The “Choice” Of Trump Or Hillary Exemplifies America’s Moral Decay.

One of my favorite quotes regarding America is by Alexis de Tocqueville, America is great because America is good. If America ever ceases to be good it will cease to be great.  I have to keep in mind that he did not say that America was perfect. Cause it was, and is not. But I do believe in his reference to America being good he meant morally. Though we are not perfect people, we have always sought to be a moral people. Every American and U.S President sought to exhibit strong moral character. From Washington to at least G.W Bush a strong moral code was a dominant part of their character, posture, and persona. And so too as Tocqueville prophetically stated, In the end, the state of the Union comes down to the character of the people”.  The government is a direct reflection of the governed in America.

The last two U.S presidential elections the American people and Citizens of the U.S chose a virtual unknown persona who promised “hope and change” and to “fundamentally transform” America. And true to his word, America has undergone the most dramatic social and moral transformation that anyone could have possibly imagined could have been achieved in such a short span of time.  The open expression of Christendom has been blatantly and virtually made vulgar and repulsive by the current U.S Administration from the military, through the religious-based businesses, to the government schools’ bathrooms.  All of the while there has been deliberate silence from the majority of American people. The measures that have been imposed upon the American people by the U.S government such as, redefining “marriage” to include same sex people, the forced inclusion of contraception pills in medical benefits of private businesses, and the liberation of transgender individuals into gender specific bathrooms would have been strongly and demonstratively rebuffed by the American people of some 40 years ago.  Today, too many Americans praise the Lord on Sunday and consciously deny and or ignore His tenets during the rest of the week.  For a nation that was purposefully established on Judeo-Christian principles one would not know that looking at was happening on its streets today.

So the U.S voters find themselves today faced with choosing one of the two presumptive winners of the dominant political Parties, Democrat and Republican, who are both amoralist, whose principles are on the moon, and have exhibited little or no bounds of conscious in order to get what they wanted.  And who would be better suited for a drama TV show than the Presidency of the United States. Neither holds the Constitution as anything more than a minor nuisance.

In the presumptive Republican nominee, Donald Trump, we have someone who openly stated that he has NEVER saw a need to ask for forgiveness, i.e., to repent.  Even though just a passive view of his past shows instances when he has attempted to have an old lady evicted from her home, in order to build a car garage.  He has gone to Ireland to attempt to have people removed from their homes by force, so that he could build a golf course. So long as there can be a dollar made, he sees nothing wrong in his actions, even if it’s via the police powers of the government.  It has been exhibited during his run for the Office his propensity to stretch the truth would make Pinocchio blush.  And his grotesque narcissistic personality leaves little room for humility nor grace– as though this nation hasn’t had enough of this type of person these past 7 years.

And as for the presumptive Democrat nominee, Hillary Clinton, from the start of her political existence she has left a trail of torched Commandments, in particular the one referring to baring false witness.  Truth can be no greater stranger to this lady if it were never created such a word.  Mrs. Clinton blatantly lied to the U.S Senate regarding the whereabouts of the Rose Law Firm’s documents during the 1996 Whitewater investigation  She lied to the parents and family members of those slain during an attack on the U.S Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, as well as to the American people, when she perpetrated the fraudulent tale of the assault and unrest throughout the Mid-East during that time was all due to an obscure video on You-Tube – as though people in the Mid-East set around watching You-Tube all day. And let’s not forget that she is currently under investigation for lying about having a private email server while she was the nation’s Secretary of State.  If she were to become the president, she would be the first to be under federal investigation as she takes to the oath to faithfully enforce the laws of the nation.  But hey, what truly matters is that my guy or gal wins.  Right?

Back in 2011, the New York Times had an opinion article, If It Feels Right. It referred to a ’08 study of some 240 youths, between 18-24 y/o, 2 out of 3 could not describe a moral dilemma. And outside of extreme cases of murder and rape, the youths had no concept of morality.  These are the people who are driving the political and social movement today.  And with scant push back by those 40 y/o and up along with those grounded in social and moral absolutism that is more identifiable to the founding principles of this great nation the future for us remaining free and prosperous is very bleak.

Lets not blame the politicians for being who and what they are.  The magnifying glass needs to be aimed at those who put them into office and allow them to behave without bounds.  When one sees a child utterly misbehaving and ill-mannered you don’t necessarily solely condemn the child without also looking at the parents.  Thomas Jefferson’s prophetic plea for us to be eternally vigilant over the government has been long dispatched to the waste can.  Too many Americans can better recite the members of the Championship Chicago Bulls Basketball Team than can name 6 Founding Fathers.  So today we have politicians and those seeking the highest public office in the nation openingly demonstrating severe absence of moral integrity and ethical restraints with impunity.  This can only be the result of a voting populous, and the society as a whole, whose moral integrity have been greatly compromised.

I do not mean to imply the nation’s moral decay started in 2008.  But the moral decay certainly produced it’s outcome. History tell us that there is a life cycle for empires. America’s age of moral decline can be measured by the decline in religious affiliation, particularly amongst the nation’s youth and those under 40 y/o.  According to a Pew Research Study, since 2007 those who describe themselves as not belonging to any religious philosophy[the unaffiliated] has jumped to nearly 20%.  Over 80% of them are not seeking religious guidance. Nearly 50% of the “unaffiliated” are under the age of 40.  What maybe most interesting, more of the “unaffiliated” lean heavily democrat.  The disconnection from religion has been growing since the 1970’s, but has accelerated in recent years.  If the people of America become amoral, how can we be expected to care if those who are elected seek Devine guidance? And if the people rejects the tenets of the Judeo-Christian principles that have made the nation the shinning light on the hill for the world, how can we be expected to remain such? We cannot. As Tocqueville realized, “I sought for the greatness and genius of America in her commodious harbors, her ample rivers, and it was not there. I sought for it in the fertile fields, and boundless prairies, and it was not there. I sought it in her rich mines, and vast world commerce, and it was not there. Not until I went into the churches of America and heard her pulpits aflame with righteousness did I understand the secret of her genius and power.”

At the end, it is we the people who choses if America shall be good.

A President Gone Rouge: Where’s The Outcry?

obama smug

The late U.S President Richard Nixon famously stated, “When the President does it, that means that it’s not illegal.” He was later removed from office by the people.

But my, my, my, my, my, how times have changed. And not for the better. Today the American people are faced with Nixon reincarnated on steroids and a complicit Congress that is seemingly more interested in being politically correct than constitutionally correct.

The nation is faced with an invasion of immigrants unlike in any other time deliberately instigated and enabled by the Chief Executive of the United States. Unwilling, or unable, to make his case to the American people why the nation needs to allow more immigrants, particularly those low skilled from south of the border, how the nation can financially afford the influx of such numbers, or explain how the nation could best assimilate such an influx of immigrants into our society at a time of unprecedented economic and employment troubles; Mr. Obama instead creates law at his desk, via Executive Orders.

From the moment Mr. Obama was placed into the Office he has  sought to move heaven and earth to impose his vision of America on America, by any means necessary.  Many of his actions have not just been on the line of legality, but totally over it.  His most blatant acts of lawful defiance and indifference has been his championing of Latin immigrants who seek to come and stay in the country “undocumented”; even at the expense of the nations domestic laws and social tranquility. Though there has been Presidents such as Teddy Roosevelt who have used their power of the pen to impose their interpretation of a law passed by the Congress, never has the one charged to enforce the laws of the land so blatantly chosen to ignore written laws, and write executive law and regulations unilaterally without care or consideration of the Branch that’s actually empowered to make law, i.e., the Congress.  Coupled with the curious fact there doesn’t seem to any true opposition to his power grab is even more problematic. Mr. O seems to be totally unconcerned about the negative effects that his actions will have on the nation. Or is this his intent?.

What makes Obama’s actions even more bizarre, is that to hear him speak of his having to ignore the Congress to get his policies enacted to the American people, the fact that the Congress will not blindly go along with his wants, he believes that we should be greatfull that he is working outside of the laws of the country.  Lets remember that Mr. O views the Constitution as “a Charter of Negative Liberties“.  It’s too restrictive on the powers of government.  If the head the Executive Branch believes that the laws of the nation are to be adhered to only when it’s convenient, how is the average citizen or the youngest amongst us to view laws or those in authority? And should we rest comfortably thinking that this precedent won’t be followed by future presidents to a even more greater degree?

The fundamental question we the people of America should be asking is, Whether we are to be ruled by a king or governed by a duly elected Legislature in concert with the Executive and Judicial Branches in accordance with the Constitution? Founder Alexander Hamilton discussed the king vs president comparison and how laws are to be properly enacted in the Federalist Papers #69 by saying, “The President of the United States is to have power to return a bill, which shall have passed the two branches of the legislature, for reconsideration; and the bill so returned is to become a law, if, upon that reconsideration, it be approved by two thirds of both houses. The king of Great Britain, on his part, has an absolute negative upon the acts of the two houses of Parliament. The disuse of that power for a considerable time past does not affect the reality of its existence; and is to be ascribed wholly to the crown’s having found the means of substituting influence to authority, or the art of gaining a majority in one or the other of the two houses, to the necessity of exerting a prerogative which could seldom be exerted without hazarding some degree of national agitation.” I would say that we are pretty agitated. Wouldn’t you? If we want a president who totally ignores the voices of the people via their representatives because they wont act as his wants, than it is a king that we truly want.  The powers of the Executive, as well as the government as a whole, were to be finite, defined, and limited, to ensure the liberties of the people and the tranquility and prosperity of the nation.

The desire of big business and government to import cheap labor in mass to the detriment of abled-bodied domestic labor is not new, as reported by Roy Beck in We have today a government working against the betterment of the nation seemingly with impunity.  We today have one of the lowest labor participation rates in our nations history and a federal debt that is so negative it is going to be born by our posterity for generations.  We have a gross deficiency in moral governance and a evolving cancerous societal culture that denigrates the value of having a high ethical code.  That of hard work in particular.  We do not have a domestic labor shortage, despite the constantly repeated political mantra.  If that were the case wages would not be stagnant or declining as they are. How is flooding the nation with more low-skilled immigrants who many seeks to take even more from our coffers that we do not actually have going make us as a nation more prosperous?  How does imposing laws in one way for the benefit of one group of people and in a different way, or not at all,  for another make us more just? More united?

What is vastly different today is the grotesque level of Saul Alinsky-like techniques of word manipulation, deception, and dishonesty presented by Mr. Obama and the lack of resolute moral governance by the people’s representatives. A unrestrained government, one that sees no bounds to its authority, that deliberately tramples on the line between legal and illegal at the expense of the will of the governed, is by definition a tyrannical government.  But, we the people have to posses a definitive moral constitution for those who represent us to.  We have to be knowledgable of the of the proper role, authority, and function of government.  We have to be informed and engaged on political matters and the actions of the government. If we have a president who acts illegally, a government that chooses not to govern, but rule, or have laws made that are unlawful, it is up to each of us to check him or them.  At the end of the day our silence is our quiescence.