Michael Brown: The Joke’s On You America

Here we go again. It seems as though someone has put another quarter in the anarchist in Ferguson, Missouri to cause them to start back up with more chaos. Now the ruckus is supposed to be about the Department of Justice [DOJ] Report of the Ferguson Police Department [FPD]. The report focused on it’s relations with the Black-American community. It claimed the FPD, as reported by the Washington Post,African Americans are impacted a severely disproportionate amount”. But as I read the report of the DOJ it appeared to go out of its way to side with the offenders, who were black. And to totally excuse the individuals behavior. Even if the individuals failed to obey stated rules of the courts, somehow the courts were at fault. The black population in Ferguson may make up over 60% of the population and yet make up nearly 90% of the arrest, the question should be whether the arrest were justified and lawful. If there are more blacks involved in criminal activity, they may be targeted by law enforcement more based on that fact. Then naturally they will be more likely arrested.  I’d like to see what would happened if blacks were to suddenly stop committing crimes. 

One of the most laughable things that the article highlighted was that the city focused on revenue rather than the public safety. That’s the case in every city of the United States. Its not racist for city police departments, or any police department, federal, or State, or city, to focus on raising revenue regardless of the benefit to the public. It’s business. And are there bad cops, or maybe ill-trained cops, absolutely. Every segment of the population has their bad apples. But, this is not what this is all about. This whole divisive and dramatic production is about making the police and authority the villain and criminal – the City Mgr. John Shaw, Municipal Court Judge Ronald Brockmeyer, Police Sgt. William Mudd, Police Capt. Rick Henke, City Court Clerk Mary Ann Twitty, and City Police Chief Tom Jackson have all lost their jobs in the wake of this tragic incident. It is not to say these individuals may have deserved punishment, but these actions totally ignores the actions of the true criminal and offender, 18 year old Michael Brown, a Black-American male. If he had not stolen the box of cigars and assaulted the store owner, he may still be alive. If he had complied with Officer Wilson’s commands, he may still be alive. And if he had not fought with Officer Wilson and attempt to get his weapon, he may still be alive.  He choose to do otherwise.  I call that a “you” problem.

Let us focus on Mr. Brown and the incident that is used as the excuse for all of this. First of all, the DOJ’s own investigation sides with Officer Wilson, according to a NPR March 4, 2015 article, clearly backs Wilson’s version of the incident; second,18 year old Brown was the aggressor in attacking Officer Wilson; third, Brown was not shot in the back, Brown was running toward Wilson, not away, when he was fatally shot; and forth, he [Mr. Brown] did not have his hands up when he was shot. Even Federal Attorney General Holder admitted that the “Hands up, don’t shoot” mantra that has become the rallying cry and marketing phrase of the myrmidons “is a complete falsehood”, as reported by Fox News. All of this flies in direct contrast to what is the popular regurgitated narrative being put out by the Media and the Administration.

But, the most passive observer, with even an ounce of inquisitiveness, should ask… how can so many people, seemingly

The man behind the curtain.

The man behind the curtain.

without a typical 9-5 job, afford to participate in these professionally organized “community” protest that have “organically’ sprung up all to defend the supposed unjust slaying of an 18 year Black-American male in a hence before mostly unknown city in Missouri? As reported by the, world renowned instigator, billionaire, extreme liberal, American-hater, and major Obama supporter, George Soros invested over $33 MILLION in the protests. How’s that for motivation? I bet that beats flipping burgers for most of the so-called “protestors”.

The masterfully orchestrated propaganda to re-write the events of that day and reshape and distort the view of the masses to depict Police Officer Wilson as the villain, the system as blatantly racist, and the 18 year old Mr. Brown as the “gentle giant” who’s the innocent, is stunning in its depth. It thoroughly legitimizes the notion that a lie can be told enough times that it will soon become the truth to many. To whip up so many citizens on the side of a story that is totally built on lies and deception lends credence to the term “useful idiots” as said by Vladimir Lenin and other Communist and Marxist -when people are used as pawns for a cause whose true agenda and purpose is unknown by them to incite disturbances and social discourse.

If the Black-American community want to genuinely protest something, they could they protest issues such as the epidemic out of wedlock child birth and single parents, mainly women, attempting to raise men and women for whom they are ill-equipped financially, mentally, or spiritually. Maybe they could vehemently protest the dumbing down of the government educational system that leaves blacks, and all Americans, functionally unable to economically achieve their dreams and compete academically on the world stage. Maybe the black community could protest the debilitating effect of the massive influx of low-skilled immigrants, particularly from Mexico, who are removing jobs from the economy that they traditional held. Or maybe the black community could protest the anti-achievement and entitlement mentality that retards many of the youth’s drive to be the best that they can be, while encourages many of them to seek government handouts and privileges. These would have been worthy and genuine issues for the mother of Michael Brown to voice when she spoke a the United Nations Committee Against Torture. But, of course she worked to extend her 15 minutes of fame and spoke of the supposed racial injustice by police. To do otherwise would have exhibited her as being more than a pawn, only able to be pushed one space at a time and easily expendable once her use is no longer needed.

The tragedy of the Michael Brown death has many layers. It has more to do with the systemic cancer that is making us severely ill as a nation: a severe lack of moral grounding and governance. A penal system that makes gross revenue criminalizing its citizenry. An educational system that graduates young citizens unable to capitalize on the extraordinary benefits of the greatest capitalist system in the world and dysfunctional in understanding their proper role and function in this Constitutional Republic; and too many are profiting on the discourse and division of this society – whether its over race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, or income. This tragedy was not caused by Officer Wilson, being Caucasian, shooting and killing 18 year old Brown just because he was black. This tragedy, and many others less publicized that are occurring out of sight of hot media cameras, is stark evidence that the cancer has successfully dulled our naturally instinct to courageously fight for real truth, to be curious of the intent of those in power, to be respectful of ourselves, and to be honorable to our neighbor.

The joke is that many of us are being lead blindly to believe that it is the American system that is in error, and not those who enact and enforce, or fail to enforce, the policies thereof, that are in error. But, as in the supposed fight against all cancers or dis-eases, the money is not in the cure, but the so-called treatment. The tragic error is in too many people believing that the system that was founded on the ideal that every individual has unalienable rights of freedom and has been the source of more wealth for individuals around the world than another in modern history is the cause of their suffering.  Then the alternative action is the opposite system- tyranny. At the end of the day it is up to us to chose the punch line.