Obama Escalates Scorch-America Policy As His Reign Comes To End

The most recent scandal of the Obama reign regarding the growing humanitarian crisis that is developing on the nation’s southern borders with the unprecedented surge of illegal South American youths, as well the release of 5 high-level Taliban officers from the Guantanamo Bay prison for a captured U.S soldier, after being rejected twice by Congress, must be put in a proper perspective in order to be clearly understood. These and other inexplicable actions by Mr. Obama and his accomplices are not by accident, but an another orchestrated play to dramatically denigrate America’s status and position on every level – politically, socially, internationally, militarily, and most importantly economically – before he vacates the Office.

It should be noted in relation to the Administration’s release of the Taliban prisoners back to return to the battle field is not new, it’s not the first time. It has done so in 2012 and 2013. It was all done quietly by the Administration and without much of a peep from the Establishment Media. But the most recent unlawful release of the 5 of the most dangerous Taliban prisoners for a suspected U.S military deserter, Prvt. Bowe Bergdahl, maybe most disturbing due to the way the Administration’s brazen and extraordinary overt manner in which it chose to execute it. First, it was with a grandiose Rose Garden announcement and production, with hugs, kisses, and tears, while a Marine sits in a Mexican jail and other Americans remain captive in foreign jails unmentioned by Mr. O. Then, the Administration follows that assault of the American people’s sanity with feeble attempts to manipulate and distort the truth with promotions of the exchange being due on moral grounds, for the health of the U.S serviceman, that the 5 Taliban members will not pose any threat to U.S security. Blah, blah, blah, lie, lie, lie. The Administration repeats its pattern of truth deformation, intellectual dishonesty, and blatantly working against the interest of the American people. Then he looks for the Establishment Media for cover. Just as it has done with the Benghazi scandal, the Veterans Administration scandal, the IRS scandal, and other scandals. And the Media is too eager to oblige him with cover and distraction.obama tears constitution

Mr. O is in his last term, with a totally submissive, duplicitous, and complicitous Congress, and a largely apathetic and politically disengaged American populace.  It seems as though the only thing standing in the way of his, and his handlers, fulfillment of sending this nation to 4th-world status and social dysfunction is time, when his term ends.

Even as the most passive spectator looks at the wake of Mr. Obama’s reign in the seat of the Presidency of the United States, he sees a implicit pattern of destruction and decimation of America’s once great foundation and status – here at home and abroad. Obvious proof of his astonishing lack of a positive record of his Administration is how there was not one true accomplishment that he himself ran on in his re-election, and none that any Democrat candidate is running on for their re-election.  And things are looking to get a lot worst, even after the Republicans regain control of the Congress.  Mr. O has made obvious his disdain for Constitutional restraints and his utter contempt for the powers of the Legislative and Judicial Branches of the government. He doesn’t like his plans to be challenged on their merits, via the people’s Representatives. He prefers to rule by pen – Executive Orders and or regulations – like a dictator or king.

The scandal over the Bergdahl exchange for 5 high-level enemy combatants is just the latest atrocity that if one were just dropped from outer space, and witnessed the federal government’s actions over the past 5 plus years, he would think that there had undoubtedly been a coup de tah. A very good argument can be made that this Administration has done little to nothing for the benefit of America or the American people. But with the clock ticking on his dream of fundamental transforming and remaking of this republic, Mr. O seems to be kicking up his efforts up more than a couple notches to do even more damage to the nation.

child-illegalsAfter years of tickling us with opening our nation’s southern borders and allowing a flood of largely low-skilled and uneducated immigrants to enter and stay for the past 4 years, he is now setting the nation a blaze with a purposeful orchestrated assault of hundreds of young immigrants on our nation’s southern border. Due to Mr. O’s Executive Order that allows illegal youths to be free from deportation, its unlikely any of these children being returned to their home. Instead their parents will be sought to join them here. Never-mind if the parents are illegal themselves. Can you say AMNESTY. This naked defilement of the nation’s immigration laws will only add to the already over-whelmed social system due to the need of not only the millions of illegal immigrants here already straining the national economy, via the health system, the penal system, the education system, and the welfare system, but of those legally here. The situation at the border is so serious and grave that the Administration dare not let their actions be known by too many Americans that they’ve placed a gag order over the government agents on the border. With the nation’s labor participation rate for American youths at all-time lows, with 2 out of 3 jobs going to immigrants – legal and illegal -, and Obamacare set to increase the list of the medically uninsured, how can any of this be good for the nation? It can not! Oh as for the youths of the of 90% of the political demographic who so stubbornly voted for “Mr. First African-American President”, twice, the Black-American community, the labor participation rate amongst it’s youth is at a historic low under this Administration. But, according to Mr. O the future of this nation depends on Latin children who are in the nation illegally. To his credit, he does not say that we will have a prosperous nation.

But his disastrous policies to reform America into an unexceptional, lack-luster, dependent nation will have effects that we and the world will be feeling for generations to come. He has saddled us with Himalayan mountain size regulations that retards and disincentivises economic growth and expansion. He’s crippling the primary source of energy of the nation, coal, with his granting the EPA with extraordinary powers to increase regulations on the energy industry that can only end up hitting us in the pockets, at a time that they are feeling lighter and lighter already.

He has long sought to redefine and reconstitute the U.S military, as evidence of his now infamous “apology tour” after his first inauguration. He wants to shrink the nation’s military to pre-WW 2 levels, vacate the role of world military leader, particularly in the Middle East. At the same time Russia are joining forces with Communist China and increasing their fighting capabilities and capacity.

This Administration’s actions has undermined the trust of the American people unlike any since Nixon with its unjustified and dissonant scandals such as the IRS targeting of Americans simply due to political affiliation that seemingly lead right to the steps of 1600 Penn Avenue.

Mr. Obama has without true cause greatly fractured us as a nation. And in so doing is seen as not trustworthy by a majority of the American people. This is the President of the United States the we are talking about folks! We are not just talking about the man who currently occupies the Office, but the cherished and historically exalted institution that is the Presidency of the United States.

But it is not the fault of Mr. O being who and what he is. He is what he is and has always been. He is someone who has an extreme degree of psychological discomfort with America – how it was founded, its dominant position in the world, and, most importantly, its Republican-Constitutional form of government.  It would be extremely apparent if more of us would plow ourselves from the TV programing and just listened to what he was, and is, actually saying and watch his true actions beyond the distraction of the award-winning Media production of “the United States’ First African-American President” that has been played before us and the world. The demise of America has been planned by our enemies since our inception. But it has come to this place and time when there are so many citizens woefully and willfully ignorant of our nation’s history and reason for being that we are like an orphaned infant passing to bosom to bosom blindly being led further and further from its original creation, heritage, and identity.

Just as Ben Franklin remarked after signing the Constitution, We have a Republic, if we can keep it.” Mr. O has repeatedly remarked things such as transforming or remaking America. But, in order to remake or transform anything it has to be first destroyed or torn down. But it is not Mr. Obama’s duty to keep this republic or this nation as it was rightfully constituted. It is not the duty of the Congress. It is inevitably the duty and responsibility of we the people to do so and to be eternally vigilant over the actions of those entrusted to represent us to see that our wishes are properly adhered to; to hold them accountable. After all that is said and done, we have the very government that we want.



Mr. Obama, the Chief Of Plausible Deniability.

The brewing scandal involving the federal government’s Veterans Administration is an culmination of so many different stories, not the least of which is the depiction of someone who is currently occupying the office of the President of the United States being totally incompetent. But for matters having to do with the reformulation of this nation into one being socially divided, economically destitute, or in which expands the federal government’s role into the lives of the American people, Mr. Obama is on point and takes no prisoners.

??????????Just as with other scandals of this Administration such as, the IRS targeting groups and American citizens of the conservative political persuasion, Obamacare not allowing citizens to keep their doctors as he [Obama] personally repeatedly stated otherwise, the covert operation of transferring guns to Mexico [Operation Fast and Furious], the sacking of the U.S Consulate in Libya, and the subsequent killing of the Ambassador and 4 service personnel and then blaming an American citizen and his You Tube movie, and the downing of the military helicopter carrying members of SEAL Team 6 in Afghanistan, who’s credited with the capture of Osama Bin Laden, etc, Mr. O has perfected the playbook of Plausible Deniability.

Obama’s impersonation of Hogan Hero’s Sgt. Schultz, “I know nothing, I know nothing, I know absolutely nothing”, has no rival in recent time of anyone who has occupied the Office. His patented formula is first to deny ever knowing of the occurrence. Second, empathize with the American people. Third, say that he is going to get the bottom of the situation/seek a fall guy. And then get the Establishment Media to take the issue off the front pages and minimize the issue as quickly as possible. Classic! All the while his guards and surrogates are taking and deflecting the arrows, he escapes the fallout, seemingly unscathed. And to too many he’s the hero or the victim, never the instigator or creator of the disturbance or crisis.

If this was your 6 year old being questioned about who ate the last cookie from the cookie jar this may be humorous. But this is the man in the seat of the Presidency of the United States who has made an art form of being conveniently dumb on matters of the most importance to the American people; and of which matters the leader of the Executive Branch and Armed Forces should have full knowledge of. If for all of these critical moments of this Administration Mr. Obama has to go find out what happened, after it has happened, from someone else, maybe we should get that someone to sit in the seat. For evidently this position is too much for Mr. Obama. Or is it that there are some aspects of this position that just doesn’t interest him? He was famous for largely voting “present” during his very, very, very, brief time as legislator.

I can not think of any other position in the country in the private sector that such a production of incompetence and unaccountability of a CEO or department head would be so tolerated. But seemingly many citizens of the United States and of America are more concerned with whom the Lakers are going to draft or who’s on “The Price Is Right” than the fact the President is a liar. Because of each of the events mentioned, after claiming that he [Obama] had no knowledge of the issue in question, it was later revealed that he did have full knowledge. Usually with little or no fanfare or deep interest from the Media.

What’s most disturbingly interesting aspect is that Mr. O was slow to comment on any of these issues, but he could not speak quickly enough on the matter of a court case involving a single black youth shooting death, Treyvon Martin, whose accuser was later cleared, in Fla., or when an obscure basketball player announced he was gay, and he seems to have no trouble finding time to appear on ESPN to announce his Final 4 NCAA Basketball Brackets selection. Additionally, we all know that he is the biggest champion for illegal immigrants flooding into the nation. But for the nation’s military veterans and other relatively important national issues, such as the unsustainable government debt, the unprecedented number of Americans not working, and how the nation’s lowering standard of living  being a consequence of Obamacare, he dives into obfuscation, word manipulation, and blatant dishonesty.

In a recent poll most Americans honestly believe that Mr. Obama lies to us on important issues and many of us do not trust either the Congress nor the Establishment Media – those who are supposed to inform us when the government goes astray. Folks, this ain’t good for the future of our nation!

What is most astonishing is not that Mr. Obama and his Administration repeatedly and unabashedly lies to us, the citizens of America and of the United States, but that we allow it to do so with impunity.   This is the same guy who got re-elected by a majority of the voting citizenry for his final term.  Therefore he is unrestrained with concerns of being re-elected. The government is a reflection of us as a nation. How far are we as a supposed nation of free individuals continue to remain so when so many take no responsibility to be eternally vigilant of the government, that we have granted so much power and authority, and hold it to the highest expectation of ethics and accountability, and therefore takes no responsibility or accountability for ourselves?

The disgraceful scandal that is on stage in the nation’s capital that now so vividly shows how it can bring tragic harm and affliction to those who we claim to cherish and praise so much for giving so much of themselves to keep those who dare threatens our freedoms from outside [the military veterans].  Imagine how it [the government] will treat us, those who have surrendered so much of our supposed cherished freedoms? We have chosen the government that we have. May god have mercy on us.