Atlas Shrugged: Fiction or Reality?

ayn ryanThe other day I watched the second installment of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged movie. Though it had been some time since I saw the first part of the sequel of 2011, this one rekindled disturbing eeriness that the first one left in me. The sense that this book, and movie, is hitting just a little too close to the reality of today, particularly in America.

This movie centers around what our world would be if the government was not governed by the tenets or principles of documents, such as the Constitution, where the right of citizens to their life, liberty, and property, i.e., pursuit of happiness, were supreme, that restricted the reach of the government, but was governed by what was good for the society, or majority, as a whole, PERIOD! This governmental ideology was greatly stifling to the producers, innovators, and entrepreneurs.

Both individuals and companies were taxed and regulated simply based on their capacity to earn, and produce. And the amount of their wealth was to be redistributed and made accessible to those based on their need and want. Words and phrases such as “fairness”, “the collective”, and “the common good” were used by government representatives and agents like they were getting points of word usage.

Industries of production were being placed under government control. There was a strict limit on the amount of money companies could earn. And if a company sought to exceed the government imposed profit limits or act counter to the demands of the government, they were run out of business, or faced prison time and or crippled with financial penalties. Some owners and creators of businesses even went as far as to destroy that which they had spent a life time to create, rather than let the government have it. Citizens of great wealth and talents were being taxed to the point that many of them chose to simply no longer work or exercise their God-giving talents and skills – to disappear. There were scenes of mobs of citizens championing the agenda of the government to tax the “evil rich” to give them more of their wealth. But their tunes soon changed once they saw the consequences of businesses and producers being so heavily taxed and regulated.  It meant that fewer of them had jobs, the price of goods sky-rocketed, and their quality of life plummeted.

But that’s just fiction. Make-believe. Right?

Have you been listening closely to the words that have been coming out of the mouths of the government creatures over the past 6 years, or so? Have you been paying attention to their actions, and the results thereof?

Before Mr. Obama became president he let it be known that taxes should be raised on the producers, not for the sake bettering of the nation’s economy, but for the sake of “fairness”. With regards to the coal and the energy industry, he promised to bankrupt the coal industry and regulate the nation’s energy complex, supposedly so that we may all have clean air, to the point that the natural ramifications would be soaring energy prices for the folks, you and I. In order for everyone to have healthcare, and have someone else pay for it, the government passes Obamacare, i.e., The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Obamacare is forecast to raise healthcare cost and encourage people to not work. There has been more regulations placed on the American economy and industry like in no time in our history that have acted like a 2,000 ton albatross around the angle of the nation. Coupled with the unprecedented fact that there are over 98 million citizens not working and over 100 million on Food Stamps. Even though the top income earners are paying the vast majority of the federal taxes, the ignorance of the populous leads them to demand the wealthy pay more of their “fair share”.  To top it all off, a record number of U.S citizens, the producers, are turning in their U.S Passports. 

The simple fact is if you were to look around at every other nation that has the government as the main engine of the economy, whether it’s socialists as in Greece, Sweden, or England, the E.U is an economic dumpster fire, or communist/authoritarian as in North Korea, Russia, or China, were you have to force people to stay at gun point, they all have several things in common; one, none of them can naturally out produce America on a per-ca pita basis, two, many of their best and brightest hit a granite ceiling, their income or what they can earn, no matter how talented or productive they may be, is capped by the government. That causes many of them to stay and suffer, stop producing, or leave the country all together. And three, the nation’s economies will eventually stall or collapse under the sheer weight of there being more people on the dole of the government than paying into it.

But, since economic and historical weights are what are most absent from this production, America appears to be headed down this already worn out path of government-centralized power that has yet to create a economic super power.  Where the drive to dare to dream and to get rewarded for your success, as well as feel the sting of your failures, the education of life, is suppressed by the big hand of the government. Despite the popular perception, government does not create any wealth. It can only redistribute wealth. But, eventually even the greatest most powerful government will run out of people to redistribute from. America was created to be different. Where people controlled the government. Where the individual had his unalienable rights to his property, his life, and his liberty protected above the cries of the “common good” or the collective. But if this theatre continues to play out, where more of us surrender more of our responsibilities and liberties to the government, more of us will be asking, Where is John Gault?.

Why Are Obama’s Recent Actions And Comments A Surprise Regarding Wealth Distribution? He Is What He Has Always Said He Was.

Today Mr. O called for more redistribution of wealth. What is surprising is not that he said it, what is surprising to me is that anyone is actually surprised that he said it. Since he has been in the public life he has clearly displayed and demonstrated his core belief of wealth redistribution and a government-centered economy, not just by his words, but by his actions and by the people who he has associated with. Obviously many of us just were not paying attention. The Cowboys must have been playing.

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Will Obama Be Remembered As The Man To Finally End America As We Have Known It?

I read two of the most bizarre and troubling stories that I actually found myself stopping, shutting my eyes tightly, and reopening them just to be sure of what I was reading and seeing was true and that it wasn’t in the satire part of the paper. But, unfortunately it was not. One story was from the EU Times reporting that the Obama Administration at the June 25th, 17th Joint U.S.-Russia Cooperation Committee on Emergency Situations entered into a pact giving Russian troops authorization to “aid” in securing “mass events”, such as the Super Bowl, even presidential inaugurations, and major disasters within the United States. The EU Times also reports that during the last month the Administration “requested at least 15,000 Russian troops trained in disaster relief and “crowd functions” [i.e. riot control] be pre-positioned to respond to FEMA Region III during an unspecified “upcoming” disaster.” Oh by the way, the FEMA Region 3 includes the District of Columbia. This is like something from the movie “Red Dawn”, except this is actually real.

But, doesn’t Obama’s reign as the President of the United States seem like a bad movie regarding America? I’m hard pressed to ever hear of someone being elected U.S President who has shown such egregious favor to principles, ideals, and beliefs that are so intellectually repugnant to that of America and the American people. The fact that such a man could be elected not once, but twice by the American people will go down in history as the biggest W.T.F moment ever. It too is the surest indication that the majority of the American people have been thoroughly conditioned to take style over substance even in the most serious of matters. No other president has made it his personal mission to “fundamentally change” our nation’s societal integrity as Mr. O has despite coming into office while the nation is hurting from the worst economic depression since ’29, is sharply declining in academic rankings amongst other industrialized nations, and with Communist China growing to be a serious threat not just economically, but militarily. The one gleaming, and equally unreported, news is that America is extremely rich in natural energy resources. According to Energy for America.Org, “The amount of oil that is technically recoverable in the United States is more than 1.4 trillion barrels, with the largest deposits located offshore, in portions of Alaska, and in shale in the Rocky Mountain West….Total supplies of natural gas in North America dwarf those of other countries…North American recoverable coal could provide enough electricity for the United States for about 500 years at current levels of consumption”. Don’t tell me, you are surprised to hear this if you listen to Mr. O’s verbal assault on oil and coal in this country.

This is just a sample of Mr. O’s Administration’s dubious reign- thus far:

  • Obama-care and the Dodd-Frank Act will saddle America and U. S citizens with Trillions of debt for DECADES. Obama-care is estimated to cost $26 Trillion in just the first decade alone.
  • He has added more debt in his first 4 years to the federal government than all of the previous presidents…combined. And he has put the federal government on a financial path that Fed Chairman Bernanke called, “unsustainable trajectories of deficits and debt…because creditors would never be willing to lend to a government with debt, relative to national income, that is rising without limit.” . As reported by, “While the official debt is sitting at $15.66 trillion, the additional amount of unfunded liabilities owed by the United States government is a mind-numbing $115.49 trillion, bringing the total debt level to $131 Trillion . But, let Mr. O tell it “the government doesn’t have a spending problem”. Right. Ever wonder why the government seems to be surrendering a lot of property and “gifts” to Red China?
  • Before the echoes of his first inauguration celebration could wane, he’s off apologizing for America’s past dominance to everyone and anyone he could get in front of – friend or foe. And he has made this a theme like no other president. He has most recently displayed his knack of apologizing and blaming America, for which he is supposed to represent and have sworn to protect, in Mexico this past May when he said, “that much of the root cause of violence that’s been happening here in Mexico, from which so many Mexicans have suffered, is the demand for illegal drugs in the United States” and that “we also recognize that most of the guns used to commit violence here in Mexico come from the United States.”
  • With a combination of his Keynesian Economic philosophy and extreme belief in wealth-redistribution, under the guise of “fairness”, governmental regulations, particularly on the energy industry, has been unmerciful and the number of Americans dependent on the government and unemployment has sky-rocketed.
  • Despite his fervent hollow claims of being a Christian and impartiality towards the Muslim religion,his actions speaks otherwise. He bans all unfavorable references to Islam. But, aren’t we supposed to be at “war” with extremists of that religion? And weren’t extremist individuals of that religion supposedly responsible for the September 11, 2011 attacks on the Pentagon and World Trade Center? And are they not fostering havoc all over the world in the name of that religion and consider us, Americans, infidels – non-believers – and that Christians and Muslims have been at religious philosophical odds since the 11th Century Crusades? I’m just asking.

The attempt to transform America into a common state of the world or bringing America’s living standard down has been an eternal work in progress since our nation’s creation. Former 1953 Ford Foundation President Horace Gaither, Jr said once “[The task is to] covertly lower the standard of living, the whole social structure, of America so that we can be merged with all other nations.” And it’s not unknown that history has witnessed great empires such as Ancient Rome implode due to societal degradation. The father of propaganda, Edward Bernays said, “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the [public] is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.” And in no other time with our obsession with intellectual frugality, severe aversion to political matters and self-responsibility, and the abject absence of our nation’s founding principles evidenced in the nation’s populace has America been so vulnerable to blindly presume in the good intentions of a president or government without true character and moral examination.  Too many of us have been lulled asleep by governmental paternalism.

America has been defined by its guidance of “Divine Providence”, not by man. It matters less the name of the man given blind allegiance and trust to stay within his Constitutional bounds or adhere to his oath to secure our blessings of liberty. But it is up to each of us to instinctively ensure that he does and to hold him viciously accountable when he does not. History shall only record how we surrendered our birth rite of freedom. Benjamin Franklin may have said it prophetically, A nation of well informed men who have been taught to know and prize the rights which God has given them cannot be enslaved. It is in the region of ignorance that tyranny begins”.

Is there another Iron Lady,or Ron Reagan, for America?

The Iron Lady speaks the truth about liberal socialist and redistribution of wealth.

The voters who blindly married Obama in 2009 should be beginning to believe the rumors.

In my many discussions with people who supports Mr. Obama fervently it is much like trying to convince a guy that his wife is cheating on him.  No matter if his best friends were to show him pictures of her naked with her head planted between a guy’s legs, with her one of a kind tattoo visible clear as day, he sternly denies that it is her.  But there are just somethings that cannot be argued away with one’s more than bizarre behavior and actions no matter how much he would like to believe in his heart the contrary.  With so many people telling you similar stories of her deceit, infidelity and treachery they can’t all be lies.  Such is the case with Mr. Obama.

Many U.S voters casted ballots for Obama on an extraordinary binge of emotional ecstasy of the promise that he would be “the one” who would be the most honest, the one who would take care of home, have all those mean neighbors love us, bring prosperity to the home, and most of all be faithful.  Life with him would be THE BEST EVER!  He was the DA ONE!  Right?.

But the actions that he has demonstrated since taken his vows, even with the retake, leaves his words and promises hollow and in serious doubt.  He would want us to believe him when he presents himself to be of America and loves it beyond all overs, but his mother raised him mostly in foreign Muslim lands, in private schools,  and emersed him in socialist/communist values and cultures. He didn’t actually step foot on the continental United States until he entered college. And according to his own book, “The Dreams from My Father”, Obama’s childhood mentor, referred to as “Frank”, was Frank Marshall Davis, a big time communist.  Hum!

Ever since gaining the seat as president of the U.S he has adamantly professed to want a strong economy for the U.S, yet he first saddles the American people with more debt than that of the total all of the former Presidents with the “Stimulus” Bill and the greatest transfer of the private economy to the government with Obamacare since the Social Security System was enacted. He has virtually shut of domestic oil drilling on government lands and waters. With his onerous regulations that has drained the nation’s economy, according to 10/2011 article, an estimated $100 million to $4.1 billion.  And he has exacerbated the issue of illegal immigration of Mexicans, and other low-skilled foreigners, by 20 times to more expeditiously worsen the employment and economic plight of the under-educated and low and middle class youths and adults who are legal citizens. And oh, he has before publicly stated that his favors tried n true wealth creating plan of  wealth redistribution, more than once.  Remember the “Joe the plumber” incident when he was candidate Obama? Humm!

And  now after taking the lead in sacking two prominent neutral and extremely American-friendly Arab countries, Libya and Egypt, and looking to sacking another big sovereign state, Syria, to make way for the extremely Islamic radical and anti-American  Muslim Brother, while giving the bionic stiff arm to the one true democratic nation in the region, Israel, he wants us to believe that the current eruption in the Middle-East is again both spontaneous, emotionally initiated by some benign event, and that the U.S was taken completely by surprise and the events were unanticipated?  Really?!  Are we as a nation still to believe that Mr. Obama really took his oath, seriously?  Are we as a nation to believe through Mr. Obama’s actions and with all of the rumors swirling about him of his utter contempt and disdain for America, it’s history, it’s values and traditions, and it’s dominant place in the world, so much that an actual top-rated box office movie documentary has been made of him, 2016 The Movie, are all lies?  Really?  Is there an foreign adversary leader that he has yet to bow to, figuratively or actually?

At some point the husband looking at the picture of his wife/spouse with her face planted in the crouch of another guy can no longer be simply excused with her denial that it wasn’t her or that she accidentally tripped and fell into that position.  All of the rumors revealed by friends and strangers of her deceitfulness and infidelity are all not liars and haters.  The question that you should be asking is what else has she been lying to you or deceiving you about.  And can you soon divorce yourself from her to start anew applying higher standards?  Or become resign to the fact the you may one day see that one of a kind tattoo on a amateur porno website and your priceless family jewels on the shelves in the home of a hated neighbor.  This is what we as a nation faces should we chose to continue with someone like Mr. Obama as president.