Green agenda surrenders sovereignty

The mad rush of the governments of U.S and Europe to a “green” world is nothing short of economic suicide that will end with Communist China standing over the corpses.  The insane haste of the Western powers to literally throw out the window energy resources such as oil, natural gas, and nuclear power that have provided their economic growth and first-world way of life without any thorough debate in their respective legislatures is sheer breathtaking if you were to just look at where we have come in America in just the past 3 years.

The Biden Administration has not made it any secret of its extreme hard-on to not only eliminate the coal industry, oil, and natural gas to be replaced with solar and wind.  By the way, none of these can function effectively without electricity produced by oil.  The Administration has rolled all this energy up led by its desire to have every vehicle driven by every American to be electric. And it looks to accomplish this as American’s standard of living and home income takes a dive and the prices of basic necessities go through the ozone.

The Unilateral Surrender of Energy Security of the West

As the governments of the U.S and Europe are being pushed unilaterally to disarm by surrendering their energy sovereignty and independence driven by the radical Political Progressive Left, Communist China is building more than half of the world’s new coal power plants, as reported by in March of this year.  In a recent report in Forbes, reported that “African countries, like their counterparts in Asia and Latin America, will not be thwarted in their climb up the very same energy ladder from wood and coal to refined oil and natural gas that the West used in its ascent to human betterment.”  Economic reality is beginning to slap many green energy pushers in the face with the realization of the TRILLION DOLLAR price tag of all out “decarbonization” and the fact that there is just not any ground swell of public support for their green eutopia.  Even in Western liberal hotbed nations, such as Sweden, Italy, and Finland, politicians are beginning to cool drastically to the idea, as the reports states.  Conservative forces here in America are rising up to fight against Bidens and extreme Libs’ green agenda in the heartlands and in the boardrooms to combat components of the Inflation Reduction Act [IRA] and the covert implementation of environmental, social, and governance [ESC] policies that had powerful financial advisory firms “forcing behavioral change in the corporate sector”.

The Man-God Agenda

The fact that we in America have allowed the government of the United States to push this agenda of Man-God and that we humans have the capability of literally saving the planet is the genesis of the 360 degrees of upside down environmental reality that we all find ourselves in today.  I strongly believe that if the earth should ever get tired of us, should we ever go too far in the wrong direction against it, it will take care of us. And there wouldn’t be anything that we could do about it.  The government has successfully imposed an agenda moving the nation away from our long trusted cost-efficient gas-powered vehicles to little-known expensive electric-powered vehicles and surrendering the luxury living standard of being a first-world nation with no true and open debate nor compelling reasoning as to why we have to do this so quickly other than we have the power to save the planet by reversing the growth of “global warming”.  The government says that it has to be so, so it has to be so. Right?… And with the hoard of Useful Idiots in the general public and the complicit National Media Complex, the slide into the economic abyss has been quickened big time.  The propaganda campaign that has been unleashed by the U.S. government upon the American people has been so intense and effective that it would make Goebbels blush three shades.  If Ford had this type of political and institutional cover millions of us would be driving Pintos.

Do You Really Want A EV?  Do Ya?

Do you believe that if more people knew of the stories such as the one by of Hurricane Idalia battered Floridians having their EVs catch fire after being exposed to saltwater, wouldn’t think twice before buying one?  How about the story from that reported, “If the majority of the evacuating vehicles were EVs, Florida would face a serious challenge in power supply,… that could affect six out of the nine main power authorities, especially those in mid-Florida, and “could induce cascading failure of the entire power network” throughout the state.”  EVs are fire hazards due to the fact their whole base is made up of lithium-ion batteries that can erupt into a chemical fire that can last for hours and that most fire departments are not prepared to deal with, as reported by -The National Fire Protection Assoc..   A report by Kelly Bluebook on the under-reported cost of an EV – after purchase- such as electricity cost, battery degradgation and replacement, repairs and maintainance, and the severe of driving range, charging infrastructure and not to mention that resale value goes down dramatically.  The website by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics– illustrated in a report the Trillions of dollars that it would cost to literally overhaul our nation’s infrastructure to be able to handle a mass surge of EV use. And how big a hit to the narrative of EVs being good for the environment if more people knew what was quietly reported by, “According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), an electric vehicle requires six times the mineral inputs of a comparable internal combustion engine vehicle (ICE). EV batteries are very heavy and are made with some exotic, expensive, toxic, and flammable materials … The primary metals in EV batteries include Nickel, Lithium, Cobalt, Copper and Rare Earth metals (Neodymium and Dysprosium). The mining of these materials, their use in manufacturing and their ultimate disposal all present significant environmental challenges. Ninety percent of the ICE lead-acid batteries are recycled while only five percent of the EV lithium-ion batteries are.”  Not to mention the highly questionable child labor concerns.

Communist China Wins?

So the rush to go “green”, particularly with regards to EVs, not only have some serious economic and moral issues that we should all be boldly questioning, but then we come to the 6,000-ton ape in the corner of the China shop, pun intended.  The clean energy space is COMPLETELY dominated by Communist China, as reported in, when it comes to clean energy technologies and their components, China averages 65% of global manufacturing capacity for clean energy technologies and their components, 96% for solar PV wafers.  WTF!!!  Where is our national win in any of this?