Crumbling America

I believe that even the most passive observer of America over the past 12 years sees that the fundamental transformation of America is entering it’s final couple of laps.  With the explosion of “Wokism”, secularization, Critical Race Theory, and genderfracturing, and the outright assault on Americanism, with seemingly no or scant pushback, the America that many of us that are at least 50 years old have known is over.

Who could have possibly imagined 30 or 20 years ago that the day would ever come that in America historical monuments would be torn down, destroyed, or removed from public view with very little public debate just because it is said to offend someone?  Who could have imagined that policemen could be made the villain in an altercation with a criminal simply due to the fact that the officer happens to be White and the criminal Black even before a trial?  And that even a reality tv show Cops could be removed from American airwaves just because it highlighted what the police actually do in the line of work?  That even Ol’ Glory or standing for the flag could be deemed racist? Or that even what can be defined as a boy or a girl would ever come into question or reason for debate?  But yet, here we are.  How many remember when the flag and the virtues of America were unassailable? Any assault on them by anyone would be defended vigorously and unapologetically by any American anywhere without question.

The masculine ego that has served our nation that has arguably been the identifying trait of our nation since its inception seems to have been stamped “Expired”.  And it has been replaced with a stark feminine persona that is a more gentler, wants less to offend, and goes out of its way to seek security over freedom.  I do not believe that the extreme response of the government to the coronavirus, with the total abandonment of the cherished American concept of personal responsibility and limited government, the spending of trillions of taxpayer dollars with no expression of accountability and extreme frivolousness, would have been even thought of to be imposed on the American people 30 or 20 years ago.

Who could have imagined that nearly every institution who we have looked up to be the one to be the check on anyone or anything that dared to defame or threaten our national integrity and would always seek to reinforce national harmony and cohesion whether it be corporate America, the national media, the church, the education system, the courts, and the office of the Presidency of the United States itself?  In a recent article by, the U.S military is the most trusted institution in the country – with 75%.  It was tied with the scientific community – which may answer the question of why is the phrase “trust the science” has been so politicized over the past year.  Overall trust in Congress and the U.S government are surprisingly at 44% and 49%, respectively. Religious leaders are trusted by 55% of those polled. While the education system comes in at just 57%.  The Media, as you probably can understand, is the most polarizing, depending on what side of the political fence you are on.  It comes in at 44% with corporate America coming in at 42%.  But, despite the merciless bashing by the National Media and Entertainment Complex, the police comes in at a strong 68% trustworthiness.  What I find interesting in these findings is that we trust those institutions that would be the last line of defense in times of total chaos and lawlessness and not those who you would think of in good tranquil times.

Today in America the mere presence of the so-called African-American’s existence in the country, where they can do nothing wrong, they are the poster child for the ultimate victim, and that no matter their lack of self-responsibility for their negative circumstances or situation, it is ultimately deemed not their fault but that of the White population.  And this is mostly due to too many of us getting the story of the supposed crimes that were inflicted on the “African-American” hundreds of years by the White population from sources that tells a story and not the facts.  We do not hear the fact that there were Negroes, i.e., Blacks,  present on this continent long before Columbus’ trip to the Caribbean.  No one wants to talk about the over 300,000 European slaves or of the large number of Blacks that were actual slave owners. And lets not forget the little historical gem that it was the Democrat Party who created the Klu Klux Klan and laws to disenfranchised the Black-American population.  The successful portrayal of the American Black as a vagrant, a pauper, and to not have contributed anything of real value to society outside of entertainment and sports delegitimizes the fact that if the Black-American community was graded as a nation, its GDP would be in the top 10 in the world with its $3+ TRILLION in after-tax buying power.  As for inventions and patents by American Blacks or contributions to society, lets just say, if not for those inventor’s inventions, we would be closer to the Flintstones than the Jetsons.  How much do you believe these simple facts would make a cosmic difference in our culture and society?

It is the supposed injustices of the African-American, both past and current, that have been used as a tool to keep the middle and lower classes mainly squabbling and distrustful of one another.  It is the supposed continued mistreatment of the African-American that has spawned cries of mistreatment by the all dominant and suppressive White population, in particular the White or Caucasian-European male, towards the female.  It has given rise to the irrational notion of gender “equality”. So then there’s social “equality”. So then you have to have income “equality”.  So, now we are faced with having to accept whole cloth and without examination the reality of equality to the extreme. That the marriage between a man and a woman is equal to that of a woman and woman or a man to another man or a human marriage to a Ferris Wheel – no, not a joke.

Even the transgender community has sought to wrap themselves in the cloth that has protected the socially destructive actions of the African-American community for its benefit. To even question or not accept the mere validity of someone who just one day says that he or she believes that they are meant to be of the other sex is equated to being racist. Truth and reality have been made relative and fluid in today’s America.  “It” is whatever one believes “it” is.  What?…

In the Bible, when Saul was on his way to Damascus to punish more Believers Jesus did not ask him why he was going to punish them – the Believers.  Jesus did however ask Saul why he was going to punish Him – Jesus.  The banishment of the Judaeo-Christian Bible and it’s tenets from the public schools, from the public square, has led to its public debasement and gross marginalization in the American culture whose very establishment and formation was predicated on the teachings and tenets of the Bible, particularly when it comes to the raising of the youth, cannot be understated.  For the first time in our nation’s history, less than 50% of Americans belong to a church.  Couple that with the explosion in popularity of those who want to self-identify as “none”, i.e., non-religious or non-affiliated to a religion is a clear sign that we are heading to some seriously hard, challenging, divisive times in our culture and society.  I summarize that all of the attacks by Progressive Liberals on the traditional social order of America and nature itself is inevitably an attack on the Bible and Christendom.  The Constitution and America’s Declaration of Independence used the Bible as a primary reference.  This explains why Christianity and America’s founding documents have been made Public Enemy #1.  The success and prosperity of America and the Bible are join at the hip.  If Americans were to lose total faith in the teachings of the Bible and the founding of America there can be no America.  That is the goal.

If America had a great enemy or foe, could they have designed a more perfect and deviously ingenious way to attack us? In fact, we do. They have concentrated on a pure psychological vulnerability and source of pain that is not real, that feeds off our illiteracy when it comes to our own history as a great though imperfect nation. But it is this nation with it’s imperfections that every other freedom-loving person on the planet longs to be a part of.

The fact is that if we would all stop, be still, and take a good look around, turn down the noise, we would see that we have it so good that our enemies have to create illusions and lies and perform linguistic gymnastics and Orwellian mind manipulation to make us believe that we are living in hell when we actually have it better than any other nation due to the fact that this nation was established on the tenets of the Bible and they were codified in the Constitution of the nation for us. It is our great prosperity due to the table that our forefathers of all ethnicities have prepared for us that allows us the time to accept such irrational absurdities to become fixated on. They know that we have it so good here that they to have create disturbances that totally psychological and insignificant relative to matters of true importance. Lets remember the prophetic words of Abe Lincoln, “If destruction be our lot we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen we must live through all time or die by suicide.”  Our strength is our unity. It is our acknowledgment that we get our rights from our Creator, and not man, as represented in the U.S Constitution for the united states of America. It is our ability to come together on one fundamental belief that our nation, with all of its warts, is still the prettiest and best girl in the dance hall.  And that it is worth cherishing, protecting, and defending.  For if not the children who were born from it’s womb, of it’s blood, who?