There no such thing as equality

Can we once and for all slay the ideological dragon of “equality” that is once again being given life by the Progressive Leftist in America?  Stop It!  There is no such thing as equality in nature. None!  Zippo! Nada!  STOP THE INSANITY!

Identical twins who actually share an egg while in the mother’s womb may grow up with one being taller than the other or smarter than the other.  One may have a mole or birthmark while the other does not or one may grow up to be a school social worker while the other becomes the owner of a Fortune 500 company.  Therefore, by definition, these identical twins are not truly identical.  If you were to place two seeds of the same species of plant in the ground at the same time next to each other, one may grow straight while the other may grow with a slight lean.  One may grow shorter than the other.  One may attract viruses and is forever sick, while the other grows healthy and strong.  By definition, these plants are not equal.  You may have two siblings who are raised in the same house, by the same parents, born of the same year, and one grows up to be a knucklehead, with little to no ambition in life, makes bad life choices, and is always getting into trouble.  While the other grows up to be a prominent businessman or woman and a philanthropist.  There is NOWHERE in the natural kingdom where you can find any example where things are “equal”.  Nature just does not work like that.

The American Declaration of Independence declares that “… all men are created equal… But this is referring to self-evident truths.  And that all men are endowed by their Creator with unalienable Rights – Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.  Nothing is said about us all being equal after our creation, whether it be by ethnicity, race, gender, or age. And a Right that is endowed by our Creator can only be of the natural order.  Things that we already possess.

The very notion of “equality” was dreamt up by Communist/Marxist author Karl Marx. And his notion of equality had more to do with equity and the redistribution of capital. The Marxist brand of so-called equality focuses solely on the outcome, to take from the middle class and give to the “working-class”. This notion seeks to guarantee a positive outcome of one’s pursuits. It cares not about fairness or whether or not the overall community or society actually becomes better or benefits.  The drive for this dream of “equality” doesn’t have to make sense in reality.  It is all about the process.  The taking of status, wealth, power, or such from one group and redistributing it to another, just because. It does not care to take into account the negative consequences or reaction of the act(s).  It is not intended to make the weak stronger, but the strong weaker.  It is certainly not intended to make anything equal.

The most recent attempt to push the American society to jump into this river of intellectual fallacy involves the so-called inequality of Women’s NCAA Basketball workout facilities and workout equipment compared to the Men’s during the championship tournament over the weekend.  So, after all of these years of NCAA women champions graduating college and moving on to make millions in the National Women Basketball Association, now it is a national issue that we all should care about and that needs to be addressed forthwith?  When did the desire to be treated like men really become so urgent to women athletes that we all need to care about it?  If having weights and workout equipment was so critical a void at a college at the upper Division 1 level couldn’t one of, or a group of, the graduating athletes donate funds or equipment for the school for which they are Alumnus if there was such a tragic need?  But I guess that would negate their ability to claim victim status.  Never mind.  Just forget that I said anything.  Mummm….

The supposed disparity of treatment between men and women collegiate athletic programs and equipment has more to do with old fashion economics than gender.  It is men’s basketball and football programs that bring in the money for all of the other school programs.  And it is not even up for discussion. Even at the professional level, the women’s basketball league is barely profitable, no matter how much ESPN promotes it, compared to the men’s.  The cold reality is men’s sports are more valuable than women’s.  It brings in the dollars that keep women’s sports alive.

What is more concerning is the Progressive Left’s attempt to apply this gender equality experiment to the nation’s military.  The forced application of “gender-neutral” fitness training has not lead to the raising of standards, but the lowering of standards.  In a recent report in stated that “As of late 2020, more than half of female soldiers were failing the ACFT [Army Combat Fitness Test]”.  So they have decided to offer a “temporary” alternative – a two-minute plank in place of the leg tuck event.

No matter how much Progressives and those whose dying desire is to fundamentally transform America in to a Marxist secularist State, as well as the whole of Western Civilization, a man is a man and a woman is a woman.  Men are built differently from women with different purposes and functions in mind – just as women are from men.  If the intent was for man and woman to be equal there would have not been a need to create a man and a woman.  There would have been a need for only one or the other.  Despite what the Progressives want everyone to believe, to point out these truths of biological and natural differences is not to say that one gender or ethnic group is any better than or superior to the other.  But we are different.  We have different gifts.  We each individually bring something unique and special to the table to offer the community and society.  But we cannot truly appreciate and take advantage of our unique gifts and offerings if we allow ourselves to force our minds to believe that men can have babies and that women have the same physical strength as men, and that we are identical and equal. There’s a good chance that many of us won’t like the outcome.

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2 years ago

Individuality in all its glories is what every organized Institution seeks to eliminate because then control and conformity to their created rules and regulations is lost. The Biblical God however sees the Body of His Family as one amazing individual cell after another working together in perfect harmony. Too bad so many don’t want to truly learn from Him on how to organize such systems.