QuestionAs America passes through arguably the most challenging times socially & economically since the Civil War, Americans are thirsting for information that they can trust and believe in to make appropriate decisions in how to chart these unprecedented and uncertain waters.  Many of us look to the national Media for answers.  But unfortunately, we only find a National Media that has chosen to give the American people mainly what the Democrat Party wants them to give us.  Something tells me that this is far from what the Founders intended when they made the News Industry. i.e., the Press, the only industry specifically mentioned and protected in the First Amendments to the Constitution.

The National News Media has always slanted to the Progressive Left.  You just have to look at how highly taughted and famed NY Times reporter Walter Duranty and his deliberate lying to the American people in the 1930’s regarding Soviet leader Stalin’s slaughter of approx. 6 million Ukrainians.  He actually won the Pulitzer Prize for his false reporting.  But these days, arguably since the election of Barack Obama, all pretense of the Media being objective and unbiased reporters has been removed to the point it cares not to even try to hide its bias.  They have literally become the propaganda arm for the Democratic Party today unabashedly.

I know that I cannot be the only one who watches the reporting by the National News Media Complex and wonder if even they truly believe in the words that are coming out their mouths.  Their open hypocrisy in how they report, what they report, and who they report on is a work of art to witness.  During the 4 plus years of the Republican Trump Administration, he literally couldn’t do anything right or good.  His name was mud to the Media even before he was elected. The slightest thing that he or anyone associated with him that seemed the slightest bit inappropriate the Media was on it like hyenas on a fresh kill. Contrast the Media’s attitude to the highly questionable actions of the Democrat President Joe  Biden and his Administration, they seem to have totally lost their sense of smell.

Here are just five of the top questions that the National U.S News Media simply have no interest or desire in honestly asking or informing the American people of:

  1. How is it that more Americans have died reportedly due to Covid-19 this year, with the obscene proliferation of vaccines, compared to last year?  On November 4 reported, “the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had recorded 386,233 deaths involving COVID-19 in 2021, compared with 385,343 in 2020.” Huh.  And the year is not over yet.  Huh.  Now, if this was under the Trump Administration do you think that this news would not be running day in and day out?
  2. Why is Natural Immunity and other proven alternative remedies to combat the Covid-19 virus not given any positive airing by the National News Media? A report in, reported on a study done by Qatar researchers stated, “People who have recovered from COVID-19 are at little risk of contracting the disease again.”  One would think that that would be touted as fantastic news.  There is an unholy alliance that seems to have been formed between world governments and the Big Pharmaceutical Industry where there is vast evidence that alternative remedies such as ivermectin have had significant success in countries such as Argentina and India, as well as hydroxychloroquine. The greatest kept secret of the Media surrounding the vaccines is the reports of that reports that there has been approx. 664,744 reports of negative reactions to the vaccines, over 8,000 have resulted in death, and over 83,000 requiring urgent care.  Isn’t funny in all of the promotions of the vaccines that are less than a year old since being publically unleashed onto the public we do not hear of one negative side effect while we hear of seemingly 10 pages of possible side effects to taking prescribed erectile dysfunction drug on every commercial? Let that marinate on your minds for a tic.
  3. Is there a conflict of interest concerning Dr. Anthiny Fauci? How many of you would be surprised to know that Anthony Fauci is the highest paid federal government employee? That’s right. He is getting paid more than the President of the United States.  The only reason that he is important is due to this “pandemic”. More importantly, the company that he is also employed, The National Institutes of Health [NIH], may have a financial stake in one of the main vaccines that are being pushed by the government, Moderna, according to On top of all of this, Dr. Fauci and his NIH actually funded the Communist Chinese Wuhan lab where the coronavirus more than likely originated, according to  So let’s recap, the main man that the Media wants everyone to see as the benevolent protector of Americans from this Ebola-like virus [not], is getting paid by the U.S taxpayers more than the President, receives a check from the company that not only has a financial interest in having as many people to get injected with one of the main vaccines as possible but, alone with U.S government helped create the coronavirus in a Communist Chinese lab.  And the Media still gives him a platform as though he is all-knowing regarding the virus and still toss rose petals at his feet and praises him as he demands that everyone on the planet, except him and his undoubtedly, take more of the experimental drug that will make him and his family financially set for millennia. If it wasn’t real, this would make an awesome movie. Admittedly, we have to look at Trump’s decision to bring this man to the forefront of this from the beginning.  But today, if this news all came to light under Trump he would be being hung by his political testicles and more by the Media.  But under Biden, crickets…
  4. Why is Biden and his Administration blatantly ignoring federal law when it comes to keeping illegal migrants out of America and covid mandates? The media wanted everyone to believe that Trump was an authoritarian, nonsense, Biden certainly appears to be, with the assistance of the Media.  In a recent article by the Biden Administration is allowing left-leaning non-profit groups to smuggle illegal migrants into the country and avoid the law. As I have stated many times in my writings, it is a federal offense to aid abide people who are in the country illegally, the Federal Immigration and Nationality Act Section 8 USC 1324(a)(1)(A)(iv)(b)(iii), “Any person who . . . encourages or induces an alien to . . . reside . . . knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that such . . . residence is . . . in violation of law, shall be punished as provided . . . for each alien in respect to whom such a violation occurs . .. fined under title 18 . . . imprisoned not more than 5 years, or both.”PERIOD! Do you think that Biden doesn’t know of this federal law?  Also, this Administration is purposefully negating to execute federal immigration laws with impunity due to the complicit Media.  And why stop with ignoring federal immigration law.  This Administration is giving the middle finger to several federal appellate courts that have smacked done its attempt to impose coronavirus-19 mandate via the Executive Branches’ administrative authority, such as through Occupational Safety and Health Administration [OSHA] and Medicare and Medicaid facilities.  But he is still encouraging those businesses to impose his edict. If this vaccine was truly for the good of the people, we the people would know, I believe.  And then,
  5. What about the Bidens and the Communist Chinese? For 4 plus years the Media did its best to invent a literal treasonous connection between Donald Trump and Russia.  To the point that it and their democrat comrades in the Congress actually had an Impeachment Trial that fortunately ended in failure.  But with Biden and his family, there is not just smoke, but a 20-alarm blaze that the Media is determined to be as disinterested as possible and keep the American people unaware and ignorant, reminiscent of the Media’s covert love affair with the Socialist Soviet Union in the ‘30s.  Today it appears to be a more dangerous Communist China via the Bidens.  According to, and other sources, Joe Biden, his son Hunter, and his brother, all have made millions from their Communist Chinese relationship, irregardless of the negative national security implications.  This goes way back to Joe Biden’s time in the Senate in 2000, the report says, when he was on the important  Senate Foreign Relations Committee and he championed normalized trading with Communist China.  Ever since then, China has been given our lunch and dinner, with dessert.  The report states, when the PRC [People’s Republic of China] ascended to the WTO, America has lost 3.7 million jobs to China. Outsourcing manufacturing to the PRC has hollowed out the U.S. manufacturing base and decreased American competitiveness, slowing innovation. Additionally, it has left the U.S. dependent on supply chains that China controls, including supply chains for defense critical materials.  Throughout Biden’s political career he seems to have inexplicably sided with Communist China, and his son is up to his eyeballs with Jinping.  Could Biden and the Dems love affair with Communist China be the reason for their insistent push to have America “transition” from traditional energy sources that we have an abundance of such as, coal, natural gas, and oil to “green” energy, an industry that the Communist Chinese literally controls approx. 80% of, and that Hunter Biden himself reportedly aided them to further dominate? And they want to totally memory hole the fact that just 12 months ago America was energy independent.  A true curious News Media would want to know the answer to these questions, and many others, and report it to the unaware public as the Founders intended.

My grandma used to say, there is something in the milk that ain’t clean.  When the federal government starts to blatantly subvert and or ignore their own laws with impunity we should be asking WHY?  Is it receiving orders from a higher power than those of which they have sworn to protect as in, We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America?  When seemingly nearly every country on the planet, particularly in the West, appear to be acting in unison to force their citizens, from the youngest to the oldest, to have injected into their bodies a fatally flawed experimental drug, we should wonder who are the players that are financially benefiting from the unprecedented attempt have the whole world “vaccinated”.  Follow the money. Don’t drink the milk.