10 Stories You Were Not Meant To Care About In 2015

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Here we are at another end of another year where as we look in the rear view mirror,  we see that there were A LOT of events that we missed. More importantly, events they were purposely de-emphasized by the Establishment US Media.


  1. The US Dollar is on the greased path of being replaced as the world’s reserve currency by the Communist nation of China. The Chinese Yuan is admitted to the basket of reserve currencies by the IMF.
  2. Despite how much the Media tells us how “robust” the employment rate is, there are historically more Americans not working – over 90 MILLION.
  3. If you are feeling economically suppressed, it’s not your imagination. America now ranks #16 – below Singapore, UAE, and Georgia in economic freedoms.
  4. The probable Democrat Presidential nominee has a BIG big problem that the Media strenuously do not want the politically uninitiated to know, Hillary is under federal investigation for purposely mis-handling her emails as State Secretary.  What a great President she’d make, eh?
  5. If Hillary were a Republican this would be front page and regurgitated daily on the Big Three News channels ad nauseam. Congressional Hearings get Hillary to admit that she blatantly lied about the early reports of the Benghazi attacks.
  6. It was not just the Democrats who raised the debt on the people in the Budget Deal of 2015. Republicans instrumental in raising debt burden on the posterity of America.
  7. The Syrian refugee “crisis” is a product of Obama’s foreign Mid East policy– from the Egyptian and Libyan coup d’états, to the military vacuum in Iraq and inspired coup d’état of Syrian leader Assad.
  8. Obamacare is doing everything other than what is was promised to the American people it would do. GAO reports that Obamacare will rise 14% for 2 out of 3 users in 2016.
  9. If you think that Christians are taking it hard by the Media here in America, we’re getting no luv by the US Media in the birth-place of Christendom. America is silent on the Christian genocide in the Middle East.
  10. Isn’t it interesting that the Media finds Herculean energy to report when a conservative such as the Koch brothers are supporting a conservative politician or cause? But it seems to be completely unenthused when it comes to reporting when someone like mega-liberal George Soros is funding “Black Lives Matters”.

As events around the world and within the nation happen at more quickening pace that have an impact on our lives it becomes more imperative that we the People receive information that we can trust to be true in order for us to make the best decisions.  It would be a great help if the elected officials work harder to create educational systems that stress the 3 R’s rather than political correctness and secularism, so that we can be comprehend and decipher events; Encourage economic conditions that  inspire businesses to freely create and invest their capital and create jobs, so that America can become a world beacon for economic development; Become economically solvent so not to be financially prostituted, so the government doesn’t have to surrender our nation’s economic jewels due to its lack of integrity;  and stand on the Judeo-Christian principles upon which this nation was founded.  But if the people do not demand this from the government creatures, then we get the government that we get.







Remember the Twenties Mr. Obama. Yes We Can Cut Our Way To Prosperity!

One of Mr. Obama’s favorite lines of mis-truths is that “we can not just cut our way to prosperity”, i.e. cut spending, cut taxes.  First, let’s look at this as if it was your household that was spending many times more than it was bringing in, thus causing you to be in debt.  Would you not look to cut or reduce unnecessary spending?  And then would you not also look to do activities that cost you less, i.e. reduce taxes?  Of course you would.  And in doing these things, do you think that this would bring your household’s debt down and bring your income-spending ratio more in balance?  Of course it would.  Currently the federal government is spending more than 1 Trillion Dollars annually more than it brings in. Problem!  But, Mr. O and the Democrats would have us, particularly the intellectually uninitiated amongst us, that spending Trillions more than the government brings in isn’t the problem.  So to attempt to cut spending and cut the cost of doing business or engaging in wealth-producing activities is not necessary and won’t do anything to reduce the government’s debt-income ratio. Says the Administration.  Really?

Well, history tells us a different story.  Many of us have heard of the “roaring twenties” of America.  But, why was it called that?  It was a fantastic period of economic growth in America following one of the worst depressions we ever experienced; of which many of us today know nothing about.  Thus it is called “The Forgotten Depression”.

The economic boom of the early 1920’s followed the presidency of Progressive Democrat Woodrow Wilson.  Mr. Wilson’s economic ideology was that big government is good to grow the nation in times of economic strife. This economic theory is called Keynesian Economics; named after 20th century economist John Maynard Keynes.  Now, I just want to make clear a little understood fact, the term Progressive can be applied to both Republican and Democrat.  It is an ideology that favors gradual social, political, and economic reform that is to the left of traditional political views.  The Keynesian philosophy has as its fundamental basis that private sector decisions are inefficient so the government must take control for the economy to grow and be stable. The government does this mainly by the redistribution of the wealth that it receives from taxes, and it uses a concoction of government spending, tax breaks, tax hikes, and some spending cuts in order to curb inflation. Does this sound familiar?

Wilson’s economic policies caused a tragic reaction in the economy. Federal spending in 1913 was 2.0 percent of the Gross National Product (GNP); it jumped to over 7 percent. During his Administration, non-defense spending exploded 20 times higher than what it was before his Administration. The income tax rate for the “rich” jumped from 7 percent to 73 percent to pay for all of the new spending, supposedly. By his terms end, unemployment increased to nearly 12 percent, as GNP had declined 17 percent.

But the election of Republican Warren Harding reversed the slide into the economic abyss by reversing all of the failed Keynesian policies.  He followed one simple concept, “The history of taxation shows that taxes which are inherently excessive are not paid. The high rates inevitably put pressure upon the taxpayer to withdraw his capital from productive business.”  President Coolidge, stated, “the wise and correct course to follow in taxation and all other economic legislation is not to destroy those who have already secured success but to create conditions under which every one will have a better chance to be successful.”. He reduced the top marginal normal and surtax rate from 73 percent to 58 percent [for those with incomes over $200,000] in 1922; to 50 percent by 1923; in 1924, it fell to 46 percent [for those with incomes over $500,000]; to just 25 percent [for those with incomes over $100,000] from 1925 to 1928; and then to 24 percent in 1929.  The American economy went through the roof!  The dreaded Bush tax cuts were similar in scale.  This is why it couldn’t totally be done away with.  The tax cuts are good for more than the “rich”.

The contorted notion that Mr. Obama, and of Keynesian ideologs such as Wilson, Teddy Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, and FDR, is that taxing the very elements of economic wealth and production, i.e. the high income earners, big corporations, and such, will inspire the people to work harder and create more wealth. Chief Justice John Marshall stated an unrebuttable truth when he said, “Every tax imposed by government diminishes the power of the person taxed. Excessive taxation obstructs choice and entrepreneurship, which restricts freedom and prosperity for the individual taxed and the entire community.” Current history reveals to even the most passive observer that the high taxing retards economic prosperity. High tax States such as New York, Illinois, and California, as well as nations such as France and Greece are losing their income producer population massively due to their policies of high taxes and gross government spending.

The fact is that in no time in the history of the world has taking money from those who earn it has led to a nation’s economic might, less than being the economic marvel such as America.  The very idea of high taxation is intuitively repugnant not just to Americans, but human nature. That is why we love sales, discounts, and “tax free” holidays – to be able to keep more of our money in our own pockets. No one would look for where he can spend or lose more money, in his right mind.  We instinctively know when our home budget is running even slightly in the red to reduce our spending and look to pay less for things. And Mr. Obama knows this as well.  So why does he persist in this grotesquely flawed economic theory?  Simply due to the fact that we the people allow him to. The only other relevant question is will there be enough of America to reverse this tragedy after Obama is gone? Or will this nation still be run by the intellectually uninitiated?

The Challenge of Explaining the Critical Economic Mess To An Economically Ignorant Populous

Imagine that you live in a household that is neck-deep in debt.  Your credit is maxed out and the loan sharks are cracking their knuckles.  Then a supposed savior comes with the solution.  It involves putting a charge/expense on the usage of things that everyone uses in the household in order to generate more revenue to settle the debt.   Everyone using anything and everything from the fridge, the bed, or the automobiles had added fees ranging from 15 to 55 cents per usage.  Even the act of putting money away for a rainy day, retirement, or investing had an added fee in the top ranges.

To many this story sounds absurd and crazy.  And some may ask how can charging fees [taxes] on one’s most basic of activities and the very means of their production of income or wealth possibly be a way to bring in more wealth to get out of debt?  The answer is that it simply doesn’t.  But this is what is being proposed by both the political party leaders in the D.C. and Mr. Obama.  Rather than deal with the root issue of the maxing out of the credit card and spending way beyond its means, the government seeks just to squeeze more coins out of the house [the nation] that could possibly go towards producing more revenue to at least pay down the house’s debt and put it on the path to economic freedom and prosperity. It instead purchases more credit; thereby going into more debt to the loan sharks and the debt holders.

Sir Winston Churchill may have said it best when he said, “We contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle”.  According to the government of the United States government brings in approx. $2,448,596,456,780.  But, it spends approx. $3,538,167,445,264.  One doesn’t have to be a mathematician to see that that’s economical hole more than a trillion dollars.  The federal government’s total debt is over $16 trillion – $5 trillion of which Mr. Obama added just in his first term alone.  I know that these numbers makes some peoples eyes go cross-ways, but to bring it closer to home the total U.S governments debt breaks down to over astoundingly $140 thousand per U.S Taxpayer.  There is no honest talk, if any at all, of cutting up the credit cards of the federal government and reducing it’s spending on all but the truest essentials, paying on the debt and interest, and or incentivizing more economic growth for the benefit of the nation’s posterity.

The analogy maybe simple, but the economic crisis that currently faces the nation, via the federal government, is no more complicated than the government spending more than in brings in and the American people not properly holding it accountable. The solutions being presented by Mr. Obama and the Republican House Speaker, whose party is supposed to be for limited government and low taxes, is to make revenue generating actions and activities cost more, and thus disincentivized those actions and activities from being engaged in, such as research and development by businesses, starting a new business, investing and savings by both individuals and businesses, and small business expansion and job creation, the actual things that can make us economically solvent again.  These such activities, or the lack thereof, do not occur in a vacuum, but have ripple effects that vibrates throughout the national economy.

But as egregious as the actions or inactions of the federal government are, what maybe even more unforgivable is the inability or unwillingness of the American people to hold the government and politicians accountable.  Too many Americans are oblivious regarding the dire straights the nation is in financially, and many others couldn’t care less.  Too many Americans have been conditioned to view political matters as something that can be left as someone else’s responsibility.  Too many taxpayers have no real idea how much in taxes they’re actually paying and where their money is going.  Too many Americans know more about the actions and activities of entertainers and sports athletes, who have no true affects on our lives, and have no idea who their congressional representative is or how their taxes will be effected through either the sequestration, the Bush Tax Cuts, Obamacare, or any of the  hundreds of laws that are annually passed in the Congress.  It truly doesn’t matter what the politicians do in D.C in the next couple of days if the majority of the populous have no real idea what they should be doing. The citizens of the United States and the American people have the representative government that we deserve and demand.  Jefferson warned us to be eternally vigilant to ensure that the government acts in our best interest.  If it doesn’t, and does so with impunity, we have only ourselves to blame.  And if the house’s finances are not put in order or at least be put on a path towards that end very soon led by a politically informed and engaged populous the nation will have no credit standings and the loan sharks will be doing more than cracking their knuckles.