America Just Experienced The Greatest Transfer of U.S Governmental Economic Power With Barely A Peep: The illusion of financial sanity is no more.

February 13, 2014 will go down in U.S-American history as the day the government of the United States officially revealed to the American people that it is truly not interested in reestablishing a solvent economic policy for the nation.  Thursday, while much of the nation was distracted with snow storms and the Winter Olympics, the Senate, with a crucial assist by the leader of the supposed opposition Party Mitch McConnell, passed a debt limit bill minus any limits for 13 months.  And I mean no limits!  The so-called opposition Party, the Party that has a majority in the House, they control the money of the government, the Party that traditionally is to be for a limited and economical sound government, placed no conditions in the bill at all to express either.  None!  Zip!  Zero! Nada!

The federal debt is already at over $17 Trillion, over $6 Trillion of which is due to Mr. Obama alone.  If you include the government’s unfunded promises, such as Medicare, government retiree and Social Security payouts, the debt is closer to $90 Trillion.  And still the figure doesn’t include the whooper of a bill that Obamacare, who’s full implementation keeps being unilaterally delayed for political favor, will lay on the taxpayers for generations to come.  And now the Congress gives Mr. O, a man who once declared that, “We [the government] don’t have a spending problem.”, carte blanche to use the wealth of the citizens of the United States however he sees fit for nearly 400 days?  Really?!  That’s tantamount to giving a fat kid the key to a candy mall for a weekend, hoping to cure his craving for sweets.  Good luck with that!

obama and speakerIf we were watching this at the movies we would all be saying this is a setup and that the heads of the two Parties, who are supposed to be bitter enemies, are in cahoots on the down-low.  But, this is for real!  But if so many of the American people weren’t so distracted and on some form of mental depressant we could see that the National Political Party’s collusion is the only thing that makes any sense.  Mr. Obama is in what is supposed to be his “lame duck” period, where he no longer has the same juice as if he were actually going to be running for another term.  He has been embroiled in controversy after controversy, and scandal after scandal.  He makes Bill Clinton’s reign seem pedestrian.  His name is affixed to his signature bill [Obamacare] that the voters overwhelmingly dislike and will wreck this nation economically for decades.  He shows the Congress no respect at all by writing his own laws, by Executive Orders and enacting administrative mandates/regulations that circumvents the Congress and are disadvantageous to the country.  And his approval ratings have never been lower.  But, yet the Republican Elites can’t seem to be able to detach their lips from Mr. O’s ring…as well as some other places of his body.  The question for the people of America is why?

Currently the average U.S Taxpayer owes nearly $150,000 for the debt of the federal government.  The consequences of the Republican leadership’s, and the Congress as a whole, sellout of the American people is reprehensible and unconscionable with respect to the future of America.  Though $90 Trillion seems like an exorbitant number that is nearly impossible to get one’s head around, just think that it was $6 Trillion less some 5 years ago.  We did not get here over night, but further acts of gross financial nonfeasance and just out right economic theft of the financial solvency of America’s posterity sure is not the answer.  If that is the intent, that is.

The troubling aspects of all this is the gross disinterest from the Media – not just on this issue, but any of the motives behind the actions of this man who sits in the most powerful seat in the world.  The fact that there seems to be no longer even a pretense of a true opposition Party at the federal level, the American people have a choice now of  the bad and the worst of the Parties – particularly if you are of the conservative political persuasion.  But, the most troublesome is the deafening silence of any genuine protest from the people for the blatant confiscation of more and more their rights, liberties, and property, i.e., wages, via higher taxation, that so many have died for.  If the government were to levy a tax of 25% on each of our cable bills, I dare think of the uproar that would ensue from coast to coast. But, for an increase on a bill that is already at $150,000 on the Taxpayers now and will become an even greater burden on our next generations to come…there’s ambivalence.

Ronald Reagan prophetically stated that, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction”. In the wild the lion and the hyena are not friends, but they will feast off the same carcass for their mutual self-interests.  Are the American people the carcass of the political elites?.  If we don’t wake up from our induced stupor our freedoms and liberties for ourselves today and our children tomorrow will be no more.  The choice is ours.