The silence surround COVID

As America enters the Autumn of 2020, we find that nearly half of the several States are still in some degree of forced government restriction of individual liberties of their citizens and residents under the guise of  COVID-19 virus protection. Some may remain so far into 2021, particularly if the State or municipality is run by a member of the Democrat Party.  Lets remember that at the beginning of the emergency when the World Health Organization and the U.S government declared a COVID-19 Epidemic a Pandemic the United States’ initial response to the National Emergency in March was to pause the nation’s economy and have American’s voluntarily stay in their homes, cancel large public interactions, and curtail social activities for about 15 days.  And the pause was to slow the spread of the virus, i.e., the curve, to best ensure the nation’s medical institutions didn’t get overwhelmed and to give the government time to get a handle on what it was up against with the new virus. That is what the American people were initially told.  The American people took the government at it’s word that this pause and acquiescence to its request was to be strictly temporary – for the good of the nation.  But that was when the federal and State government critters put aside politics and there was the appearance of genuine concern over the danger that this new virus posed to the American people.  As my dad used to say, if you give a kid a rope, he then wants to be a cowboy.

To date, according to the Committee for Responsible Federal Budget, the federal legislature and the Federal Reserve have spent $4.8 TRILLION of the available $11.3 TRILLION that is currently available to them to fight the COVID-19 National Emergency; supposedly.  The States are out of pocket $31 BILLION in revenue, and counting, charged to their response to COVID-19.  And according to the Foundation of Economic Education,The US national debt has just reached 120.5 percent of the nation’s annual economic output, breaking a record set in 1946 for the highest debt level in the history of the United States. The previous extreme of 118.4 percent stemmed from World War II, the deadliest and most widespread conflict in world history.

History Is What It Is. Until You Change It.

This is the first virus that has impacted the world like this since the 1918-’19 Spanish Flu, which reportedly claimed 500 million lives worldwide and 675,000 in the U.S. This crisis lasted from the spring of 1918 to the summer of 1919 without a vaccine or treatment. And it’s remnants is still with us in the form of the annual flu. Many flu virus outbreaks have occurred around the world for centuries and the most recent one occurring in the U.S took place between 2009-’10 – the H1N1[Swine Flu] Pandemic.  It reportedly claimed approx. 284,000 lives worldwide and 12,469 in the U.S.  If you don’t recall that one, don’t worry.  You are not alone. But the gross absence of historical reference regarding flu pandemics in the reporting of the national Establishment Media is nothing short of stunningly shameful.  If you are someone who only gets his or her news surrounding the COVID-19 issue via the Media, then you probably believe that we are facing the plague and not a minor virus as the Center for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC] calls it – due to the fact that there is a near 94% chance of recovery. To date, according to the Coronavirus-19 [COVID-19] has reported having claimed 1,207,420 lives worldwide and 236,564 lives in the U.S.  By comparison,  approx. 655,000 Americans die from heart disease annually, according to the CDC.  Do you remember calls for city, State, or national economic shutdowns or life restrictions or disruptions to save one life from heart disease last year, or any year prior?  I’ll wait….

We should not look for the Media to explore these types of inquisitive paths to bring us the needed information on an event that is causing so much chaos and devastation in many of our lives.  The National Media has turned from the “gatekeepers” to keep the American people knowledgeable of the actions of the government to gate deflectors that aims to deflect the American people away from the true actions of the government – particularly the Leftist side of the U.S government.   The Media has reveal it’s true objective to turn the American people into the 3 Monkeys – deaf, dumb, & blind – to the true actions and motives of the Leftist governmental agenda in 2020 like in no other time.  This act of truth manipulation and confiscation by the Media has led to having a large segment of the nation of supposedly free-minded people to demand the literally burning of trillions of borrowed dollars [via economic loans from the government], wear masks of virtue outside in 90-degree weather absent another human within 60 ft. of them, treat their fellow healthy citizens like they have Leprosy, and demand the gods of D.C to save us.  And in many cases, this has led to an Orwellian environment where free-minded Americans are demanded to buy into the notion that the COVID-19 virus is tantamount to the plague and reason to surrender our livelihood and personal freedoms and liberties or risk being ostracized, lose our livelihood, or be publicly flogged.

Media Wants Us to Jump Off the Ledge In Fear. Why?

Here are just a few top subjects that we should not look to be told by the national Establishment Media regarding the Coronavirus “Pandemic”:

  • Schools Aren’t Super-Spreaders: Despite the constant barrage of Media touting gloom and doom of the consequences of opening K-12 schools. Even in high-risk areas of the country, the student rates were well under half a percent.
  • Lockdowns and Mask Mandates Do Not Lead to Reduced COVID Transmission Rates or Deaths: Never before in our nation’s history has the federal government sought to nearly completely shut down the nation’s economy and force Americans to stay in their homes, not allowing them to even to go to work or work their businesses due to a virus. NEVER!
  • WHO Calls for Ending Lockdowns to Prevent “Global Catastrophe”: “The WHO believes that only a tenth of humanity has been exposed to COVID-19, so the virus is going to be with us for a long time to come, Nabarro said. “We really do have to learn how to coexist with this virus in a way that doesn’t require constant closing down of economies.” …  “The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), a sister agency of the WHO, is forecasting that as many as 132 million people worldwide could go hungry as a result of the lockdowns. As of late July, the agency was already claiming that 10,000 children a month were starving to death and an another 550,000 a month were suffering from severe malnutrition because of the coronavirus and associated restrictions.
  • COVID Response Has Increased U.S. Food Insecurity: As fear has spread across the nation along with massive shutdowns has caused colossal and long-lasting disruption in supply chains. This is more critical when it comes to America’s food distribution.
  • Michigan Court Strikes Down Governor’s Emergency COVID Powers: As Americans wake up to the tyranny that has been put forth from States and cities, particularly in Democrat-led jurisdictions, Courts have proven that they can still be the check on unchained government Constitutional power.
  • How Sweden Faced COVID-19 Without Lockdowns: What may go down as the greatest magic trick in recent time, the national Media, as well as the European Media, has made the nation of Sweden and it’s miraculous success in combating the Coronavirus without a massive national shutdown and individual person liberty restrictions nearly invisible to the world.  It shall not be mentioned nor spoken of.
  • CDC Finds Only 6% Of Coronavirus Deaths Are Solely From COVID-19: How will you feel when you discover in the not so distant future that the majority number of the approximately two hundred some odd thousand supposed Coronavirus deaths weren’t primarily due to COVID-19?
  • COVID-19 and the Cost of Health Care: Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, the average medical practice has seen a 60 percent decrease in patient visits and a 55 percent decrease in revenue that was only partially offset by an increase in telemedicine encounters. Since April, some ambulatory practices have seen a rebound, but the number of visits is still roughly one-third lower than pre-pandemic levels.
  • Rural U.S. Hospitals Are on Life Support as a Third Wave of COVID-19 Strikes: In a shear bit of irony, remember one of the stated reasons for shutting down the nation’s economy initially was to save the nation’s hospitals. But it may be the fear resulting from the relentless bombardment of COVID-19 Media and public service announcements without factual context that may doom many rural hospitals.
  • Blue States Are Suffering More Than Red States Under Covid Crisis: Democrat States have sought to use the COVID-19 crisis as a political tool rather than a health/economic crisis at the expense of the welfare of it’s citizens.

I have always seen the issue surrounding Coronavirus 19 is not that people are dying and getting sick from it.  But when you simply go by the number of TRUE deaths due to the virus I cannot see that it is now nor has it been worth shutting down the greatest economy in the world that we call home and causing such tragic economic, social, and psychological carnage.  If this was a true international crisis we would be talking with other nations, planning out strategies, and seeking to adopt successful techniques of other nations and States. And if this was a true crisis that possibly could cause financial ruin for the nation and the free world, there would be measures adopted and expressed from the very top of government to calm fears of the masses.  But, none of this is happening. Why not?  It is my opinion that if we had a truly honest media that sought to inform the masses and not seek to work as a propaganda arm for either of the political parties to stoke fear and hysteria this would not be as much of a crisis.

What future historians will ultimately view this year is the year that the Media played a significant role in aiding the greatest confiscation of individual freedom and liberties from the American people to the government by convincing many Americans that a minor virus is a catastrophic virus via fear.

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Peggy Lamb
Peggy Lamb
3 years ago

Another fantastic insight of what is happening in this world around us! Until we, as Americans, begin to educate ourselves and stand up for our rights, we will continue to be bamboozled by the biased and controlling liberal media’s propaganda.

Thank you Tony El for being a voice of reason in this chaotic world.