The Minimization On The Black American Value Goes On As The Band Play On

Today as America approaches June 16th, the day in which slaves in Texas finally got the word that they were now free from slavery in 1863, will be celebrated as a national day of remembrance. But, unfortunately just as with most days that have been set aside for Americans, in general, to pause to give thanks, reflect, and maybe take to understand the purpose and significance of the day, instead too many Americans see it as just another day to party and have a cookout. The emancipation day for Texas of June 16th to me is no more significant than those days in other states such as, Mississippi on May 8th, Florida on May 20th, Washington D.C. on April 16th, Kentucky on August 8th, or Maryland on November 1st. First, I believe that it needs to be remembered that Lincoln’s Executive order freed only the slaves in the Rebel territories and not the country as a whole. And most of all, though it may have freed black Americans from physical bondage in the 1800’s, too many are captive to brutal mental bondage today. Where the deep laches of the mental abuse of the American blacks of today are far less apparent and obvious, the evidence of the abuse is very much so by the careful observer. The enactment of Juneteeth as a national holiday was most unnecessary, for Galveston, Texas has been celebrating it on it’s own since 1866 with little national attention. Compared to 15 years that it took for the birthday of famous Civil Rights Leader Martin Luther King’s Birthday to become a national holiday the expeditious manner in which Juneteeth became should make even the most passive observer pause and question, what is the big deal this? If you ask me, this was just another attempt to keep many of us looking back into the past, without any clear context or historical clarity, viewed through distorted negative lenses. While our attention is being driven to look behind us at the travesties that took place against the black American community, little light is being cast upon those that are being inflicted on it today. Here are nuggets for you to marinate on in regards to the mental dysfunctional state of black America today: • Blacks in America are the only people who have been renamed to refer to two continents, African-America [the continent of America and that of Africa]. • According to the National Vital Statistics Report of the CDC, nearly 70% of children born in the black American community are born to a signal mother. World renown economist Thomas Sowell has stated in 1965, when the Great Society began in earnest following the massive electoral landslide reelection of LBJ, the out-of-wedlock birthrate among the black community was 21 percent. • According to the 2019 CDC Abortion Surveillance, Black women had the highest abortion rate (23.8 abortions per 1,000 women) and ratio (386 abortions per 1,000 live births) • Since Roe v. Wade legalized abortion in 1973, abortion has killed an estimated 20 million black babies — more than the entire black population of 1960. According to WashingtonExaminer • At all ages, black Americans display lower marriage rates than do other racial and ethnic groups with fewer than two-thirds of black women reporting having married at least once by age 40, compared to nearly nine out of 10 white and Asian/Pacific Islander women. According to the National Institute of Medicine. • Black America has an estimated $1.3 trillion in buying power annually as of 2018. The Hispanic population tops them at $1.5 trillion. According to UGA 2018 study. • According to Black crime statistics, there was a 2:1 ratio between black violent crime offenders and black victims in 2018, out of the 4,636,730 serious crimes committed in 2018, 732,020 were committed by blacks, and 70.3% of the violent incidents suffered by black victims were committed by black offenders. • According to a 2020 Gallup Poll, The Democratic candidate for president over the five presidential elections since 2000 has averaged 91% of the Black vote. No other ethnic group in America comes anywhere close to such destructive numbers. And the mental dysfunction comes from the fact that the destruction is mostly self-inflicted and or self-enabled. The ramming through the Juneteenth to become a national holiday of the Democratic Party and creating another occasion for there to be a party has been most successful in covertly pushing the Black American community further and further back to the back of the bus and muzzling it’s voice. The black community has some serious issues there are not be addressed by the political creatures that it elects like myrmidons and no one seems to care that after some 60 years we don’t have anything to show for it to say that we are far better off economically and socially for the policies of the Democrat Party. Until that changes the black community will continue to dance on the deck of a ship that is quickly vanishing below the waterlines.

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