Is America Prepared to Fight Radical Islamist Chained by Political Correctness and the U.S Administration’s Extreme Aversion to Denounce It?

In the wake of the terrorist attack of the Boston Marathon, and the subsequent capture of one of the supposed perpetrators, the questions regarding the U.S Administration in this matter are; 1) Why does Mr. Obama appears to have a more expressed passion and vigor in going after law-abiding American gun owners than going after radical Islamist in this nation? 2) After the apprehension of the suspect, unlike G.W Bush after the 911 bombing mentioning how the terrorist are now our [the nation’s] enemies, Mr. O curiously remarked about the people of Boston, “one of the things that makes Boston such a great city, is that we welcome people from all around the world — people of every faith, every ethnicity, from every corner of the globe. So as we continue to learn more about why and how this tragedy happened, let’s make sure that we sustain that spirit.” Why he never mentioned the word terrorist, Islamic radical, or anything referring to how we as Americans will fight and defend against any terrorist – foreign or domestic?  Does the intellectually vacant drive of “political correctness” preclude us from being able to identify our enemy – if they’re not Caucasian males, politically conservative, or unapologetically American? And 3) With the Administration’s unabashed desire to allow untold numbers of unidentified foreign trespassers to enter America through its southern borders, even after September 9th, 2011, can the American people afford to blindly trust the U.S government to protect us?

I remember during the G.W Bush Administration’s early push to erase America’s southern borders by allowing untold numbers of Mexicans to cross into the country as though they were crossing the street that the F.B.I reported it wasn’t just Mexicans crossing the street unidentified, but members of foreign terrorist groups as well. This was reported in 2004. Then in 2010 Fox News reported that some fed agencies issued a Terror Alert along the Mexican border warning of possible terrorist groups coming into the country. Yet, very little has been honestly done to remedy the situation. In fact with the Administration’s blatant acts of appeasement and disinterest in dismantling the yellow brick road for foreigners to disobey our nation’s immigration laws and securing the nations borders, the issue of foreign terrorist living amongst us only grows.

But what is even more concerning is Mr. O’s severe psychological discomfort saying anything or acting visibly in any way against anything Muslim or Islamic. And it is obvious that he has more then a passing appreciation for the religion. Let’s remember that both of his fathers were reported to be of the Islamic faith. But due to his public denials of his favor towards the religion it causes a more than apparent disconnection with his, and therefore the federal government’s, actions regarding such displeasing acts of the radical core of Islamic followers verses someone who’s of a more fundamentally Christian faith or position. His fervent refusal to call the attack of a self-proclaim follower of Islam on the Fort Hood Military Base an act of radical Islamic terrorism, but instead call it “workplace violence”. This false classification caused military persons wounded during the attack to not get needed benefits. Even in the aftermath of the attack on the U.S Consulate in Libya the Administration, and the complicit Media, dared to call it a terrorist attack carried out by a radical Islamic group. Instead he, his Administration, and the Media chose to divert the public’s focus to a benign You Tube video. He chose to even carry this blatant untruth onto the world stage at the United Nations.

The fact is that the Administration and the Media of the United States government seem to be quite deflated in the fact that the culprits were not Caucasian, male, conservative, or boastfully proclaiming love for America. To the point that I look for this matter to get the full treatment of blaming any and everything short of these guys being born sideways for their treacherous acts and again diverting our attention from the real threat of Radical Islam.

America is becoming a pool of mind-numbing illogical political correctness to the point that not only is there less identifiable societal absolutes, but less identifiable enemies and friends. A neighbor and acquaintance or the young suspected bomber during an actual interview by ABC News admitted recognizing the suspect but did not call the authorities for fear of somehow wrongly accusing him based on his religion and ethnicity. What if his son, daughter, or friend were one of the victims killed or maimed by this suspect and brother? Why has it become so accepted in America that it is okay for our neighbor and fellow American to lose his liberty, his freedom, or even his life, so long as it doesn’t inconvenience me or that I’m not directly affected negatively?  The psychological self-correcting trigger of political correctness paralyzes us from making the most basic of choices and judgments of right and wrong in an era of growing attacks on American culture, traditions, and way of life from not just abroad, but even more concerning from within our borders from fellow Americans who honestly are of good intentions.  Years of mis-education via the government educational system, the Establishment Media, and entertainment complex has numbed our senses to what use to call us to arms.

There use to be a time in America that any threat to our nation, our way of life, or our fundamental truths, especially by a foreign source would have been faced with resounding condemnation by the people. And no Media outlet would dare to show the source of such threat any sort of favorable light or sanctuary. Today the fact that the suspects where of a Radical Islamic sec, that they may have killed many fellow Americans who were partaking in the liberties and freedoms that this nation holds above all others, or that this may be the shot across the bow of things to come due to the U.S government’s misguided and treasonous immigration policies, is all far less of importance than how these two young men may be misunderstood, or that they may have been called a name growing up, or their religion and ethnicity may be unduly stigmatized, or even how they may have been mistreated by the police seeking to arrest them.

Too many in today’s America find more comfort in being popular and wrong in a crowd then being right and standing alone. We fear hearing the hard truths that that may reveal our imperfections and prefer the easy lie that gives us a warm fuzzy feeling. And too many of us prefer the silk chains of government privilege and promised security and reject the harsh responsibility of being free.

If Americanism is to ever be reduced to the back pages of history and remember whens, viewed again as extremism, or totally removed from existence from these lands, it will not be due to any foreign terrorist group or army; not from any form of radical religious belief or doctrine; or even a government running of its chains. It will be due to the American people totally rejecting and surrendering what has made us exceptional for some 200 plus years – our Constitutionally protected rights and liberties, and our traditional culture and way of life. As Abe Lincoln prophetically stated, “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” The choice is ours.