5 Reasons Why Joe Biden Is The Most Un-American U.S PresidentJoe Biden entered the Presidency of the United States under the most suspicious circumstances than any man in memorable U.S history. A majority of Americans today are questioning the legitimacy of his election. After spending his interior adult life in public office, including being Vice President for 8 years, he was losing to Socialist-Democrat Bernie Sanders in the 2020 Democrat Primaries up until South Carolina, and then seemingly a switch was turned on in all of the Democrat precincts that followed he became invincible and became the Presidential Nominee.  Coupled with a string of miraculous and inexplicable events during election night placed him in the seat of the Presidency of the United States.  A Presidential feat that is hauntingly reminiscent of the very questionable 1960 election of Democrat Kennedy over Republican Nixon.  Though history doesn’t look at the election of John Kennedy as a WTF moment, the election of Joe Biden has already invited a more decerning and concerning eye.

The election of Joe Biden as U.S President may forever be seen as the time that the United States forever turned from a path of make America great again to make America weak and infirm.

  • From day one of the Biden Administration Presidency it was hell-bent to reverse, obliterate, and demonize the very notion of a Make America Great Again policy, as sought by the man that he had removed, Donald Trump. He stopped all work to keep migrants from flooding into America from the southern border.  This administration, particularly the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Mayorkas, continues to dismantle the federal government’s ability to enforce immigration law. Since the Mayorkas memorandum came into force, ICE has reported the lowest numbers of arrests and deportations in the history of the agency.
  • After being energy independent for the first time since 1957 under Trump, Biden has done everything within his power to act as if that never happened and to plunge America into energy poverty and an energy desert. All seemingly for the benefit of Communist China. [Put a pin in this point] Biden’s push to go “green” is pushing prices through the roof due to the simple fact that everything runs on fossil fuel or uses some form of it in their products.  But interestingly, the one nation that is not rushing to kill its energy integrity by ending fossil fuel use is Communist China.   Neither is the U.S’s other global nemesis Russia ailing from the counterintuitive energy policies of the Biden Administration.  We should remember the main function and purpose of the government of the United States in relation to America as stated in the Constitution, We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, to insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.
  • The Biden Administration has clearly made the American people the enemy of the State, particularly if you are of the Conservative political persuasion and or a supporter of his political rival – Trump. More than 1,033 people on the day of January 6, 2021, had the misfortune of going to a political rally at the U.S Capital [The People’s House], headed by President Trump to express public support for him and his claim that the recent election was rigged.  Though there is no record of anyone being armed, the Administration and its Corporate Media accomplices wants badly for us all to believe that these 1,033 plus Americans sought to overthrow his government and destroy the Capital that day have the federal criminal book thrown at them.  “Around 47% of those arrested—485 individuals—have received criminal sentences, while the rest are waiting for their trials or haven’t yet reached plea agreements. According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia, 277 defendants were sentenced to periods of incarceration, with longer prison terms for those who engaged in violence or threats. So far, the median prison sentence for the Jan. 6 rioters is 60 days, according to TIME’s calculation of the public records”.[according to times.com]  But, controlling the narrative they, the Administration, the Democrat Party, and the complicit Media, have been able to control the presentation of the event to the American populace minus the 1,000 plus minutes of video of the actual event that former acclaimed Fox News reporter Tucker Carlson attempted to reveal to the people.  This should be a wake up call to us all as to when the government seeks to make its narrative our reality, we should all know what to expect if we should dare not to comply or be on the side of its opposition.
  • Biden with go down in American History as the President who brought transgenderism formally into the American culture and attempted to make it socially normal and equal to traditional gender identity and relations. It has gone to extraordinary links to make it the identity of America internationally and domestically by forcing the ideology into the government schools and media, and to go as far as to do the unspeakable and what is against federal code as hoisting the transgender flag side by side and equal to the national flag. Let’s keep in mind that the homosexual community as a whole is less than .4% of the American population.
  • Many of us have heard of stories of how the Clintons would make people “disappear” or make those who threatened them lives a living Hell, such as Vince Foster; and how Barack Obama would make the truth disappear, with the help of the Media, with claims such as, “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.”, and his overt favoritism of Marxist leaders and ideology. But with the severely compromised Media that has gone completely to the political Left and anti-America in their reporting and an American populace so politically divided and complacent like in no time before, Biden’s accession, after learning from his predecessors, has come at a most opportune time to work to destroy America from the most powerful seat of the U.S government via his dealings with Communist China.  In March of last year, S. Senators Reveal CCP-Controlled Company Funneled Millions To Biden Family To Represent ‘Spy Chief Of China’, as recently as January Documents Found at Biden Office Raise Concerns of CCP Connection were reported by Paul Kamenar, an attorney for the National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC).  Now we all know of the 4 plus years of unfounded reports of Trump’s covert relations with Russia and Vladamir Putin.  But, the Media, and the vast majority of the Republican Party, appear to be completely disinterested in the grossly apparent ties to current U.S President Joe Biden, his family, and the tops of the Communist Chinese Party, the same nation that possesses the greatest direct threat to America’s and the U.S’s very existence as a global power  – economically and militarily. Just last May politifact.com reported that the Republican-led House of Representatives discovered some very disturbing documents of Biden’s and Chinese financial entanglements that 40 years ago would be front page news and calls for Congressional hearings would be deafening. But the treasonist relationship between Biden and his family and the CCP is not anything new is the crazy part, everyone knows other than us, as reported back in 2020 reported by Justthenews.com. of a documentary on the Bidens-Chinese government deals.  One of the reported deals involved “Biden’s firm bought a company that provides dual-use technologies to the Chinese military.”  Can anyone say TREASON? Anyone??
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