The voters who blindly married Obama in 2009 should be beginning to believe the rumors.

In my many discussions with people who supports Mr. Obama fervently it is much like trying to convince a guy that his wife is cheating on him.  No matter if his best friends were to show him pictures of her naked with her head planted between a guy’s legs, with her one of a kind tattoo visible clear as day, he sternly denies that it is her.  But there are just somethings that cannot be argued away with one’s more than bizarre behavior and actions no matter how much he would like to believe in his heart the contrary.  With so many people telling you similar stories of her deceit, infidelity and treachery they can’t all be lies.  Such is the case with Mr. Obama.

Many U.S voters casted ballots for Obama on an extraordinary binge of emotional ecstasy of the promise that he would be “the one” who would be the most honest, the one who would take care of home, have all those mean neighbors love us, bring prosperity to the home, and most of all be faithful.  Life with him would be THE BEST EVER!  He was the DA ONE!  Right?.

But the actions that he has demonstrated since taken his vows, even with the retake, leaves his words and promises hollow and in serious doubt.  He would want us to believe him when he presents himself to be of America and loves it beyond all overs, but his mother raised him mostly in foreign Muslim lands, in private schools,  and emersed him in socialist/communist values and cultures. He didn’t actually step foot on the continental United States until he entered college. And according to his own book, “The Dreams from My Father”, Obama’s childhood mentor, referred to as “Frank”, was Frank Marshall Davis, a big time communist.  Hum!

Ever since gaining the seat as president of the U.S he has adamantly professed to want a strong economy for the U.S, yet he first saddles the American people with more debt than that of the total all of the former Presidents with the “Stimulus” Bill and the greatest transfer of the private economy to the government with Obamacare since the Social Security System was enacted. He has virtually shut of domestic oil drilling on government lands and waters. With his onerous regulations that has drained the nation’s economy, according to 10/2011 article, an estimated $100 million to $4.1 billion.  And he has exacerbated the issue of illegal immigration of Mexicans, and other low-skilled foreigners, by 20 times to more expeditiously worsen the employment and economic plight of the under-educated and low and middle class youths and adults who are legal citizens. And oh, he has before publicly stated that his favors tried n true wealth creating plan of  wealth redistribution, more than once.  Remember the “Joe the plumber” incident when he was candidate Obama? Humm!

And  now after taking the lead in sacking two prominent neutral and extremely American-friendly Arab countries, Libya and Egypt, and looking to sacking another big sovereign state, Syria, to make way for the extremely Islamic radical and anti-American  Muslim Brother, while giving the bionic stiff arm to the one true democratic nation in the region, Israel, he wants us to believe that the current eruption in the Middle-East is again both spontaneous, emotionally initiated by some benign event, and that the U.S was taken completely by surprise and the events were unanticipated?  Really?!  Are we as a nation still to believe that Mr. Obama really took his oath, seriously?  Are we as a nation to believe through Mr. Obama’s actions and with all of the rumors swirling about him of his utter contempt and disdain for America, it’s history, it’s values and traditions, and it’s dominant place in the world, so much that an actual top-rated box office movie documentary has been made of him, 2016 The Movie, are all lies?  Really?  Is there an foreign adversary leader that he has yet to bow to, figuratively or actually?

At some point the husband looking at the picture of his wife/spouse with her face planted in the crouch of another guy can no longer be simply excused with her denial that it wasn’t her or that she accidentally tripped and fell into that position.  All of the rumors revealed by friends and strangers of her deceitfulness and infidelity are all not liars and haters.  The question that you should be asking is what else has she been lying to you or deceiving you about.  And can you soon divorce yourself from her to start anew applying higher standards?  Or become resign to the fact the you may one day see that one of a kind tattoo on a amateur porno website and your priceless family jewels on the shelves in the home of a hated neighbor.  This is what we as a nation faces should we chose to continue with someone like Mr. Obama as president.

Obamanation Is Setting The Stage For Another Orchestrated Election

As I witness this year’s presidential election process I can’t help getting the feeling that I have seen this pattern regarding Mr. Obama before.  And I do fear greatly for the future of this nation.  Obama is the political version of Moses as unknown forces part the political Red Sea to allow him to reach his objectives unscathed.  The extraordinary lack of critical examination and investigation of this man either by the so-called opposition party, the Republican Party, or by what are supposed to be the people’s gatekeepers, the Establishment Media is only seconded by the lack of demand of it from the American people.

But this theater performance has been played out with Obama before.  From the start of his political career when he was elected to the Illinois Legislature the first time virtually by the elimination of his Democratic opposition due to supposedly not achieving the required number of petition signatures.  That left him running against two very light-weight opponents,   David Whitehead, the Harold Washington Party candidate, 61-year- homebuilder, real estate broker and salesman who had lost 3 previous election, and Rosette Caldwell Peyton, the Republican Party candidate, 67-year-old first-time candidate who was a teacher at Kozminski Community Academy during the lowest voter turnout in history.  He was then re-elected running again unopposed in his party and facing another newcomer Republican opponent, Yesse Ben Yehudah, 50-year-old founder and executive director of F.O.R.U.M (Fulfilling Our Responsibilities Unto Mankind).

He was re-elected for a 3rd time, this time unopposed in both his party or from the Republican Party.  He did have a hiccup when he lost his 2000 Democratic U.S House primary battle against four-term incumbent U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush.  Lighting did strike yet again for Obama when he defeated seven other minor Democrats and then defeated not Jack Ryan who won the Republican primary, due to the fact that he had to unexpectedly withdraw from the race under some suspicious circumstances, but former Diplomat Alan Keyes who was chosen by the Illinois Republican State Central Committee at the very last-minute to become the U.S Senator from Illinois.   And then without completing one term in the U.S Senate he most ambitiously targeted to become the President of the United States.  Now doesn’t every congressman and senator want to do that after only being in their seat for a year?  Being a literal unknown to the American people, he defeated the greatly favored and powerful Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Primary.  He then faced moderate Republican Arizona Senator John McCain, a man who though caused another moderate former Mass. Governor Mitt Romney to inexplicably quit early during the primary, did not have the support of the majority of his party nor was he truly engaged to attack Obama’s weaknesses – his severe lack of any experience in Congress or being executive, never work in the private sector, his time at Harvard and Occidental where in his book “the Dreams of My Father”  he found comfort with Marxist ideology and he expressly refers to “Frank” Marshall Davis, a devoted communist, who was his childhood mentor, to win.  Not to mention that Mr. Obama was the first truly African- American presidential candidate to reach the General Election process in the age of hyper race guilt and political correctness, and the liberal Establishment Media made attacking him even more problematic.  So McCain lost – Big!

To put Mr. Obama’s communist relationship issue into perspective, if you were to do a web search for President Ronald Reagan + Communism you get about 9 million results.  But if you search for Barack Obama + Communism you would get over 23 million results. The stark difference in the two is that Reagan results have to do with him defeating Communism, Obama’s is about him being a communist.  It is not as though some American people are most interested in this man who seats in the most powerful position in the world.  It is just that seemingly the elite of the media and major politicial parties are working overtime to make him and his past the most under-reported issue in history.  To this point, only Alan Keyes has dared to openly call Mr. Obama on his Marxist card head to head when he referred to him as “hard-core academic Marxist” during his run against him for the Ill. Senate seat.  I don’t believe that any person with such blatant Communist/Marxist affiliations could ever gotten through their party’s vetting, let a lone the media’s scrutiny, as recent as the 1980’s when the words socialist and communist were still four letter words to many Americans.  But yet, here we are in 2012 faced with actually re-electing such a man.  I believe that you would be hard pressed to name a highly popular entertainer or athlete whose background the majority of Americans knows or that has been reported on less the man who sits as the President of the United States.  Think about that.

Even after three plus years of the worst economic downturn that this nation has ever experienced, with over half of the able-bodied workforce unemployed, under-employed, and unemployable, due to inadequate skills, over half of  Americans receiving some sort of government assistance for the first time in history, the piling on of more debt in his first two years than all of the previous Presidents back to Washington combined,with no end in sight, on his eagerness to add even more,  the drastic weakening of our international position – economically and militarily -, and the majority of Americans believing that the country is going the wrong direction, not one member in the entire Democratic Party is running against him in this presidential primary.  Leaving him once again unvetted and free from the bright lights of scrutiny of a Primary Election process. Even as flawed as President Jimmy Carter was going into his re-election he had Ted Kennedy to challenge him from the Democratic Party.   Obama will once again face another moderate Republican opponent, probably former Mass. Governor Mitt Romney who as of yet has displayed the fired to excite the party’s base, or another opponent without balls or the directive to truly challenge Mr. Obama not just on his atrocious record as President, both domestic and foreign, but his Communist/Marxist ideology of the past and whether or not he still subscribes to them today.

It is as though the Establishment Media and elites of both major political parties have made a pact with the Devil to ascend the first Communist to the seat of the Presidency of the United States and stop at no cost to conceal as much of his true identity and actions from the majority of the American people as possible and clear the path needed for him to drive the final stake into heart of America and complete the transformation the greatest nation of economic freedom and individual liberties into a nation of a nanny socialist state with a crushing debt to be born to generations far to come.  Should Obama get re-elected no one can say it is due to he being unknown and without a record to evaluate, as during his first presidential election, but due to the greatest political rigging and subterfuge in American political history.