Rubio Is The Republican Obama

With the recent endorsement of Fla. Senator Marco Rubio by the National TEA Party to be the possible running mate for the Republican Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney  I feel like I’m watching a bad b-rated TV series’ second season.  In the first season the supposed villain does an unforgivable act that increases his villain credibility.  But, now the second season is previewing a supposed hero who presents basically the same unforgivable disposition that made the villainous character in the previous season the villain, yet he is the one to save the day so everyone is acting like the 3 monkeys – hear no evil,see no evil , and by all means speak no evil.

The main issue regarding Mr. Obama, that of many, that has dogged him since taking the seat of U.S president is not whether or not he was or was not born in Hawaii truly, but whether or not both of his parents were themselves U.S Citizens; therefore qualifying or dis-qualifying him to be president, constitutionally that is.  Though there is no doubt of Obama’s mother’s national status of being American, the same most certainly cannot be said of his paternal father.  It is greatly believed that Obama, Sr. was either a British Citizen, by Kenya before it gained its independence; but definitely not a citizen of the United States.  This is why the issue of Junior’s Birth Certificate has been such an critical persistent 4 yearlong issue of major importance.  It’s not just a question of Constitutional integrity, but one of principle and honesty at our nation’s highest levels.

But here comes the Establishment Media’s pick for the Republican savior as number two man on the presidential ticket, Marco Rubio.  But if the Republican Party hopes to show themselves as the party of integrity it will look in another direction.  Because according to’s May 22, 2011 issues, Now popular Republicans ‘not natural-born citizens‘, like Mr. Obama, both of his parents were not U.S Citizens at the time of his birth neither.  But too, like with Obama, neither the Media nor any one of the elite political complex seem to be overtly disturb by the fact.  Or maybe they are waiting for Rubio to become officially the V.P to be, maybe.

Like in the case of Obama’s birth, it is not like no one was there when he was born.  There was the doctor, or hospital employee, and the mother.  The information is out there.  It’s just that for some inexplicable reason both the Establishment Media and the elite political complex seem to be jointly complicity derelict regarding the crucial matter of these two presidential candidate’s qualifications, being a  Constitutionally mandated “natural-born citizens”, of not just Obama, but Rubio, as well as another potential V.P candidate Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jinda who too was born onto non-U.S citizen parents.  Regarding Marco Rubio, according to WND,  has not released his birth certificate for view by the public, and  what is even more incredible his press secretary Alex Burgos has already admitted that the senator’s parents “were permanent legal residents of the U.S.” at the time Marco was born in 1971, not naturalized citizens of the U.S. His parents didn’t become naturalized U.S. citizens until four years later.  Mr. Jindal’s press secretary Kyle Plotkin too has publically admitted “that both of his parents were permanent legal residents and not naturalized U.S citizens at the time of his birth”.

There is a clear distinction between a natural-born citizen, one who is born of two U.S Citizen, and a naturalized citizen, one who is granted citizenship by the government of the United States by fulfilling a requirement, such as being born on U.S soil or by passing a test for citizenship. It is largely understood by Constitutionalist that the Founders never intended for someone of possible dual allegiances to a foreign power to become the President of the United States.  Doesn’t that make sense?

The Founders being such learned Biblical individuals it should come as no surprise that Deuteronomy 17:15 speaks of choosing a leader, “you shall surely set a king over you …, one from among your countrymen you shall set as king over yourselves; you may not put a foreigner over yourselves who is not your countryman.”  Mr. Obama’s actions regarding America’s world standing and position has been unprecedented for a U.S president, in an extraordinary bizarre way.  His actions may be understood better if viewed from a position of someone with confused or conflicting loyalty regarding a nation that he boastfully promised to “fundamentally transform”.  He has acted with indifference to longstanding allies, such as Israel and Britain, and has acted vindictively towards nations that didn’t present any threat to America, such as, Egypt and Libya, while literally and figuratively bowing to traditional enemies and entities who act in opposition to American interests, such as Communist China, Russia, Venezuela, Hamas, via the Muslim Brotherhood, and Iran. And I didn’t even include what extremely destructive economic and social actions he has taken domestically, such as immediately piling trillions of debt on the citizens of the United States, via Obamacare, financial reform act, his antagonistic posture with States regarding oil and gas exploration and development, the invasion of illegal immigration of Mexicans, and traditional American religious view on homosexuality.

Given that we have viewed this presentation with stunned amazement to the fact that this is actually happening and are now looking forward to the end of this grueling 4 yearlong series, do we look forward to a possible recasting of a similar plot this time with someone with possible dual allegiances only centimeters from the presidential seat? Are we not a nation of laws? And if we the people choose to allow exceptions at the highest levels of our government to the most fundamental tenants of our laws, are we not placing ourselves and posterity on a slippery slope toward tyranny and anarchy? The choice is ours to whether or not do an unforgivable act, to settle for a rerun.