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On the 11th of this month the Boy Scouts of America made an announcement that, arguably could have been equated to “The shot that was heard around the world”, that it would begin admitting girls into the Club.  This announcement can only be trumped by it’s announcement of allowing openly homosexual men to join in 2013; and their admission of transgenders in January of this year.  You recognize that the Girl Scouts aren’t following suit.  Huumm…  As a former Scout myself these announcements were definitely WTF! moments.  And leads me to ask is there anything left that men and boys can do as men and boys anymore?  Is there anything that today’s society will grant as solely the dominion for men or for boys growing into men?

The “man cave” or the “all men’s club” have been turned into sexiest words of war.  Even the slightest exhibition of aggression or masculine expression in a young male in government schools is responded with medically suppressing the young male’s natural energies.  Childhood games that I grew up with such as, cowboys and Indians, cops and robbers, dodge ball, and tag, have been virtually banished from the nation’s landscape due to the rules of Political Correctness as “too violent”, “offensive”, or “unfair” to those unable to run as fast as the others, or some other social construct that attempts to reorchestrate and homogenize nature.  The attack on masculinity in today’s America perpetrated by the Political Progressives is constant and unapologetically merciless as it attacks men, no matter the age, just for being men, under the guise of “fairness”, “diversity”, and “gender-equality”.  And it uses the bludgeoning hammer of the government and politically correct-inspired corporate policies to achieve it’s goals. Remember that a Google head engineer got fired and was called everything but a child of God by the Establishment Media for daring to illustrate that men and women are genetically different. And therefore are generally driven by different interests, impulses, and ambitions, and may function differently in certain environments due to the fact that simply men are men and women are women.  We are wired differently.  We are created differently for different roles and functions. We are different, not equal.  To seriously expect women and men to act the same and be treated equally is to expect lions and lioness to act the same and to be treated as equals.  Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas understands what the proper role of government as it relates to “equality” as he has said, “Government cannot make us equal; it can only recognize, respect, and protect us as equal before the law.”

So why is it that Progressives still want to forcibly impose this notion of equality, particularly as it relates to gender?  The answer is that the masculine ego is paramount to the ideal of freedom – freedom as a nation, freedom as an individual.  Absent the masculine ego, one is less likely to seek to be self-reliant, do for himself, less likely defend himself, and less likely to hold his individual freedoms over that of the collective or community.  He is more likely to seek the nipple and bosom of the government for his very existence and well-being, disinterested in using his God-giving ability to do the most for himself.

The suppression of the masculinity of the male of this nation is doing possibly irreparable harm to the nation’s masculine ego.  The masculine ego has distinct characteristics, as opposed generally to that of the feminine ego; strength, aggressiveness, cold and direct, assertive, stringently self-confident, will look to defend and protect his and himself above all else, and holds personal security supreme.  To remove those characteristics from a man, by definition makes him a female, by whatever degree.  Remove those characteristics from the most masculine nation on the planet, America, as it was intended, makes it feminine. Remove the masculine ego from America, you remove the traditional ideal of our foundation – individual freedom and independence.

A very good argument can be made that the attack on the nation’s masculine ego began with the removal of the one reference book that told in detail the blue print of a functional society and roles of each member of the society, the man, the woman, and the child, the Bible, from the schools in the early 1960’s. And slowly the Bible has been banished from the public square.  It has been through the government educational system, the judicial system, and certainly here lately the entertainment industry, that has been the tool of choice used by the Political Progressives to pump their intuitively repugnant ideology of redesigned nature into the veins of the traditionally masculine American society. America’s masculine ego has made this nation the marvel of the world in less than 300 years.

The capitulation of the American Boy Scouts to totally jettison it’s traditional identity as the refuge and place of solitude for young men to learn how to become men is just the latest and most publicized evidence of the war on America’s masculine identity.  There is a concertive effort  to minimize the importance of being the best or being number one. It lessens the aggressive tendencies inherent with those driving to achieve.  More K-12 government schools are instilling the notion that everyone should get a trophy.  More public schools are no longer celebrating the Valedictorian or the celebration of the best individuals in their graduating class for fear of offending those less academically inspired.  Our younger generation is being instilled with the notion that everyone should get a trophy just for participating. No one’s feelings get injured. With the explosion of the extreme LGBT [Lesbian, Gay, Bi, and Transgender] Rights movement over the past 5 years the youth no longer recognize the natural boundaries and differences of genders.  Even universities, a place that is supposed to be carved out for “higher learning”, have begun instituting courses on how to deconstruct “toxic masculinities”.  These such events viewed in isolation may appear to be inconsequential and harmless.  But when looked upon like a chess board from above, you can see that these events are intentional, deliberate, and have significant consequences for America’s posterity.

The feminine ego is as important to society as the masculine ego. They each have a crucial role to play in the society.  It goes far beyond the physical presentation of the man and woman.  The removal of the masculine ego in particular is the removal of the essence of the American male, his rugged individualistic identity, his need to be strong, his need to be the head of his household or to lead, to fervently defend his home or his beliefs, and to aggressively seek to achieve and to be successful.  This is the identity of the American male.  So too is it the identity of America.

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