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It is hard to imagine a more perilous time for our nation than now when the Establishment News Media Complex has done nearly everything short of placing a literal bounty on the head of the elected U.S President with it’s unparalleled unbalanced, nonobjective, irrational, and visceral coverage of president Trump.  It is doing immeasurable harm to the psyche of the American people and the country as a whole.

I recently saw a report by John King on CNN, entitled MAGIC WALL: Trump vs. Obama, by the numbers. In the report he illustrated at comparable points in each presidencies Mr. Trump has done much better than Mr. Obama in 4 out of 5 categories – the Unemployment rate, Jobs added, the Deficit and GDP.  Interestingly, the one category that Mr. O out preformed Trump was in Job Approval.  Intuitively one would think that if more people are working, the country is producing more goods for the world, and debt of the federal government is going down, that the majority of the nation would be celebrating and be wanting more of the same.  But that is not at all happening.  Not at all!  Why?  Simply, the majority of the people are ignorant of just how well the nation is doing under this president, due to this presidents aim of wanting to make this nation great again.  And the Media does not want the citizens to know.

First, let me say that Trump is far, far, far, from perfect. And if I had a daughter I would not want him anywhere near her.  He admittedly has no recognition of the Supreme Being, i.e., God, so that leaves him without a distinct moral compass, which leaves him appearing as though he has no granite-like sense of right and wrong or definitive, what I like to call, non-negotiables. It’s all about the end deal.  But, that being all said, the majority of the country took all of these flaws into account and still believed him to be a better choice than his Democrat opponent.  And the vast majority of Republicans favor him as more as any other president ever, nearly 87%.  By the way, Trump is more popular than Obama was at similar points in their times in office, according to  But, you would not know this if you solely relied on the traditional news outlets in America.

But it is in spite of unprecedented rabid attacks by the American Establishment News Media Complex – NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC NPR, the Washington Post and Times, AP, NY Times, and sometimes even FOX News joins in on the mob assault on the U.S president – the president continues to doggedly plow through with his agenda to make America great again, as he sees it.  Here are just a few of his maybe lesser known achievements to date:

If these accomplishments were made under Obama or a democrat he who be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and have his picture and name plastered on every magazine and be the Time Magazine Person of The Year, less than having to worry about him or his Party being in control of the government for some time.  But, there’s the rub, NO Democrat would even think of these sort of accomplishments in their sleep without waking up in a cold sweat and shaking uncontrollably. Instead, we have Donald Trump hands on all of these feats.  And he’s not even halfway through his first term.  Imagine if his Party suppoted his vision genuinely? The crime is that, as I look at political polls and reactions of the people in the streets, it is obvious that too many of Americans don’t have any clue just how well the nation as a whole is doing compared to the past 8 years of the prior regime who only managed to get 2 laws passed through Congress – Obamacare and Dodd-Franks.  Both of which were disastrous economically for the nation and the nation was encouraged to believe that the best was in our rear view mirror.

The intellectual corruptness of the Establishment Media has jumped from the closet naked and bare without shame.  Trump has been in the public eye for over 30 years and was the darling of the political left and Hollywood, so the Media had to create a boogie man.  He had to be demonized in the public square.  And they have largely done that based on one issue, Trump’s position on illegal immigration and the unchecked influx of economically depressed people from the south of the border.  Comparisonly, with Obama, the Media was totally disinterested and casted barely a passing glance at Mr. O’s obvious connections with Marxist and extreme domestic terrorists, such as Frank Marshall Davis and Bill Ayers, or his love for Marxist, such as Communist Chinese dictator Mao.  No, nope, nothing to report there.  Not to mention the fact that his Keynesian economic theory, like socialism,  has never revealed itself as a vehicle to economic freedom and prosperity. Not never ever, ever, ever, or never. The nation’s main Media has always quietly leaned to the left of political issues.  It’s most historic revelation arguably came in the 1930’s with NY Times’ Moscow reporter Walter Duranty, who by even the most passive observer can only be described as a fanatic fan of Stalin and the communist social-economic system.  The Media Complex thinks so highly of this man, who many outside the Media views as a traitor, that they established an award in his name Walter Duranty Award for JournalismIronically, CNN was awarded the Walter Duranty Award for Journalism for 2018.  You just can not make this stuff up.

A recent report on stated that “The study found that in Trump’s first 100 days in office, the tone of the news coverage of the president has been a whopping 80 percent negative to 20 percent positive.”  And I would wager that it has not gotten any better since his first 100. The acute danger of the number one source by which many citizens still get most of their information to make life decisions and to become politically educated to no longer even pretend to be objective umpires, to fairly and objectively call ball and strikes of both poitical Parties, and exhibiting blatant favor for one side, that of the extreme Political Left, and in fact works to purposely mislead and deceive the citizenry, can not work out well for the nation as a whole.  1930’s US Supreme Court Justice Hugo L. Black prophetically stated,  “The Press was protected so that it could bare the secrets of the government and inform the people. Only a free and unrestrained press can effectively expose deception in government. And paramount among the responsibilities of a free press is the duty to prevent any part of the government from deceiving the people.”  It may be the wishes of the Political Left to mis-educate the masses.  It may recall what Jefferson stated, “Educate and inform the whole mass of the people… They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.”  And it dares not let that happen.  Even if it means the destruction of America.

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Peggy Lamb
Peggy Lamb
5 years ago

What a wonderful, truthful and insightful writing. You have certainly brought out the accomplishments so far in this administration. How sad it is to see daily, how hard the media and left work to discredit our president. Like him or not he is making good in his promises. I admired that simple truth.