Does So Many Women Head Of Household Signal Final End To America’s Masculine Identity?

I read a recent report of a Pew Research Study about the unprecedented growth of households headed by women. It reported the nearly 40% of homes with minors has a woman as the primary breadwinner. It was  just 10% in 1960. Today over 60% of the women households are single parented. Some troubling characteristics of the findings are: 74% says as for a working mom it is harder to raise a child; a female single parent has a median income of just $23,000 – compared to those women with husbands earned approximately $80,000; 46% ages 30 and younger never married, of that number 40% are black and 24% Hispanic; and 49% having a high school education or less have a median income of just $17,400 – the lowest among all families with children.

I can still remember the political dust-up over the TV character Murphy Brown and U.S Vice President Dan Quayle had over the character having a child out-of-wedlock during the George Bush Senior’s Administration. Time has flown by with a quickening certainly. But is this a further example of the feminization of the American culture and identity? This so-called phenomenon didn’t just happen of the sudden. Liberalism seldom comes through the front door. The movement to deemphasize men and masculinity under the guise of “equality” in American culture has been creeping through the crevasses of the nation’s society since “the Women Liberation Movement”.

But I believe that there is a galactic silent conversion from America being a masculine culture to a feminine culture. Even Fox News has picked up on it in its report “The War On Men”. The report refers to the fact that there has been a concerted effort to push men of their “pedestal”. There has been an orchestrated antagonistic relationship developed due to the notion that being mothers and home developers and nurtures are no longer relevant or important duties and responsibilities. That in fact such traditional duties are demeaning and tantamount to servitude. Being a man, and the supposed benefits that come with being a man, is now much more appealing and too beneficial of a status. Men were to become the eternal enemy to most women/ feminist. And if you weren’t a woman who openly share these anti-men views, you were look upon as a traitor to the cause.

So now today we have dysfunctional gender relations due to the fact that natural and cultural instincts and fundamental expectations have been turned upside down and backwards. We have men who have no expectations of being the breadwinner or having a job and don’t know how to be bold or masculine, and women who have no expectations of knowing how to cook a wholesome meal or know how to be gentle or nurturing. And therefore they no longer have any expectations of finding those once assumed qualities and characteristics in each other, causing further alienation and indifference. Just look at the high American divorce rate and the exploding rate that more men and women seeing no benefit in marriage or unionizing.

But this break down in gender relations have more profound implications for our nation’s cultural identity and it’s salvation as a world dominant nation I believe. Lets first look at the differences between femininity and masculinity.  Feminine is closely related to goodness. Whereas masculine relates to strength. To be feminine is to be more nurturing. Whereas to be masculine is to be more aggressive. To be feminine is to be more emotionally attuned. While to be masculine is to view things in a more cold calculating manner. To be feminine is be more passive and willing to compromise just to keep the peace. Whereas to be masculine is to be more assertive and rigidly self-determined, even at the risk of being wrong. But, what I believe maybe a more telling general characteristic is that the masculine-dominant will seek to defend and protect himself first, while the feminine-dominant will look first consider the needs of others. In other words the feminine-dominant are more willing to give up their freedoms and liberties for the benefit of others, while the masculine-dominant favors personal security above all else. While it is good for a nation to have a healthy feminine-masculine ratio, America has been exceptionally successful due to its determined masculine-dominant identity.

When you look at the effects of the feminization of the nation’s culture has had it is nothing more astoundingly devastating. From everything from the near total removal of men from the teachers ranks, less than 9%, the removal of the man from the home, due to political correctness and efforts throughout the government educational system to emphasis self-esteem development over academic development, as evident by the abolishment of grades of A’s and B’s, eliminating Honor Roll acknowledgments for fear of injuring self-esteem, punishing the youngest amongst us for opposing homosexuality at school, and even removing male or masculine references from the Bible. Even the most passive observer can tell that today’s America is extremely more sensitive and softer than our grand parent’s. There’s even a car commercial attempting to demonstrate its safety features by surrounding a kid in bubble wrap as an analogy to protecting the child from getting hurt from falls. Geez!

America used to be a place where kids were expected to suffer falls, missteps, and failures, as an education of what life will be when they become adults. America used to be the place where you didn’t have to like or agree with what someone said, but would defend their right to say it. America used to the land were classrooms and universities were places for learning the three R’s and the sciences and ideas to be openly challenged. Children used to be challenged to think logically and comprehensively. Parents instilled in my generation, and those prior, self-reliance and self-responsibility with verbal reinforcements such as, the world doesn’t owe you anything; always look both ways before crossing the street; after you fall of the horse you have to get back on it; and you if you wanted something, you work hard for it, you earn it, and it was yours. One’s word was his bond and his character was to be of the highest exhibition.

Today dependency is the new norm. And in order to be dependent you can not be masculine or overtly manly. If one were to just glance at the U.S Constitution’s first Ten Amendments he would see independence, self-reliance, and masculinity throughout it. It refers to nothing of equality of one citizen coming at he expense of another. Even Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas stated, “Government cannot make us equal; it can only recognize, respect, and protect us as equal before the law.” The Constitution clearly reads of self-governance for the individual and that the government is to only intervene to protect the rights for the individual – not group. The Framers of this most magnificent document intended for the population to be vigilant, strong, and assertive to oppose and defeat any move by the government to overstep its bounds in safe-guarding their liberties. But, with a more feminine-dominant culture we have become more passive and less assertive in tightening the reigns of the government. But in addition to surrendering the reigns of the government, so too have we as a society surrendered the reigns of our own conduct.

With the explosion of feminine dominated households so too grows feminine dominated governance and policies that are less restrictive on personal and social conduct, more likely to favor external governance rather self-governance, and more welling to surrender safety for promised peace and security. The salvation of this nation’s posterity depends on the people recognizing this crisis and to realize that there is a place for femininity and masculinity to co-exist in their proper order in this nation with masculinity as the dominant identity to defend and protect us all from the what threatens us both domestically and from abroad.