The Events Of Ferguson & New York Is Evidence Of Greater Issues Of Concern For Black America

lowenstein-ferguson2With all of the days and weeks of chaos and well-orchestrated disturbances blowing up across the nation, all supposedly to protest the acquittal of a Caucasian police officer over the tragic death of a Black-American young man in an obscure city in Missouri, and another acquittal of a Caucasian New York City policeman for the unfortunate tragic death of a Black-American man, even the most passive bystander has to question, though these deaths were tragic, is the extreme level of protest on behalf of the two deaths, who were both suspected in engaging in unlawful acts, truly warranted? And most importantly, aren’t there more substantive issues that is as worthy of such wall to wall Media coverage, attention, and protest from high level Congressmen, the President, black athletes, and black clergy, regarding the plight of blacks in America? In particularly issues regarding black youths, such as the record underemployment, unemployment, and labor participation rate, the epidemic of black on black homicide, the high out-of-wedlock pregnant rate, that is a direct result of 1960’s federal law baring the father from living in the same home of the mother receiving welfare, the anti-achievement mentality, and the negative effects of Mr. Obama’s economic policies, regarding the unprecedented spike in the federal spending and debt and the enabling of a mass flood of millions of low to mid skilled foreigners into a employment environment that is already depressed.
In a perverted sense of cruel irony, in the same week in which the Ferguson Grand Jury released its verdict and gave cover for the start of the violence, Mr. Obama circumvented the law-making body of the Congress and made like he actually did not swear an oath to uphold the laws of the United States and the Constitution and ordered virtually all enforcement of laws regarding illegal immigrants null and void. There has not been barely peep of protest from the very citizenry that will be most effected, the youths and low to middle-income level Black-Americans. There has been no press conferences from any member of the Congressional Black Caucus. No rhyming statements of discuss or injustice from Jessie Jackson or Al Sharpton. No wall to wall news reports on the crippling ramifications that the defacto legalization of millions of low skilled and middle skilled foreigners will have on the nation’s wages and the availability of jobs for blacks with their unemployment and labor participation levels that are already at critical levels long since seen. The certain horrific consequences of Mr. Obama’s dictatorial act on the black community is so trivial to Mr. O that he boasted during a public stump that the only people who has a right to gripe regarding his actions on immigration are the “Native Americans.” Really? What about the rest of Americans? In particularly those Black-Americans who sheepishly supported both of your elections to be president?
The train of goodies that was to be bestowed on the American blacks due to the much hyped carination of the first true African-American seems to have been placed on the track for [OTBA] other than Black-American; especially if you are from south of the Rio Grande and can quickly increase the nation’s negative birthrate and degrade the nation’s living standards.
Mr. O’s election will be viewed historically as the dream that turned into the never-ending nightmare for the Black-American community. The events of Ferguson, New York, and many less reported needless and senseless deaths of young black youth, has more to do with the depressed economic situation in the minority community. The fact that these two men found themselves on the unfortunate end of an encounter with law officers is the result and consequences of bad political policies and bad economic situation.
Though we should not ignore the gross level of bad judgement, bad choices, and lack of personal responsibility exhibited by these particular individuals, but nor should the effects of generations of disadvantageous political actions at the federal level and the  government’s move toward a secularize society that have crippled economic growth and family unity, not just in the Black-American community, but nation as a whole. But, we as a nation need to demand accountability not just from ourselves, but from those elected to serve us and who sworn to work towards our general welfare as a whole. And not allow ourselves to get distracted by the theatre that is being program to incite self-destruction and instill in us the notion that we can not get along, can not succeed, or can not prosper without the mighty hand of the government. In most cases, the very origin of what ills this nation is too much government social engineering.
History will look back at the election of Mr. Obama and ask, how the nation may have benefited if he was more American than African, believed more in building America than transforming it, was more of Martin Luther King or Ronald Reagan and less of Mao Zedong and Saul Alinsky, and was more driven by ways to bring the nation together rather than tear it apart?
The tragic events of Ferguson and New York were indeed tragic. But the tenders for this tragedy were laid long before, unrealized by most.  As we witness our nation being set ablaze by hands unseen, it is up to each of us to be still for moment , to ask not only what is happen, but really and truly why is it happening, and how did we get to this point? Until we clearly identify those with dirty hands and the origin, and again stand firmly on moral ground, the smoldering embers will only sit until another arsonist lays a match to it once again. The choice is ours.