Barack Obama’s “Innocent” Presidency


Don't tell anyone that it was me.

Don’t tell anyone that it was me.

Imagine for a moment that you have a young child, and you are attempting to solve the problem of the vanishing cookies. When you question your child, for whom you love dearly, he demonstratively denies that it is he who has taken the cookies.  He is telling you that it is lit’l Johnny, the young boy from next door, with whom he is closely acquainted.  But, as he is passionately attempting to convince you of his innocence, you cannot help but to notice that in the corner of his mouth appears to be chocolate chip cookie residue, the same type of cookies that are missing. And that there is an empty glass tucked behind his desk that appears to have milk film in it.  Your ears are telling you that you need to keep lit’l Johnny out of your house.  But, your eyes are telling that your beloved child is a liar. Question is which are you to believe?  Which one do you want to believe?

This analogy to me closely describes Mr. Barack Obama’s nearly 8 years in the most powerful political office in the world. As poll after poll tells us that the majority of Americans believe that nation is headed in the wrong direction socially, economically, and nationally.  There are more young Americans unemployed and under-employed in recent history.  The image of the U.S military is that of an aging tiger, that is no longer feared by our enemies, nor trusted by our traditional friends.   Most Americans no longer have any faith or trust in the nation’s institutions – political, religious, or Media.  And there’s chaos and mayhem in the streets of Americans fighting and are being divided over racial discrimination, sexual orientation, political affiliation, religious affiliation, and economic status, at levels no time in the nation’s history.  Even in our nation’s darkest moments history tells us that we the people could come together under one God, one flag, one common language, and or one national identity.  No one can say this today. And yet, according to popular opinion, it is not the fault of the man in the Office, nor his policies.  A man who use to organize political and social chaos and mayhem for a living, before entering the political arena.  Amazing!!

To listen to Mr. O talk about any of the grievous issues that face the nation, you hear him either blame the cause on the Republican Party, his predecessor’s policies, G.W Bush, or he reaches from his behind and pulls out another here before unknown culprit as explanation.  But, it is never, ever, never, ever, ever, himself, nor his policies, the cause of issues that currently face the nation.  It is never he who is the reason that cookie jar is now empty.  And what is most disturbing, the institution that the Founders intended to be the gatekeepers, to alert the people if the governmental creators should misbehave, the Media, is blatantly complicit at best in the government’s treacherous actions, or gross sympathizers and enablers at worst.

His 8-year presidency has been so bad that the current Democrat Presidential contender, Hillary Clinton, dares to boastfully run on any of his pillar policy achievements, in particularly his signature ones – Dodd-Frank or the Affordable Care Act [Obamacare].  In fact, she keeps screaming how bad things are; after nearly 8 years of democrat governance.  And she boast how she can make things better; while quietly planning to follow similar, if not the same, political ideology as Mr. O. She is likely to expand his political social transformation in an even more Saul Alinsky-like manner due to the fact that she actually knew the man and studied under him.  She’ll attempt to take more from the “haves”, to give to the “have nots”.  Or as Karl Marx stated, “Take from those based on their ability, to give to those based on their needs”. And as the nation follows the spiraling course of other socialist/communist governments who believe that it is central government rule, and not free people’s enterprise, that creates everlasting prosperity. She will seek to blame some obscure villain, rather that of her failed ideological policies.

The nation has been under the reign of Mr. O and the Democrat Party for nearly 8 years!  And yet everyone, even the soon-to-be head of his party, member of his party, and his myrmidons, is hard pressed to champion any single great accomplishment that has added to the nation’s wellbeing and prosperity.  But what the vast majority seemingly can concur is that things are not going good today, at all.  Question is, when does the failing condition of the patient [the nation] become the fault or responsibility of the doctor [Mr. O] who’s been caring for him?

The next time you should hear Mr. Obama, or any of his supporters, attempt to stridently claim that the decline of our standard of living and feeling of anxiety in the current and future path of the nation is the fault of someone or something else, and you start to question your eyes over your ears, and therefore maybe even your sanity, take a long glance at these 10 interesting/disturbing facts about Mr. O’s reign as U.S president:

The American people are hurting like in no other time in our history.  The house is ablaze. The neighbors and friends [other nation citizens] have come banging on our doors to warn us on the impending danger, because they have had their house burned down before in similar manner.  But the fire chief [Mr. O], and the Media, is telling us to go back in, all is fine. Ignore the naysayers. No worries.

The 8 years of Mr. Obama’s reign as the president of the United States will undoubtedly be viewed by future historians as the most polarizing, when the nation was truly fundamentally transformed socially, economically, and politically.  Our intuitive defenses were numbed by the relentless bombardment of political correctness. And seemingly the origin of the unprecedented mass disruption could not me be affixed to Mr. O. Like Houdini’s escape from the locked box deeply immersed underwater unscathed, Mr. Obama will leave office having set fire to America with a near 50% overall approval from the citizens of the United States.  Damn he’s good!

The question that will asked by those historians…How could this have happened?  How did we allow it to happen?