Again Obama Stands Above The Heads of the American People And Tells Us That It’s Raining: U.S Again Wants To Send America’s Sons and Daughters To Die For A Cause That Is Not Ours & Lies

With all of the dust that is being kicked up in the nation’s capital over whether or not the government of the United States should get the children of America involved militarily again in another Arab nation, Syria, supposedly to save the lives of the children and the innocent there, someone should be asking WHY we should do so with our innocent ones. And to actually hear the truth from the Commander-in-Chief would be refreshing too.

If there was ever a call to arms that stinks to high heaven and begs the question W.T.F?! this is it. Mr. O and many in Congress seem to have an extreme hard-on for picking another fight with a sovereign nation in the Middle East that was not done anything threatening to us. At the same time wanting us, and the world, to believe that it is all about the warm and fuzzy, humanitarianism, or because they supposedly said or did something that the whole world should want to fight and kill them for. Shouldn’t we at least act like this isn’t a video game where no one dies and situations can turn VERY badly?

130809_obama_side_ap_605No matter how much Mr. O and his Administration stomps their feet screaming that Syria used gas on the armed rebels in its war, within its country, and that this compels the U.S government to risk it’s credibility, moral integrity, and the lives of thousands of Americans, not to mention the cost to the nation’s already unprecedented insolvency, there are just some glaring issues that should make even the most passive viewer to say, wait just one minute! There is something in this milk that ain’t clean, like:

  • The Administration seems to be extremely convinced that: 1) that it was only the Syrian government who could have used gas in the conflict against the al-Qaida-led rebels, and 2) that a al-Qaida-led rebel-led Syria would be better for our nation’s interest and security in the region than what we have now. If that is true, then why aren’t our stanchest European or Arab allies willing to stand strong and openly with us, as they did to invade Iraq…TWICE? And if the Administration was speaking the truth how can Russian leader Putin get away with calling U.S Secretary a blatant liar over his claims to validate striking Syria without any strong rebuttal or evidence to the contrary from anyone in the Administration? And never mind the fact that there is more evidence that the al-Quadia-led rebels used the gas than that which says that the Syrian government forces did.
  • Why is the Administration so eager to leave another power vacuum in Syria as it did in Egypt and Libya that may very well leave space again for Islamic extremist such as al-Quadia and the Muslim Brotherhood?

  • Why is the Administration not mentioning the atrocities of the al-Quadia-led Syrian rebels as they kill not only Syrian soldiers but slaughter Christians mercilessly? Reminiscent of what the Brotherhood has done in Egypt since coming to power as Mr. O stays deafly silent.

  • Isn’t this government supposed to be at war with al-Quadia?

  • As the Administration starts barking a new excuse to justify it’s very shaky position by claiming that the Syrian government has violated the Geneva Convention Treaty in it’s supposed us of gas, but the Treaty mainly prohibits the use of gas against another nation. Also, if he’s referring to the ’93 Chemical Weapons Convention, Syria is not a party to that Treaty. Are we to believe that Mr. O doesn’t know this? Interestingly, Israel has never ratified the C.W.C Treaty neither. Hmm!

  • And I have always have said that every war has an over-riding component involving money or economics – whether it is land, gold or wealth, or natural resources. Sure enough The Centre for Research on Globalization reports that Syria not only is prime real estate for a gas pipeline route for either Russia and or Europe/America, but that it has a massive gas field. Why is this not being spoken aloud by anyone or the Media?

  • Not to mention the basic question, why cant the Administration honestly tell us what is the Constitutionally supported Syrian offense?

From the start of Mr. O’s reign he has had a seriously strained relationship with the truth when it comes to speaking the American people and exhibiting high ethical character. But, it has been up until now quiet and running below the surface to all but the intellectually uninitiated. But now it is on full display for all to see. It is the credibility of the United States and the American people that is threatened to be gravely stained long after Mr. O is no longer occupying the seat of the Presidency. As what maybe the true motive. The only question is whether or not history will tell the story of America’s fall as the unquestioned leader of the free world come due to being manipulated into a civil war in a desert country that few Americans can pick out on a map, for no real interest or purpose, lied to by those intrusted with our nation’s son’s and daughter’s and to represent the American people with the highest of integrity, that led to a world war, while the majority of Americans slept silently?[polldaddy poll=7377966]

The Benghazi Tragedy Is An Unprecedented Tragedy Of The Lost Of U.S Credibility and Governmental Vigilance of the American People

This past week the United States House of Representatives held what can only be described as the most comprehensive and damaging view of not so much as to what was said as to what happen on September 11, 2012, but what didn’t.  Not so much as how on one side, the Republicans, were seriously attempting to bring to light why four Americans died while the U.S government stood by and then went for months producing and presenting a blatant lie of a “spontaneous” protest was all due to some unknown You Tube video by a lessor known American film maker. And on the other side, the Democrats, doing their best to divert focus totally on a supposed lack of budgetary funds.  But, what maybe the more damaging is the nearly deafening silence from most of the Establishment Media and that of the American people, at least until recently.

I can remember during the Water Gate Congressional Hearings there was nearly wall to wall coverage by all three national news broadcasters, ABC, NBC, and CBS.  During the Iran Contra Congressional Hearings there was big news coverage.  Even the O.J Simpson murder trial got extreme news coverage.  But during a hearing to clearly examine why Americans were left to die in the most gruesome manner, in a country that the U.S government supposedly just freed from the Devil reincarnated, and who gave the stand down order to the military to not come those American’s aide, and why was there such an extravagant cover up and act of deception and manipulation enacted by the  Administration for more that 2 months that included the passionate false proclamation by the President of the U.S standing before the world at the United Nations, even Fox News turned away their broadcasting of the hearing to broadcast a verdict of some lady in Colorado who was charged with killing her boyfriend.  Really?.

What these latest Hearing exposed is that the Administration deliberately put into effect a mass production to cover up the real story behind the tragedy as reported even by liberal news agencies such as, ABC News and the NY Times, there was a Stand Down ordered to prevent area U.S military resources to come to the aid of the besieged Consulate in Libya by someone at the very top of the military chain of command. There was no protest outside of the Consulate that led to the attack as fervently proposed by Mr. O and his Administration.  And even more concerning is that a recent poll shows that only 46% of American’s believe that there is a cover-up.   Maybe if this was a story on TMZ about some big entertainment mogul wanting to put all reality and talent contest shows on pay TV it might get more attention of the American people.  But, it being just a story of the President of the U.S treating the American people like hogs and feeding us slope its a non-story.

There used to be a time in America the morality and character was held as a litmus test for not just who one’s daughter would marry, but who should be elected to office, and even who should vote.  But, today leaders have shown a huge streak of contempt for moral integrity.  There has been a concerted effort and agenda to remove any degree of moral absolutes not only in the interaction of citizen to citizen, but more importantly citizen to government.  Too many of us have lost the willingness to boldly question the actions of the government.The actions of the government are no longer viewed with any high moral expectations or through the context of right and wrong, but whose team is the politician on, Democrat or Republican, conservative or liberal.  Coupled with the fact that more Americans are getting their view of the world via the Entertainment Establishment. So whatever the Establishment media tells them is virtually gospel.  According to a recent Pew Research Study that states 52 % of the respondents look for sports news and 47 % look for entertainment or celebrity news for information. And 78% of respondents stated that they watch local news and 73% saying that they get their new from one of the national network – ABC, CBS, OR NBC – or cable news channel – CNN, Fox News or MSNBC.   So as a result, to many of the American populace, if it is not said by an entertainer, athlete, or a member of the Establishment Media, it’s not happening or it’s not relevant.    Just let me get back to eating from the trough.

What may be the most overlooked aspect or consequence of a government that so blatantly works to deceive and manipulate its own people, is how it causes other nations to more pointy question the intentions and motives of it in their relationships and dealings. 

In the past examples with Water Gate, Nixon resigned, and as for the Iran Contra issue, Reagan apologized to the American people for his error.  But for this tragedy that caused the lives of four Americans the sacking of a U.S Consulate, and the nation’s credibility, Mr. Obama chooses to brazenly and arrogantly lie to the face of the American people and the world.  Today, as a nation, the U.S is more hated and mistrusted then respected by members of the world, even some countries who use to be friends for years.  Can you blame them?  As President of the U.S, Mr. O is the sole international representative of the American people. If this is the one obvious untruths and act of deception that has been exposed, how many others have not that may have not been so obvious?  Even after Mr. O is gone from the seat of the Presidency the stain of his vacant character and ethics will leave an imperishable scare on the this nation that may not so quickly go away.

But, at day’s end history will once again bear witness to how the people of
America abandoned the cherished covenant of liberty and freedom which comes from self-governance to embrace government dependency and let loose the government chains of which is the one true threat to our freedoms. Daniel Webster prophetically stated,
I apprehend no danger to our country from a foreign foe … Our destruction, should it come at all, will be from another quarter. — From the inattention of the people to the concerns of their government, from their carelessness and negligence, I must confess that I do apprehend some danger. I fear that they may place too implicit a confidence in their public servants, and fail properly to scrutinize their conduct; that in this way they may be made the dupes of designing men, and become the instruments of their own undoing…”

If the government of the United States has lost its way morally, than so to have the American people.   By being the creators of the government, it can only behave as we wish.  America’s vacantness of right and wrong must be retained if America is be the special and respected nation that generations before inherited.

What Are The Consequences When No One Trust the President’s Words

Confucius said, “If language is not correct, then what is said is not what is meant; if what is said is not what is meant, then what must be done remains undone; if this remains undone, morals and art will deteriorate; if justice goes astray, the people will stand about in helpless confusion…”  A more familiar way of saying that may be, to mean what you say and say what you mean, because your words do carry weight; especially if you happen to be a leader or the president of the United States.

In 2009 the citizens of the United States elected Barack Obama to be their president.  Many voters took for granted that he would first live up to the traditional values of the American people as well the previous occupants of the most prestigious of political offices.  But what may have been most assumed is for the man who occupies the Office be honest and of high moral standing.  I know that Men being Men we are all flawed creatures, so forgiveness is often generously applied.  But the track record of Mr. Obama should raise eyes brows of even the most passive political spectator.  I dare believe that no words are spoken with as much weight as those spoken by the president of the United States. Since becoming president Mr. O has taken positions verbally on some of the most pressing to ever face this nation and the world representing not only the people of America, but the Office. Positions that this man have taken and the verbalization of them  must leave even the most forgiving amongst us wondering whether he doesn’t know of the words that are coming out his mouth, or he is consciously engaging in Orwellian double-speak or Bernaysian verbial deception.

Here is just a sample of Mr. O’s strikingly curious verbal statements that may make you say huuummmm.   Last year on September 11, for the first time since the Carter Administration, a U.S foreign consulate was invaded and a head U.S Ambassador killed, along with three U.S servicemen in Libya.  For over a month Mr. O and his administration fervently claimed that the attack on the Libyan Consulate, as well as subsequent attacks on other U.S embassies in the Middle East was all due an extremely obscure You Tube video showing the Muslim Prophet Mohammed in an unfavorable light.  Mr. O sought the United Nations as a stage to most publicly claim that it was a video and an American’s inappropriate use of his freedom of speech and expression that was the cause of the mass “spontaneous” uprisings that set the Middle East ablaze.  Very much like the “spontaneous” uprisings that sacked the leaders of Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya.  But, reports show definitively that the White House not only knew that the Libyan Consulate was vulnerable, but knew within 2-hrs that the Consulate was attacked by a well-armed radical Muslim group, Ansar al-Sharia.  A U.S drone was miraculously on the spot just in time to video tape the assault real-time.  So did Mr. O and his entire administration and the U.S government intelligence organization take stupid pills and to become totally dysfunctional, reminiscent of Sept 11, 2001?  Why did the president publicly present himself and the government to be total incompetent idiots?

Mr. O seems to have an perpetual hard-on when it comes to piling more taxes and regulations on the nation’s producers and means of production at the same time he speaks publicly of wanting to grow the economy.  First, let’s resolve this notion that the nation’s wealthy do not pay “their fair share”.  The most recent report from the C.B.O, the Congressional Budget Office, shows that though the wealthiest taxpayers earn approx. 50% of nation’s income, they pay more than 70% of the nation’s taxes. He has even stated in the past that his dogged want for the rich to pay more in taxes has NOTHING to do with growing the economy; it is all about “fairness.”  And even after stating in his 2011 State of the Union address promising “When we find rules that put an unnecessary burden on businesses, we will fix them,” he has gone on to pile more costly shackles on the nation’s means of wealth production and businesses at a cost of more than $10 Million annually in regulatory regulations, with more slated for his new term.

More so, when our nation is reported to have more natural energy resources than anyone in the world, particularly coal, Obama ties an even larger albatross around the industries necks at a cost of Millions and Billions in jobs, research and development, economic and energy independence for the nation as a whole.

And now he’s wanting to do in his second term what he dared not do directly during his first term facing re-election, an all out assault on law-biding citizen gun ownership by applying more regulations and restrictions, under the guise of protecting the children.  Never mind the fact that there is no proof that strict gun laws prevents gangs and criminals from obtaining guns or that jurisdictions with such strict policies have less gun violence than those who encourage guns in the hands of it’s lawful citizenry.  In fact studies show the exact opposite, three States with the strictest restrictions on guns in the nation are California, New York, Illinois, and the District of Columbia having the highest rates of gang and gun violence. He still presses on.  Maybe he understands that the 2nd Amendment has nothing to do with the citizen’s protection from his neighbor or his ability to hunt necessarily, but a tyrannical government.

Mr. O is the master of saying and doing what we want to hear and see, and then doing the exact opposite off stage and behind close doors. The extraordinary energy that he expends on issues that seem to lead the country in directions that are counter to his stated objectives and reasoning and are most dis-advantageous to the prosperity of this nation’s posterity is truly amazing, as he publically claims innocence of the results.  Are we to believe that this is all some grand oversight or a point of astonishing ignorance by a man and his advisers who have every resource that the newspapers that I have gotten my information?  This former Community Organizer is unlike any president the American people have ever encountered.  He is an extremely unabashed ideologue who is not swayed by typical political consciousness of a traditional politician.  He is on a stated mission to fundamentally change this country and facts of arguments, or the lack thereof, the Congress, the American people, or the Constitution be damned.

I may not have the answers, but what I am most certain of is that if Mr. O were a head of a sports team or entertainment conglomerate and have made so many blatantly false and absurdly contorted statements of facts and truths, and placed his team or organization in such an vulnerable and grave position financially and so negatively effected its functioning he would be drummed into the unemployment line, if not brought up on criminal charges, by mass public condemnation.  But, unfortunately he is of the political class, of which too many of the people of America and United States place comparably far less importance on.

Even though there are many of us that may not be paying attention to this man’s actions and mode of operation, the leaders of other nations are and they are using it to their greatest advantage.  And even for those who strive to be unaffected by politics and uninformed on such weighty issues, they are inevitably affected by the actions and moral constitution of the man who sits in the seat of the president.  If that man is one believed to be of high moral character and honest, or the opposite thereof, the nation will take on his persona.  Think of the times when men such as Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, John Kennedy, and Ronald Reagan were presidents even during the most trying times of the nation, the people looked towards them to get their key on how to act, behave, and proceed.  Their party affiliation didn’t matter.  There was still a high trust factor. There wasn’t much, if any, question that their intentions for this nation were good. The head of the Executive Branch, the Commander of the U.S Armed Forces, and the representative of the people of America, the president of the United States is more than just a face, but is meant to represent the best of us all.  Or reveal us at our worst.

If the words of the president ever were to become a running joke to the American people or white noise, to be treated with reluctance and suspicion than confusion, reluctance, and chaos is sure to follow.  For it will be then that we will become a people divided with no central figure who is seen as trust worthy and honorable that will work for our best interest and bring us together as a nation.  It is then that the Office of the Presidency will be relegated to third-world nation’s level.  And it will be simply because we, the people, did not demand more.