woman serving as Assistant Health and Human Services Secretary of the United States, Dr. Rachel Levine, a transgender woman, was born Richard Levine.  Now just say that to yourself over again and say that you don’t see the irony.  Couple that with may be the crowning achievement of the Spirit of the Age, the Cult of Moloch, and their acolytes, the government of the U.S is set to make the union of man and man, woman and woman, and any and everything that a human may want to enjoin and be referred to as a “marriage” the law of the Land. And there is little or scant expressed reservation or opposition to any of this conversion, most noticeably from the churches.

The new norm?

So the slow and deliberate normalization of not necessarily those of us who are “Boomers” or “Millennials”, but those certainly that have come after us, the social deviancy, secularism, A-moralism, and just outright rejection of Biblical tenets and principles that has led us to be the shiny house on the hill for the world for over 240 years. Too many falsely believe that the demoralization of the culture and the ripples of the hoard of Moloch won’t reach their door and seep into their home. Too many of us have chosen to look towards another Man for their life’s answers, away from our Creator.  There will be a consequence. If those of us who know better, or should, choose to set silent, we are making a choice that we will wake up one day and deeply apologize to our children for handing down to them a nation that was once great … and beg for their forgiveness.