Why Is It Important For Left To Have The American Negro To Look Back

Why Is It Important For the Left To Have The American Negro To Look Back

Being so blessed as to be an American, living here in this country where unlike any other on the planet each of us has been recognized to have the God-given right to be able to achieve any goal and aspiration imaginable, what is the benefit to be reminded of or dwell in past pains? Who benefits from the constant and repeated depiction [defined as a representation in image form, as in a painting or illustration] of the American Negro in negative conditions and situations may be the more important question.

Media confromity

America, The Land of Conformity

With the explosion of the commercial corporate-controlled News Complex and Big Tech-controlled Social Media, the desire to conform to what is seen to be the popular culture in today’s America has become a cancer that is on the verge of becoming terminal and killing the very essence of this once great nation’s identity of rugged individualism, freedom of thought, and self-rule.