Real Black America Pt.4

The residue of the ideological battle between the early 19th century black-American leaders, Booker T. Washington and W.E.B Debois, the battle between pushing blacks to become the fisherman and learn to fish and feed themselves verses having a small group of black political elites lead and dictate to the black masses, in which Debois won out, is strangling not just the black-American community but America to a certain death.

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Black-Americans Being Given The Dirty End Of The Stick. Being Replaced By Illegal Central-American Immigrants, And They Seem To Like It.

The question that is going mostly unexamined by the Media is where are all of these people who are entering the country largely unprocessed, uneducated, and unskilled ending up once they get to Pass Go and collect $100 with a Get Out Of Jail Free Card? And maybe even more important, what segment of the legal domestic American population that is going to be most negatively affected by the unprecedented influx of these people? Even the most passive observer doesn’t have to search far for the answer. It is the one segment that votes robotically over 95% for the Democrat Party year after year after year – the black-American community.

A Remake Of Roots…On Memorial Day…REALLY?! Will they ever cease trying to divide us?


Still mad at the White Man.?

Still mad at the White Man.?

On Memorial Day 2016, on a day that was purposely set aside to honor the brave men and women, sons and daughters, husbands and wives, who have given the ultimate sacrifice for their fellow soldiers and country, the heads of the “History Channel” have decided to run a remake of Roots – an American slave movie.  Roots originally aired in 1977, and was based on the family of Alex Haley, the author.

At a time of the greatest increase of racial division in our nation since the 1960’s, the powers at the History Channel unleashes a movie on of one of the darkest divisive racial periods in American history?  They could not do a remake on the Amistad, Glory, or the Tuskegee Airmen? They couldn’t do a movie on Fredrick Douglas, the Buffalo Soldiers, General Hannibal, Madame C.J Walker, or any story about how Black and White Americans joined to combat injustice, slavery, or to ensure freedom in America? Really?  But to do a story on some of these topics or heroes would be counter to the narrative that Blacks in America have always been slaves and that Whites owe them eternally for what some of their ancestors did to some blacks generations ago and that is the “White Man” that is keeping me down”.  Why not do an epic mini-series on the Trail of Tears-the forced removal of the so-called Indian from their lands by the U.S government, the strife between the Irish and the Italians at the turn of the century, or the forced incarceration of the Asian-Americans during World War II? It does not fit their narrative to further divide the two dominate ethnic groups in America – the Blacks and Whites.

The whole world knows by just glancing at the history of America and it’s political and social structure that the matter of slavery and race, regarding Blacks and Whites, is a scab on the nation.  And if they wanted to divide us, distract us, and have us fighting amongst ourselves, the easiest way to do so is to peel back the scab and pour vinegar in it.

Over the past 7 plus years, upon the election of the United States’ first actual African-American, Mr. Barack Obama, the race-baiters and those seeking to divide us and separate us have left no opportunity to dump salt on the unhealed wound of America unutilized.  Every divisive dart to keep Blacks dis-trusting whites, feeling entitled to the wealth of others, and sub-consciously imprinted with the belief they we destined to be 2nd class citizens who are subsequently unable to survive independent the hand of the government, has struck its mark with destructive accuracy.

What I find to be a perverted twist of the insanity of this whole situation is that the Puppet Master, the real director of the chaos and disturbance who seeks to destroy America, has the Blacks in America seeking relief for the past suffering, i.e., White people putting them in slavery, from a government mostly composed of White people, with its political flag-barer a political Party, the Democratic Party, who led the fight FOR slavery up until the official abolishment, with no help from them, who created the Klu Klux Klan, and who’s policies ( along with Liberal Progressives) have further shackled the black American community, both socially and economically, to hardship and crippling governmental dependence, in a nation that still provides the black American community with an estimated $1 TRILLION in annual wealth.  Just imagine if there were not shackles about the ankles and minds of the black-American? As reported by in 2013, there were 35,000 Black millionaires in America, nearly 2 million black-Americans owned their own business, and 28 banks were owned by black Americans. Why aren’t these such stories more vociferously reported, humm? Instead, who famed journalist Tony Brown calls, the plantation warriors leave no quarter in attempting to keep as many Blacks mentally chained to the plantation via constant reminders of a period, that at the end of the day, relative to the many centuries and centuries of the existence of Blacks on the planet, as well as on this continent, equates to a minute in time.

The most interestingly over-looked component in stories about the slave trade is the complicitness of Blacks in placing Blacks into bondage and on plantations in America, as well as all over the world.  Though the Media wishes to keep the focus on the dirty hands of some Whites, it seeks to cleanse the hands of the Black accomplices regarding the black-American plight.  If history is to be reported, should it best be reported honestly?  Black-Americans making a profit on the suffering and the economic displacement of other Blacks by keeping the kettle of racial hatred and mis-trust intensely stirred isn’t anything new.  Great pre-1960’s Civil Rights Leader Booker T. Washington prophetically stated, “There is another class of coloured people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs — partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.”

The History Channel could have picked any day other than Memorial Day to air Roots.  It could have chosen to air something historically positive, patriotic, and or uplifting and inspiring.  But it purposefully chose not to.  The heads of the History Channel should be ashamed of themselves for rather than using a day to bring us together to remember why we are so blessed to be united as Americans, to remember the best in us, the great American heroes who gave their lives for the benefit of those to come after them of this country, and for the rest of the free world, to instead choosing to highlight a destructive and divisive period in our nation’s history, to use it for a day of propagandazation of the worst of us, to further divide us for the benefit of only our enemies, whether they be from without or within.  Days such as Memorial Day should be a time for all Americans, no matter our ethnicity, to be reminded of all the reasons we should be proud to be Americans and living in, what is still the greatest nation led by Divine Providence in which we are the only nation to declare in writing that ALL men are created equal and receive our inalienable rights through God, and not man-America.

At the end of the day, we each determine whether we to be free or slave.

Michael Brown: The Joke’s On You America

Here we go again. It seems as though someone has put another quarter in the anarchist in Ferguson, Missouri to cause them to start back up with more chaos. Now the ruckus is supposed to be about the Department of Justice [DOJ] Report of the Ferguson Police Department [FPD]. The report focused on it’s relations with the Black-American community. It claimed the FPD, as reported by the Washington Post,African Americans are impacted a severely disproportionate amount”. But as I read the report of the DOJ it appeared to go out of its way to side with the offenders, who were black. And to totally excuse the individuals behavior. Even if the individuals failed to obey stated rules of the courts, somehow the courts were at fault. The black population in Ferguson may make up over 60% of the population and yet make up nearly 90% of the arrest, the question should be whether the arrest were justified and lawful. If there are more blacks involved in criminal activity, they may be targeted by law enforcement more based on that fact. Then naturally they will be more likely arrested.  I’d like to see what would happened if blacks were to suddenly stop committing crimes. 

One of the most laughable things that the article highlighted was that the city focused on revenue rather than the public safety. That’s the case in every city of the United States. Its not racist for city police departments, or any police department, federal, or State, or city, to focus on raising revenue regardless of the benefit to the public. It’s business. And are there bad cops, or maybe ill-trained cops, absolutely. Every segment of the population has their bad apples. But, this is not what this is all about. This whole divisive and dramatic production is about making the police and authority the villain and criminal – the City Mgr. John Shaw, Municipal Court Judge Ronald Brockmeyer, Police Sgt. William Mudd, Police Capt. Rick Henke, City Court Clerk Mary Ann Twitty, and City Police Chief Tom Jackson have all lost their jobs in the wake of this tragic incident. It is not to say these individuals may have deserved punishment, but these actions totally ignores the actions of the true criminal and offender, 18 year old Michael Brown, a Black-American male. If he had not stolen the box of cigars and assaulted the store owner, he may still be alive. If he had complied with Officer Wilson’s commands, he may still be alive. And if he had not fought with Officer Wilson and attempt to get his weapon, he may still be alive.  He choose to do otherwise.  I call that a “you” problem.

Let us focus on Mr. Brown and the incident that is used as the excuse for all of this. First of all, the DOJ’s own investigation sides with Officer Wilson, according to a NPR March 4, 2015 article, clearly backs Wilson’s version of the incident; second,18 year old Brown was the aggressor in attacking Officer Wilson; third, Brown was not shot in the back, Brown was running toward Wilson, not away, when he was fatally shot; and forth, he [Mr. Brown] did not have his hands up when he was shot. Even Federal Attorney General Holder admitted that the “Hands up, don’t shoot” mantra that has become the rallying cry and marketing phrase of the myrmidons “is a complete falsehood”, as reported by Fox News. All of this flies in direct contrast to what is the popular regurgitated narrative being put out by the Media and the Administration.

But, the most passive observer, with even an ounce of inquisitiveness, should ask… how can so many people, seemingly

The man behind the curtain.

The man behind the curtain.

without a typical 9-5 job, afford to participate in these professionally organized “community” protest that have “organically’ sprung up all to defend the supposed unjust slaying of an 18 year Black-American male in a hence before mostly unknown city in Missouri? As reported by the, world renowned instigator, billionaire, extreme liberal, American-hater, and major Obama supporter, George Soros invested over $33 MILLION in the protests. How’s that for motivation? I bet that beats flipping burgers for most of the so-called “protestors”.

The masterfully orchestrated propaganda to re-write the events of that day and reshape and distort the view of the masses to depict Police Officer Wilson as the villain, the system as blatantly racist, and the 18 year old Mr. Brown as the “gentle giant” who’s the innocent, is stunning in its depth. It thoroughly legitimizes the notion that a lie can be told enough times that it will soon become the truth to many. To whip up so many citizens on the side of a story that is totally built on lies and deception lends credence to the term “useful idiots” as said by Vladimir Lenin and other Communist and Marxist -when people are used as pawns for a cause whose true agenda and purpose is unknown by them to incite disturbances and social discourse.

If the Black-American community want to genuinely protest something, they could they protest issues such as the epidemic out of wedlock child birth and single parents, mainly women, attempting to raise men and women for whom they are ill-equipped financially, mentally, or spiritually. Maybe they could vehemently protest the dumbing down of the government educational system that leaves blacks, and all Americans, functionally unable to economically achieve their dreams and compete academically on the world stage. Maybe the black community could protest the debilitating effect of the massive influx of low-skilled immigrants, particularly from Mexico, who are removing jobs from the economy that they traditional held. Or maybe the black community could protest the anti-achievement and entitlement mentality that retards many of the youth’s drive to be the best that they can be, while encourages many of them to seek government handouts and privileges. These would have been worthy and genuine issues for the mother of Michael Brown to voice when she spoke a the United Nations Committee Against Torture. But, of course she worked to extend her 15 minutes of fame and spoke of the supposed racial injustice by police. To do otherwise would have exhibited her as being more than a pawn, only able to be pushed one space at a time and easily expendable once her use is no longer needed.

The tragedy of the Michael Brown death has many layers. It has more to do with the systemic cancer that is making us severely ill as a nation: a severe lack of moral grounding and governance. A penal system that makes gross revenue criminalizing its citizenry. An educational system that graduates young citizens unable to capitalize on the extraordinary benefits of the greatest capitalist system in the world and dysfunctional in understanding their proper role and function in this Constitutional Republic; and too many are profiting on the discourse and division of this society – whether its over race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, or income. This tragedy was not caused by Officer Wilson, being Caucasian, shooting and killing 18 year old Brown just because he was black. This tragedy, and many others less publicized that are occurring out of sight of hot media cameras, is stark evidence that the cancer has successfully dulled our naturally instinct to courageously fight for real truth, to be curious of the intent of those in power, to be respectful of ourselves, and to be honorable to our neighbor.

The joke is that many of us are being lead blindly to believe that it is the American system that is in error, and not those who enact and enforce, or fail to enforce, the policies thereof, that are in error. But, as in the supposed fight against all cancers or dis-eases, the money is not in the cure, but the so-called treatment. The tragic error is in too many people believing that the system that was founded on the ideal that every individual has unalienable rights of freedom and has been the source of more wealth for individuals around the world than another in modern history is the cause of their suffering.  Then the alternative action is the opposite system- tyranny. At the end of the day it is up to us to chose the punch line.