Ferguson Shines A Stunning Light On the Crippling Reality Of The Politics Of Racial Economic Division In America Under The Reign Of U.S’s First African American President

The picture of the tragedy in Ferguson is not all that needs to been seen.

The picture of the tragedy in Ferguson is not all that it appears to be.

After viewing weeks of near wall to wall news coverage by the Establishment Media of tragic killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO., there is one thing that I believe to be certain, and that is that again what we are being led to believe to be the truth is as far from the truth as the Earth is from Pluto.

The one thing that can cause Americans to become completely emotionally immerse and distracted are matters involving Race; particularly if it involves Caucasian verses the so-called African-American. And our emotional triggers have been seemingly extra sensitive since Mr. Obama, the first true African-American, has taken the seat of the President of the United States, to the point of near paralysis.

Is it just me, or does there seem to be more racial strife under this Administration than any in recent history, without any real provocation or explanation? From the issue with the Harvard college professor, the Trayvon Martin shooting case, the fact the nation’s highest ranking law enforcer, Atty.  Gen. Holder, seems to more vigorously measures the scales of justice to tilt more if the victim is black than white, to today’s new distraction in Ferguson, the issue of race has become more an extraordinary deformative issue these past 6 or so years.

Interestingly, as in the Trayvon matter, Mr. O has sought to interject himself in this recent matter involving a black male shooting by a white person. He sides publicly on that of the black male before the proper course of law and justice have been given its opportunity to run its course.  I can remember the Rodney King violence came after the verdict of the trial at least.
But this appears to be a method of operation with Mr. Obama not just here at home, but for matters of unrest in foreign lands too. For example, Egypt during the Mubarak protest and in other parts of the Mid-East, the so-called Arab Spring; in Libya when Qadhafi was attempting to combat domestic militant uprisings; in Israel’s conflicts with Hamas in the Gaza Strip; and here in the States, with Occupy Wall Street.  He has yet to find a social or political disturbance to publicly speak on where the authority is definitively in the right. He always sides with the mob or the anarchist. Interesting. What happened to the days of first siding with those first who are more likely to defend us from the mob, the shooters, or the anarchist, before we take the side of the mob, the shooters, or the anarchist? Maybe it’s what comes from being a community organizer.  Mr. O’s real talent is seemingly focused on organizing dis-order all over the world.

In the Ferguson tragedy there has been an exorbitant amount of energy spent on identifying the skin color of the shooter and the young man who was shot, and making it the focal point, rather than the reason why the shooting occurred in the first place. There is an effort to paint the black man as an innocent victim who was without provocation slain by a racist white police officer in broad day light. Yet the Media shows no interest in reporting the condition of the officer or his side of the event. All of this noise, chaos, violent protest, and drama being displayed by protestors, as well as elected officials, is in defense of the dead black man … before there has been an indictment handed down from the Grand Jury to determined if there has even been a wrong done legally, for there to be a case or trial. What if this were a young white man shot and killed by a white cop or a young black man shot and killed by a black cop, would we be viewing the same actions? Would Mr. Obama had even known the participants names? When has Mr. O or Mr. Holder mentioned anything about the hundreds of black youths slain by other blacks in the streets in Mr. O’s adopted home town of Chicago? Or when has he used his pulpit to draw attention on the increase in black on white assaults that’s spreading across that nation unabated?  Where is the wall to wall news coverage on these stories?

The real untold tragedy of Ferguson has to do with the fact the too many young black youths are not involved in the work force nor in the higher education system. The labor participation rate amongst blacks is at historic lows. The incomes of black households have declined greatly over the past 11 years. The number of out-of-wedlock children born in the black community is nearly 80%. At the same time we have an U.S Administration that grossly promotes high government regulation that drives high paying, low-skilled entry manufacturing jobs out oft he inner-cities and the country, expanding government dependency that reduces the incentive to do for self, as with Obamacare, and the importation of hoards of low-skilled foreign immigrants that does nothing but lessens job opportunities at livable wages for young blacks, and other Americans in general.

To get as a true idea of the truly perverted fixation that this Administration has on this incident and race, there were 4 Administration representatives at the funeral of the slain youth, who the jury is still out on whether or not he was totally innocent.  Yet, the Administration failed to send 1 representative to the funeral of General Greene, who was gunned down by Afhgan soldier, the first U.S General to be killed in a foreign conflict since Vietnam.  The presence of the Administration at two of the events could’ve highlights the nation’s solidarity and pride in the nation for the world to see, friend and foe.  He chose to highlight the one that highlights our division and our ugliness instead.  Interesting.

No this event did not happen in a vacuum. It is the consequences of decades of government social engineering that has created a psychologically dependent Black-American class with an extreme gross sense of entitlement; that have left black men, as well as women, searching for their proper roles; a decimated family and moral structure; and a society, due to unchecked unrestrained political correctness, disarmed with the ability to correct improper and socially destructive behavior.

The tragedy of Ferguson, is one that which is being played out all over the nation in the shadows. And it’s not about race, but economics.  It’s about how decades of liberal progressive governmental policies have left generations of citizens, particularly Black-American, socially dysfunctional.  It’s about how economics and race are being used masterfully by this Administration to divide the nation.  It’s all cloaked by a complicit Media, that no longer seeks to tell nor show the true story and inform nor educate- rather it seeks to enrich its pockets, distort and manipulate the story, and enhance its own progressive liberal agenda. But this story won’t remain in the shadows for much longer before we are all feeling its negative presence.  But it is up to us to question with boldness the reason why things are happening and stop just accepting what is presented for us.