2020 the year of consequense for America

The year 2020 will go down as one of the most turbulent and consequential years for America since the War Between the States, a.k.a., the Civil War.  But, what may be most noted by future historians is the extraordinary amount of power that was willingly transferred from the American people to the government, and the unprecedented level of blatant censorship and propaganda demonstrated by the National Media in all forms – electronic, print, and television.

The amount of information that was left on the cutting room floor this year for me is without measure in recent history for this once great nation. The unprecedented coordinated effort presented by the Liberal Progressives to squash truth and keep it from the people of America was extraordinary.  And they seemingly did not care who knew.  And it all centered around a man who unabashedly espouses to Make America Great Again, who happened to be the sitting President of the United States.

Here are just 11 highly relevant stories/events that were not allowed to be given much light for the American people to see by the National U.S News Media Complex.

I do not believe that 2020 would have turned out as turbulent as it did were it not for the herculean effort, not just by the U.S Media and government politicians to turn a minor virus that kills less than 5% of those who contracts it, has been reported to have killed less than two million people worldwide, and a virus that mostly affects people of 65 years old and older, the SARS-CV-2, a.k.a., the COVID-19 virus, into the second coming of the Black Plague, but the acquiescence of this notion by the American people.

  • Lockdowns and Mask Mandates Do Not Lead to Reduced COVID Transmission Rates or Deaths. The initial 14-day period to “lower the curb” of the virus was put forth by the federal government in March. And then President Trump put forth measures to get the American economy back open, so as to not allow the “cure” for the virus to kill the country.  Then the vampires of “Big Brother” and “Big Government” dared not to let a good crisis go to waste by using a tool that only works on T.V, never in real life.  They saw the blood of freedom dripping of those who patriotically offered it to the government.  And wanted more.  It sought to impose more and longer-lasting impositions and restrictions by edict, such as the confinement to our homes and the wearing of masks of nearly all ages. But, if mask mandates worked successfully to curtail a virus, the most passive observer must ask, Why has it not been demanded that we mask up during harsh flu seasons?  And if mask mandates work so well why is that States such as New York, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maryland, who have had mask mandates in place since April still seeing huge spikes in affection rates?  I am not saying that the virus doesn’t kill. But the logical question that we should be asking, and what President Trump was attempting to render a solution to, Is this virus worth the economic, social, and psychological carnage that no other has ever been allowed to inflict on our nation, that according to the Foundation for Economic Education will drive the federal debt to unprecedented heights?.
  • The government restricts the freedoms of those who are the less affected by COVID-19. Rather than focusing energies on the most vulnerable segment of the population, the government has sought to close K-12 schools and denigrate an educational system that was already lagging behind other industrialized nations, close or restrict adults from going to bars, and stay closed in at home away from their businesses and work.  CDC Provisional COVID deaths
  • World Economic Forum Founder Claims World Will “Never” Return to Normal. It is said that a habit is formed after a certain act[s] is repeatedly done over 21 days. So what do you think will happen if people’s lives are suddenly thrown into disarray by government edicts, for 9 months or longer, with no cohesive rational explanation, time period, seemingly no or little recourse for just compensation?  It won’t work out well.  And it won’t be right for a very long time.
  • In spite of the fact that the Center for Disease Control [CDC] graphs indicate that the virus death rates have never exceeded approx. 25.5% of the nation’s population, and is currently in a decline in the heart of winter, you wouldn’t know it via the National Media Complex. The role of the National Media to spread the propaganda of fear into the homes of the American people has been nothing short of breathtaking and irreprehensible. They have not passed on any opportunity to drive us closer to the ledge of panic and fear.  You want to seriously question what’s truly behind the huge frantic push for vaccination.national-activity-indicators
  • LOCK STOCK Sweden’s coronavirus herd immunity plan ‘vindicated’ as just 1.3% of residents test positive despite no lockdown. Question, if you were in the fight of all times. And you felt that you may be losing.  Would you not want to maybe get a word from someone who appeared to be fairing better than you in battling the same foe? Logically you would.  Sweden has taken the path ignored by America and most of the western world. And is overall fairing miraculously well.  Why do most of us not know anything of their success? Europe Daily COVID19 cases
  • 30 Good Things President Trump Has Done for America. For being the first citizen President of the United States in modern times, that’s not from academia, but from the streets of New York. And who is a successful businessman, not from the Establishment Political Class.  And having survived 4 years of constantly having boulders being hurled at his head simply because he was driven to bring back Americanism. Trump has experienced in this nation arguably not seen since President Ronald Reagan. The visceral hate and disdain from not only without his political party, but from within.  The fact that he has been able to achieve anything in itself is a miracle.  He has been the virtual turd in the punch bowl of the political elites and globalists who want America to be just another member at the world table, and not at the head of it.  What he has accomplished economically in less than 4 years is a feat that will not be perspicuously revealed to show what can be done in D.C if there is a sincere will to do it; for the betterment of America.
  • BigTech doesn’t promote public health when media and tech companies stifle debate. We have entered a truly Orwellian era when truth is unrecognizable and is made relative depending on the wishes of the State.  Case in point: Trump would have won 311 Electoral College votes if media weren’t biased.  &  Twitter and Facebook successfully sacked anything negative news regarding Democrat Presidential Candidate Joe Biden and his son’s connection with the Communist Chinese.  Unlike in any time in American history arguably has the full weight and might of the United States Established Media Complex – social media, print media, television news media – and some members of the Established Political Complex publically and without shame or public reservation targeted a sitting U.S President for social and political assassination. They have revealed themselves as more than biased to the Socialist/Communist/Progressive political persuasion.
  • Joe Biden Magically Outperformed Election Norms. If we were living in a more morally constituted era, like our grandparent’s time, if someone were to publically call a man a liar or a cheat it would be grounds for a fight, or at least an attempt by the accusee to publically rebut the claims and maybe help in the resolution. But, we are not in those times. And it is this guy, Joe Biden, who may become the president?.
  • Foundation With Biden Campaign Ties Funding Leftist Agitators On U.S. Streets. If you like many of us who witness the eruption of seemingly endless masses of “spontaneous” riots/protest that took place throughout the spring and summer, and finding refuge in many Democrat political jurisdictions, and you wondered, who was funding all of this?  How were they getting away with this?  Wonder no more.
  • BLMS already has the endorsement of the National Education Association, the largest teachers union in the U.S. Yes, this lit’l juicy nugget seems to have been deemed of totally no interest to the National News Media Complex.  The group, Black Lives Matters, Inc. whose founders espouses the elimination of the traditional Western family, wants to abolish the “patriarchal” practice of a father serving as head of the household, are pro transgenderist, anti-Christian, and wants to defund the police, wants to gain unfettered access to your child’s firtle minds.
  • CIA told Obama of claim Hillary Clinton conjured Trump-Russia scandal. Is there anything more that needs to be said regarding this?  Just SMH!!

I believe that the year 2020 will be seen by future historians as the most pivotal and consequential year since 1861 for America.  Our value of freedom is being tested.  We are arriving to the moment that when we as Americans are being asked to either pull up our zipper, pull up our pants, or get the hell out of the stalls.  Some two hundred and twenty-five years ago, Benjamin Franklin, as he exited Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was prophetically asked, “What do we have a monarchy or a republic?” He replied, “A republic, IF we can keep it.”  It must be remembered that this nation is one of will, not laws.  Whoever can impose their truth on the other is whose will that will be done. What is your truth?  What America do you want to keep for your posterity?