The American People Are Being Served As Dinner By Both Parties Of The United States Government, Again!

Tell me if you have heard this one before. Two hunters invite a duck over for dinner.  The duck puts on his Sunday’s best for the occasion, for he feels honored that so much fuss is being made for his benefit.  Upon entering the home he notices that the stove has boiling pots of water on it and the oven is on when the two hunters comes to him with napkins around their necks and each with a knife and fork in hand. They ask the duck, guess what’s for dinner?

Today it is the American people who are playing the part of the duck, and the two main political parties are playing the part of the hunters in this so-call “Fiscal Cliff” production that is being preformed in the nation’s federal seat.  Both parties are doing an orchestrated rhino dance with no real intention to do what really needs to be done to strengthen America’s financial position and thus not cause each other any real injuries to their ultimate goal.

First let’s not be so distracted that we lose site of how we got to this “cliff” in the first place.  Two years ago the two parties supposedly at the very last minute saved the nation from imminent financial doom by coming to an agreement to increase the federal government’s borrowing limits; so it could go into more debt, just slower.  The main stipulation for the agreement was that both parties had to find a way to cut spending. But, if the two parties could not reach agreement on cuts then they agreed that cuts would be imposed automatically at end of 2012 on both party’s sacred calves, for the Republicans it was defense, and for the Democrats it was domestic spending.  The division came to $109.3 billion per year.  Basically, the “national defense” and all non-defense program cuts would come to just $54.7 billion per year for only 9 years, to total just a little over $1 trillion in debt reduction. That was the agreed upon deal by the best minds and negotiators from both parties. Right?

Now most interestingly, in order to work out a compromise neither party picked any moderates nor anyone who could pass as a fiscal hawk; someone who had a reputation of wanting to reduce government spending.  And they met primarily in secret, behind close doors.  So, surprise!  No compromise.

So here we again.  We have the same players doing a strangely similar dance only to a different track beat.  The nation faces another imminent financial catastrophe that only Democrat and Republican leaders coming together in Washington can save the nation from.   But yet again there’s no real talk of getting America truly financially solvent.  There is no talk about truly cutting spending or even getting close to a balance budget.  Here are some interesting points to keep in mind:  Just in Mr. Obama’s first term he has piled over $5 Trillion to the government’s debt, more than all of the previous Presidents COMBINED!  Yet, he has only talked about reducing the debt by $4 trillion of 10 years; Mr. O seems to be fixated on taxing the “rich”.  But, according to a recent Forbes article, the federal gov’t would have to collect at least $8 trillion in taxes per year just to not go further in the hole – which is more than the average yearly accrued liabilities of just the two largest entitlement programs-Social Security and Medicare.  But if you take the total adjusted gross income of every taxpayer earning even more than $66,000 a year it would only come to just $5.1 trillion. And the income from those “evil” corporations is only $1.6 trillion.  If the government was to take all of this, it still wouldn’t be enough to even pay the annual increases. And keep in mind that the gov’t can only take this money once.  Once it’s gone, it’s gone. And as for the Republicans, the party who’s supposed to champion smaller government and limited spending, their leaders seem to be unable, or unwilling, to vociferously make the case that the government is financially insolvent and the monstrous debt that it is piling up will be bared by future generations by dramatically lower standard of living and diminished world economic standing.

What hasn’t been explained to the American people is what exactly the so-called Fiscal Cliff is.  It is made up of three main components, the agreed upon resolution in the Budget Control Act of 2011 of across-the-board spending cuts –sequestration; the expiration of the Bush tax cuts, which would bring taxes back to pre-tax cut rates, thus causing the highest tax increase in U.S history; and also the New taxes to be imposed by the Affordable Care Act, i.e., Obamacare, that brings $500 billion to $1 trillion-plus in tax hikes over the next 10 years starting in January.  Interestingly, very little, if anything is being mentioned of the taxes of Obamacare that are to negatively affect every U.S taxpayer and American, thus further stymie an already depressed economy. Every thing is being focused by the Establishment Media on the totally reneging on the 2011 agreement, which was to cut cost and reduce the government’s crushing debt, and the extension of the Bush tax cuts for all but the high producers and tax-brackets – none of which would lower the government’s debt, reduce government spending, or spurs the nation’s economic growth.  In fact these issues aren’t even mention honestly in the debate from either side.  And Mr. O even admitted during an interview with ABC News reporter Charles Gibson that raising taxes on the rich has nothing to do with better economics or the betterment of the nation fiscal position, but “fairness”.  Fact is that the federal government does not have a revenue problem, it has a spending problem.  It is spending more than $1 trillion more than what it brings in annually.

What the government is engaged in is a masterful production of double-speak and verbal word contortion to deliberately disguise, distort, or reverse the meaning of words and its true intent and motives.  Lumping all of the three main issues into one presentation to the people of American in a highly-charged emotional crisis is to further govern by fear and crisis.  Jefferson prophetically said that “Fear can only prevail when victims are ignorant of the facts.” And John Adams said of government, “fear is the foundation of most governments.”  Since September 11, 2001 a very good argument can be made that the government of the United States has governed the American people not with optimistic aspirations to lead towards America’s freedom and prosperity, but it has chosen to lead with perpetual states of crisis and fear to lead the nation towards governmental dependency and economic impoverishment.   We get so caught up in what is being said by political leaders, and not enough on what is not being said.

The Party leaders are fighting not to free the people of America from its treacherous economic mis-management, but seemingly fighting to leave its taxpayers and America unknowingly liable and holding the bag and saddling America’s posterity with unsustainable financial debt and second-class world citizenship.  It is evident by their actions.  They should be fighting for the common ground of what will make the nation prosperous.  They should be discussing ways to make the Bush tax cuts permanent, putting more money in the people’s pockets, while reducing it’s spending till it is more in line to it’s revenues, and reducing any and all economically repugnant portions of any legislation, including Obamacare.  Why aren’t the parties discussing anything along these lines?  Why is Mr. Obama stubbornly pushing an ideology and policy that he himself has stated will not lead the nation to economic prosperity nor lower the debt of the government? And why is the Establishment Media not seeking to educate or truly inform the American people of the intent and motivations of the government and its policies and possible effects they may have on us and the nation?  Let the truth be known, though troubling to believe, they are performing their roles purposely to perfection.  The question we should be asking is why?

There is no truth more self-evident that giving free-minded people truth and knowledge they will not have anything to fear and they will chose what is best.  The crime is that we the people are not giving that opportunity.  But, at the end of the day it is up to each free-minded person to take the responsibility to be educated on the motives and actions of those we place in governance, to hold them accountable for what they do and do not do.  Or alas it will be the carcass of the American people that future historians will discover on the doused embers of this great nation.